The Socialist Utopia - Atrocities, part 1

the Swedish state has committed penta of atrocities against its own people during the last century the most notable ones are the forced sterilizations and the forced institution care many children were put into during the mid 20th century care that has reduced in scale yet is still being handed out in today's society from the 1930s to 1976 when forced sterilizations were made illegal in Sweden sixty three thousand people were sterilized most of these procedures were more or less forced 31,000 were voluntary 21,000 fully forced and the rest something in between with various degrees of coercion for a long while the sterilization had been a national secret but during the 1990s they were brought up for discussion and the victims started asking for conversation the government decided that people who had been forcibly sterilized will be able to apply for a sum of 175,000 swedish crowns or twenty thousand dollars during a two-year period if that is the matter would be considered settled and no one that missed the time window would be able to get any compensation many victims of the procedure felt it was insulting that he had to apply for the compensation when the government had all the information needed on file and way and could just pay it out the Swedish state has also forcibly put many children in foster care even though their parents could care for them in 1950 when sweden had a population of seven million nearly 35,000 children were in foster care it's estimated that at least 2.5 percentage children growing up between 1950 and 1980 spent their childhood in institutions if not all of it then at least portraits the current centrist government launched an investigation in 2007 into what these children went through in these institutions the people interviewed relate how they are physically mentally and sexually abused in these institutions which the Social Democrats presented abroad as such a blessing to these children the children weren't told why'd they had been institutionalized how long they would be there or what was going to happen to them and they were moved around a lot without being given time to settle down an organization called stolen boredom stolen childhood in English has been formed to attempt to get compensation for the people who for no valid reason were put into these institutions in 2006 they started forming a class-action lawsuit with people who grew up in institutions demanding compensation from the municipalities in question close action lawsuits didn't exist in Sweden until 2003 and all but one of the attempts at such lawsuits have been rejected the court of stockholm rejected trying this matter the organization appealed to the next court as well as to the Supreme Court who all rejected it trying it the Supreme Court argued that since everyone has had different experiences of this abuse there can be no collective case no class action lawsuit stolen boredom then proceeded to appeal to the court of Europe the European Court of Human Rights also rejected the lawsuit though this court expects national courts to deal with these matters which the Swedish courts neglect to do the atrocities committed in the Swedish welfare system have garnered international attention several cases of families whose children have been taken by the Swedish authorities have made it into American media even into Newsweek magazine the most well-known of these was an article published in the respectable German magazine Der Spiegel on the first of July 1993 on the morning of the third of May nineteen seventy-nine offer those and police officers in civilian clothing surrounded Miguel's house in broma to social workers broke into the house through the terrorists and left a few minutes later with a 14 year old Eva Miguel left behind was a mother paralyzed by fear and as is almost always the case with these procedures an administrative court confirmed the decision of the social services this time as well coercive measures by the social services as to once against the families Lilia and Miguel by which children are separated from their parents through brutal force or in Sweden neither single nor extreme cases nowhere else in the West did the welfare state become as complete as in this country which still doesn't hesitate to accuse other parts of the world of violations of human rights all too often however the lawyer Barrett doesn't value I confines the social services use completely normal family conflicts and developmental crisis of the children and adolescents sometimes even their own prejudices as justification for the decision to take children from their childhood homes portlick and children be taken from a well-ordered home because parents belong to a religious minority or display deviating cultural or intellectual interests the house was unbelievably filled an untidy died genic condition in the kitchen bath tub and toilet beneath contempt bear boxes beer cans wine and liquor bottles were all over the house when we visited the social services had placed the 30 children in state care into this neglected home among them epileptic and disabled children he a QB is not an exceptional case for the lawyer denied owner who has learned a lot in his long fight against the nationalization of our children there is a simple reason for the placement in the institution care the animation of children into care is often pure business a sad example for many years the social service has been several suburbs of stockholm employed a man suspected of sexual molestation against his words as the institution father had those and children in state care went into his house several odom girls as well as boys also into his bed admitted of the de Public Prosecutor's Office had finally pressed charges the district court also will not convicted him of fornication with minors Don elías explained openly that human rights conventions like those of the Council of Europe from 1950 and those of the UN from 1966 were not binding in Swedish course they are not to be used by Swedish courts that is our perspective on all international agreements even now in 2009 the Swedish Social Services operate in very much the same way with 20 1,500 children committed into foster care at some point in 2007 and over 15,000 children on average placed into care five thousand were forcibly committed during many of the 10,000 voluntary placements it's likely that coercive measures and threats were used to make parents agree with the placement foster care is a very expensive affair in Sweden with of facial average cost per child and day in institution care being three

  1. Check out mutualism, might blow your mind. And you don't think I haven't looked up Austrian economics?

    Socialism is the workers ownership of the means of production. That is literally the only tenet for the whole spectrum of ideologies that align with it. How can it be denial if it goes against our entire structure of thought?

  2. What are you talking about? Socialism in it's very essence is workers ownership. And your idea that anything that goes against a free market is socialist? You do realize there are such things as free market socialism, right? Socialism is a binary thing, either the workers control, or they do not. Controlling the means of production with a state is state socialism or state capitalism depending on how it's organized, not ideas I adhere to anyway

  3. It is not socialist at all, let alone the epitome. Socialism means works control the means of production. In sweden, private entities can control means of production, therefore not socialism. Remember my friend, socialism is not welfare state.

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