The Social Status Game

hello and welcome to another mind mastery video for today's subject I've chosen the game of the social status which some people assume that everyone plays other people assume that you can play it or you can decide not to play but in very short then social status game is about and the kind of social order and social groups and how people position themselves accordingly to other people and this state is they perceive and so the state owes itself is dictated by things like wealth career what sort of material possessions you have what sort of things you achieved and what kind of people you associate yourself with and and so on and on so the consequences of that is that some people perceive others as being superior to them and other people as being inferior and and based on that they behavior will change accordingly to the person theme and they talk – and it's been said that this game is nothing else than actually an evolutionary process in which people they tell me who has a right to have more resources than the other person or how to get a better mate how to get a better partner how to how to ensure that people with a lower status are not really messing around with people with a higher status because it destroys the social order and in turn apparently makes the game only quo because the people with higher social status work hard for for the status work hard for the wealth worked hard in order to get a better mate however the status is not something static or something permanent and usually people with the lower status will straight towards achieving this higher status and will I will straight towards you know better quality of of the car or the house better quality of the wire her husband and and this social mobility enables actually to kind of shuffle the people with different statuses and an intern what happens is that when a person jumps from lower status into a higher status they usually dissociate themselves from their friends they usually dissociate themselves from the environment at currently n in order to move into that higher status environment and they usually acquire new friends new acquaintances and that will reinforce the idea of having a higher status most people assume that everyone plays a social status game there is no exemption and you are a participant of this game whether you want it or not because people will judge you people will assume that if you have less than the other person then you might be you know less of a person and that you are simply lower in the so called pecking order and that you deserve less from life because and you contribute less perhaps you have less perhaps your girlfriend or boyfriend is not that you know highly achieving CEO of some company or whatever and the game itself perhaps it might appear as straightforward to some people as less straightforward to other people but usually the game itself occurs as being as subtle as you know a simple conversation with a stranger on the street or conversation with your friend or debate with other people or kind of presenting yourself in a specific manner when you're going out to a party or to some meeting and so what happens is that if you are unwilling to play the game or if you are simply unaware that such a game is going on and people usually perceive you as a threat because you will behave however you please and you're not following this social conventions and rules that will you know enable other people to position themselves accordingly to your status because you will you know sometimes act like you're superior or something second in the you are and inferior and you don't and you don't really know when to act appropriately appropriately in quotes because appropriately in this context mean to know your status and to know the status of other people and behave accordingly and so in the situation you are perceived as a threat and most people will disapprove of you or will simply be confused because they don't know how to relate to you because they cannot guess your status and equally they cannot behave outside of the social status game because they don't know anything else and so in this situation that doesn't matter what sort of intelligence you have what sort of manners you have whether you are an app whether you are a nice person or not and what matters is that you are you don't fit in you're not playing the game and so you are automatically perceived as a loser because you are not playing but as we all know the life is more complex than this the life extends beyond the social level of the reality and we are all embedded with that's you know on the whole universe if you like and by the end of the day what really matters is our experience and the quality of it no matter whether you are wealthy person or not no matter whether your wife is really pretty and no matter whether your husband is a CEO of some company so at this point the good question would be is there anything alternative to a social status game is there anything that will enable us to you know have a good experience and develop friendships with other people or develop acquaintances and being treated with respect by others regardless of your status and I think that what really matters is actually the values you have and the values you give to the world if you constantly participate in that game in kind of your environment for any potential threat to your status or how other people might judge you were there other people see your status and how can you position yourself to other people then isn't it kind of a slavery because your behavior will be strictly shaped by what's going on in the environment with other people and how other people relate to you I believe it is because it kind of takes away your freedom it takes away your spontaneous way of you know having different experiences because what you're gonna do is you're gonna seek status and you're gonna try to defend the status that you already have how many experiments based on social status gain one of them is based on a game called star power in which there are three status groups people are assigned different chips and they are asked to you know trade these chips and kind of play with each other and try to win as many chips chips as possible what participants don't know is that the amount of chips is kind of fixed so many people will remain in the same social status group as they've been assigned on the beginning and they will not have a chance to actually move on higher or higher interesting things that have been observed during this game is that people will behave accordingly today status so that people with a low status will kind of treat others with you know bigger amount of respect or kindness or whatever and because they simply perceive others has been superior and in turn superior group will treat people with a lower status as as kind of inferior and in turn will try to exercise the power and control over them because they're superior and so they feel that they have a right to boss around and and actually create new rules to the game does it sound familiar yes it does it's not just an experiment in the laboratory but it also a real-life example in I don't know like I personally find it quite absurd because this game has no winner there is no end there is no reward waiting for you at the end and where you can say oh yes I want the social status game it's basically just playing over and over again the same game but with our but with different people different challenges and and so on and on and so the thing is that even if you want to you cannot really ignore this game because there are people who you know try very hard to play this game right and the more wealth they have the bigger stay to say the higher status they have the more involved they're gonna be in the game and in turn they're gonna treat you and as a threat and they're gonna treat you as a person who also plays the game and in turn you cannot really expect any authentic interactions with these people but only in relation to the social status game which is kind of and which I find quite funny but as a last point the good question would be is there an alternative to the whole game can you quit the game can you you know simply stated I'm not playing I'm not gonna do it anymore because I don't want to play and as Alan Watts said let's invent our own game and you know SiC are the players who are willing to play it and so as mentioned before what really matters is our own experience and the values that each individual hold some people might value you know authentic relationships with other people and others might choose to you know be creative be able to do whatever they want whatever they please and whenever they please and and it doesn't mean that we have to kind of impose ourselves onto other people it doesn't mean we have to ask other people for the permission either but it can be compared to you know dancing when you dance you kind of try not to step on other people but equally you try to be free and to express yourself so in the same way in this game of life when we hold particular values it doesn't mean we have to impose them on other people it doesn't mean we have to treat other people as a threat to our own values but we can skillfully move around and play our own game thank you very much for watching

  1. What I hate about social status is, I can do the same amount of work as someone with higher status and I will run the risk of losing my job over the slightest mistake whereas he will move onwards and get raises for the same amount of work ie his actual merit to the company is no different objectively but he will be offered advantages I will not.

  2. I haven't experienced this or allowed myself to experience it ever since I was a teen. But admittedly I was much more agentic back then and wonder whether one can't cultivate this experience for good?

  3. Isn't the reward of the social status game an evolutionary one? Successful offspring with a high-quality mate and a socially safe environment loads of resources to raise it?

  4. I’m always getting people confused because I know they aren’t part of the plan which is my life and my goals and this causes them to dislike me and they start asking questions. They are not part of the plan so this makes them feel like I’m superior to them.

  5. social status is an indifferent as it has no inherent influence over one's moral character and capacity for wisdom/virtue — the highest good which is the one true criterion for "eudaimonia" or human flourishing/well-being.

  6. Yes! The collectivists just can't find peace within themselves without knowing where you are in their hierarchical social structures. It's easy as an individualist to see that behaviour as disgusting and sure… they don't know any better… and that in itself is pretty disgusting aswell but yeah… All postmodernists will eventually meet their karma, now more than ever. Just look at the recent Jordan Peterson channel 4 interview, argument meet feelings… AMAZING! great vid

  7. I play this game it's fucking hard especially when your a higher status everyone wanna fucking take you on

  8. I hate this game so much! I am a free thinker, and im not allowed to speak my mind, what gives me energy.

    Who are you? Im tom, i make this much a year.
    Well im unni, and i have a psychich handicap, so really i should just be quiet and not speak my mind. Maybe i have ADHD, and i dont follow the rules.

    Society teaches you how to think, how to behave, but i dont accept that.

    Now im a treath? Apperently.

    Where can i find theese people that dont want to play the game, and follow theyre own rules? I dont want ot hang around people who kisssssessss my ass all the time, know what i mean!?

  9. "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." Henry David Thoreau

  10. Very few women actually understand this, so it's very impressive that you know about this stuff. I mean this in a non-condescending way. Very few women actually get this stuff. So big high fives to you. Cheers…

  11. I've always felt like an outsider to the social status game.  Perhaps some of that is due to past social anxiety, but I think it also comes from me being an INTJ.  The game is futile and there isn't a lasting reward, there are better things in life than this status chasing.  It reminds me of the saying, "chasing after the wind"

  12. 10:01 – Yes!

    At 02:29 she mentions moving from a low social status to a higher one. Where in the person usually disassociates with the "lower" environment. I can't help but make a positive alternate to that observation, where a person would "level-up" out of any negative social norms or behaviours associated with the "lower-caste".

    04:11 – By not "playing the game" / being oblivious to "it"
    = You become a perceived threat to the in-group that is "playing the game".

  13. Besides having the basics, if money doesn't buy time, why would I want money?
    We live in a era that pushes Quantity/Dispersion over Quality/Depth, this is mostly programmed in the mind by the schooling/indoctrination systems during youth

    Schooling has a major impact in the way all of us are programmed, I want to deprogram and deconstruct all of that by exercising some opposites
    I've been doing a research on education, mostly indoctrination because it's what schooling systems preach, and how it programs our way of thinking, because the contents are a tool to program the mind, and not purpose of "learning" itself, if it's mostly unobjective/unempirical for you, the only thing it does is to program your mind more than anything else that has some kind of greater meaningfulness

    Social Status Game? More like XXI century consumerism benchmarking in the form of chit-chat

    I don't like to passively follow trends, I like to develop my own trends

    I need time more than anything else to accomplish what I want, things that I want to master and will require massive amounts of time
    The only thing I mostly need to upgrade is myself
    The mindset generated by these root values will obviously clash against what it's considered the norm in terms of lifestyle and theory of mind

    There's only a more restricted number of ways to pull this off and profit more time in the process, and I'll never quit no matter what

  14. How do people learn about this social game? Is this something people of a specific culture do or is it general? IOW, this is all new to me. I think all people are equal. I thought treating people equally was the goal for most people. ty

  15. Thank you for your time and knowledge. A very interesting subject. This video gives a lot to think about.

  16. ——————————————————————————-The 14 Universal Sins of Knowledge —————————————————————————–

    1. To not know fully

    2. To not fully desire to know; fully

    3. To not fully seek to know; fully

    4. To not learn from these previously mentioned sins; fully

    5. To not fully continue the seeking having learned from previous attempts

    6. To not fully learn from what one seeks when what has been sought has at least been partially found

    7. Not experimenting fully or continuing to experiment with what one learns from these sins

    8. Not fully putting one's experiments through rigorous analysis

    9. Not fully re-checking one's analysis and more broadly perceptions

    10. Not fully consolidating one's analysis and overall perceptions into rigorously composed systematic principles

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    12. Not repeatedly using what one comes to know; fully

    13. To not know of improvements to what one comes to know; fully

    14. To not fully implement improvements to what one knows to the point that it either becomes instinctual and or perfected contrast has been reached; fully

  17. The death of culture is the birth of principle, the birth of principle is the death of self and the death of self is the growing birth of enlightenment.

  18. I'm one of those people who has actively gone against social status game even on purpose. I think it has given me some sort of pride.

    Bottom line has been: does it hurt others and if not they are welcome to take me as meaningless entity who does things as he pleases. For example let's say if it happened that I was about to get some sort of recognition I would probably tun it down because I don't need acceptance. I like to help but getting a recognition or some sort of gain makes me go against it if it is socially framed to be so. I remember going agaisnt the flow in school like wearing exactly wrong kind clothes etc on purpose. So that is my game. People never get it.

    Just look at Grigori Perelman. He also has his own rules.. and likes turn down 1 million dollars.

  19. 04:10 – Outstanding illustration of outgroup exclusion!
    07:53 – Wonderful allusion of a "philosophical" caste system.

    +1 Fav!
    (BTW I <3 your short hair!)

  20. A solution ive had in mind for some time now is reforming select systems that tend to fall in favor of social popularity to a model that strives for individual growth. Unfortunately social status games i feel is something that is inherently embedded in us since the beginning of time. In a primative state the man who was seen as the best hunter chances are gained a great deal of respect, appreciation and hatred. On one end some may have been in awe of his ability yet on the other there is jealousy for not seeming to stack up against such greatness. This leads to this overall comparison issue that has evolved by way of greed that we have been forced into playing in one way or another. If instead the focus wasnt in stacking us against one another but the improvement of ones self than social status games may perhaps lesson as such takes on life would be lookd down upon within society.

  21. If you invented another game couldn't it turn into another game of the same kind? Anyway TY I enjoyed this video a lot (I hope my grammar is okay lol.)

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