The Social Class

maybe how are the moments oh they're good I got him it up what I hate the class of people they just think they're you know they just belong like whenever and wherever there's you mean the new guy Tim you know I I know where I below yeah I've been here for like what just don't know why they didn't take my referral your who is that again Garth Oh guard use a classy guy yeah that's what I told HR and now that you got this Punk I just wanna pawn this Punk I mean yeah but what are we gonna do walk down to HR and get him fired we r jr accountants and besides I mean look it looks like the sales guys really like him I'm so what do you what do you thinking let's just talk ok yeah yeah um maybe he's a cool guy yeah hey hey what's up guys I'm glad I do for you you hear about company picnic all the one that's next week yeah i mean my girlfriend are gone are you gonna be there yeah I'm going take it's in this assay hey what's up yeah how's it going how are the are the almonds today um get the derrick a pretty good today I found this Sam would you head back to my desk and check my spreadsheet make sure it's auto saving every five minutes like I said it to do don't lose me in my world who's right spreadsheet and uh I look yep yep see that extremely good response time better than my dual core processor no strictly world yeah you guys seem pretty close yeah I was always like that she seen him when he first started here complete vagrant mmm yeah me I don't know like he seems he doesn't seem like that that's what this company does to you though exec see you slacking off wasting company time and immediate Correctional action so I think the doctors pay like the way percent yeah that seems super harsh I don't know that's this company anyways break times over go get back to crunch in those numbers I'll see you at the company picnic I want you to bring your football or whatever it is you do for fun hey what yeah I was talking about those islands earlier in that new store that I found downtown yesterday Sam

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