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maybe everyone's asleep through my family they brought us back separated has anyone been able to reach anyone well there's definitely came from maybe were dreaming that's option maybe this is just some elaborate fucking game we can't go back home if this is her new honey thing and all I gotta take her I have to see life about dying I'm used to that help why why this place is exactly like home six months ago we were children okay this is who we are now I know what you're thinking why am I doing this is what it is you I always wondered what I do where I stay put like my love you know I am I in this car am I the one who has to you know dies whatever live you're killing me that's what you're asking me to join for you I know in the name of my sister I'm taking over the responsibility of keeping us all safe any of this make the rule I don't want to be the spawn want to be responsible for avenging my sister's death Bermuda future I was executing someone gonna make people feel safe I quit I quit I don't want any part understood who shot my sister it's funny because I love you guys I really do so that's each other and I was going to say goodbye to all of them saying goodbyes to everything else to our old lives and it's not just disappearing slowly that's just gone if writing on the church wall Griss on it was a line from the Bible amen amen a Tekel you Farson it means you've been weighed in the balance and found wanting you've been weighed in the balance and found wanting

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