The Social Classes | A Visual Poem | Thomas Eddy

and social classes upon by Silvia Chitty I try to measure my individual status against the world's benchmark pondering on common open remarks researching from newspapers and listening to the media learning from decades of history some of those events remain a mystery trying to unfold the logic of the class differences in today's one society upper class upper class my foot these are many wealthy tycoons most inform with golden spoons luck is needed to bond to this ring it's like flying to the moon in a hot-air balloon or trying to sing for a keyring their moral obligation as minority of the nation is to obtain the best and most expensive education they make down well sure mechanisms are in place to differentiate and ensure infinitely of inequality like ownership of Earth's and placing human beings with separate class lands will be unique voice you could release some hit songs and become a millionaire and during the so called socio-economic class but where most of these people don't care you may never belong I am NOT alone I have not been blessed with this privilege I wish all the social classes could just merge and unite it's one maybe we may then be able to get rid of the gun right under your very nose right under the Sun the middle class middle class this is the center of confusion for matters the obvious gap between the rich and the poor here there is everything to live and die for hard-working families with two incomes dreaming of a random lucky lottery storm middle-class people are so vain everyone's driving for prestigious from wealthy aids you would judge by your looks and your lifestyle you judge by what you wear from my lengthy mile if you are making a considerable racket in the labor market you're always adored people will always laugh at your dry jokes and never get bored as an individual one of my chances as usual to improve my status in this class is societies and clubs though my expectations could be met if I have contacts to the people in the right positions this is the common norm 1 you must conform to be accepted lower class lower class some of these people play quite skillful jazz these are the lowest of the lot the group everyone has compete across drug addicts beggars and the homeless those whose situation is inevitably hopeless permanent consistent hardship they're on a nice little constantly hungry looking around many resorting to a girl wait to get highly stoned Brad's voiced in each team struggle pleading knowingly for a quick miracle the society's social classes what unites us all like you


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