The Social Determinants of Health.  A Public Health framework.

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  1. So as you have placed “Biology” I see can more easily lead to any of the other factors like behavioral compulsions and increase the number of these factors affecting your health all together. Say born with physical defect deriving from parental malnutrition and genetic diseases, would cause the subject to under go psycho- social struggles increasing low self esteem and influencing unhealthy behavior and so on…

  2. Thanks for the video Dr. Martin, as a Health Sciences student (in the Netherlands), your videos are quite inspirational 😁

  3. I am currently studying this concept in my Population Health module .Nice video. The sound is kinda low though.

  4. Thanks for the great video on an important topic Greg! Your discussion makes me think about the concept of epigenetics. Poverty, stress, and environmental exposures can threaten an individual's present day well being and limit their future potential.

  5. Your video does a great job at explaining a complex area of public health which is often disregarded by policy setters in country settings.

    Some of that disregard is due a lack sense of being able to “make a difference” to the elements in your framework, and because the health sector has difficulty functioning in a multi sector approach. E.g. air pollution is directly affecting 90% of the world population and directly affecting the health of people yet the multi sector issues lead to public policy response inertia even in the most advanced country settings.

    Keep up the good work.


  7. Very well explained, Dr. Martin. Your illustration (social and health) actually summarises it all in one picture and that makes it easy to understand and remember.

  8. A brilliant video once again! I recommend your channel to my 500+ Nursing/Midwifery students every year (yet it's a little awkward with the other Uni advertisements…) because they are SO very clear and so well aligned to our learning objectives in the Global Health unit – which by the way are pretty much the same for Medicine, OT, PT, Paramedics, Health Sciences in Australia. Great connection of 'social' and 'health' concepts, which is a tough concept for some 'clinically minded' students to understand, so breaking it down from other WHO frameworks is appreciated. Nice links to inequity/equity and social justice, which is invariably linked to learning about SDH and also vulnerable populations. I appreciate the 'Greg gags' too as ever – Or are they Dad jokes? or Epidemiologist jokes? Or worst case scenario; Dad who is an Epidemiologist jokes? Thanks Greg! Love your work.

  9. I just finished my PhD in geotechnical engineering. Can I go in sector of health sciences? If yes then u suggest the company. Greetings from India.

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