The Secret Society of the Illuminati

this week on BuzzFeed in solve we're covering the Illuminati is it a real thing what the hell is it it's not a thing all right approach it with an open mind let's get started great shockingly the Illuminati actually has a very real historical foundation in 1776 in Bavaria Germany Adam vice helped a German professor inspired by the ideals of French philosophy namely secularism and rational thought decided to form an organization to protect those beliefs Adam vice hub considered joining the Freemasons to help propagate his views but unfortunately could not afford the admission fee so this is already a poor man this is something I didn't think about that right so instead Vice out formed a secret group of his own he called it the order of the Illuminati so this is just a bunch of hobos rapscallions I don't think they meant by the train tracks was probably a basement kind of like this I don't know okay the Illuminati had an anti religious stance and focused on the goal of self-knowledge self-improvement social reform and free thought naturally conservatives considered this and threat to the church and by the mid to late 1780s the Illuminati was stopped and the act of recruiting people into secret societies was criminalized however vice hopped and the Illuminati would go Kobe in the fourth quarter and continue to push on persisting with meetings and eventually spreading to France before disappearing into obscurity but some people believe they survived here's part of an interview I had with an expert well they believe that the core group was formed back then and has evolved and so back in the 1920s there were some fascists who believed that the Illuminati were a group of Jews who controlled the world right after World War 2 they extremist anti-communist believethey loominatee were group of communists who controlled the world and most recently the Illuminati conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati are part of the New World Order many people believe the Illuminati seek to make a dominant one-world totalitarian government referred to as the New World Order in fact in a 2013 national poll by public policy polling 28 percent of voters polled believe in the possibility of a new world order 28 percent of people probably believe that the Sun moves around the earth well I don't have any scientific polls for that so I'm just saying people are dumb some people believe that the influence of the Illuminati and the New World Order goes as high as the president of the United States oh here's an eerie clip from an old George HW Bush speech when he was in office we have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order a world where the rule of law not the law of the jungle governs the conduct of Nations when we are successful and we will be we have a real chance at this new world order an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN's founders he does have a weird little smile when he says it you know that part where he was like if this new world order could be successful then he looks and they will be that's not creepy that it make your spine tingle a little bit the President of the United States he has to be forthright he has to be confident wait what would it what kind of message would it send if he was like if this is successful let's hope so all this begs the question what is the New World Order and what will it do assuming the Illuminati and the New World Order are one in the same let's hop down the rabbit hole and take a look at some of the theories as to who is in the New World Order the first theory is from a man named Mark Korn key aka Mark from Michigan a right-wing militia activist and propagandist who believes that the New World Order is made up of the US government the UN and various other organizations pushing an international agenda he believes this organization will take away Americans rights form all power core government and put non Illuminati members in camps run by FEMA so 1% of the world is going to put a 99% of the world in camps at that point by the way the camps are so big but the 1% is inside them look it's hard to defend mark for Michigan I'm not gonna lie this is just one of the theories after who is in this new way parade of others experts you've got lined up okay the second theory is from David Icke who believes that world leaders including Queen Elizabeth President Barack Obama and the Clintons are actually shape-shifting lizards so this is the one you're really into I never said that I just said there's other ones these lizard elites are behind the Freemasons and the Illuminati the lizard race feeds off the human race and occasionally demands human sacrifices in fact the same 2013 national poll I mentioned earlier revealed that four percent of voters polled believe that quote lizard people control our societies four percent of voters that's actually a pretty good amount of people that believe they're shape-shifting lizards at the center of everything if they're an origin story for these lizard people I'm sure there is I figured you know what I don't know if I need to know that the third theory is that the New World Order is connected to the Antichrist because the Illuminati are Satanists pat robertson a conservative christian wrote a book on the new world order that claims the group is responsible for the french revolution the writing of the communist manifesto and the creation of the federal reserve all in the service of making quote a new order for the human race under the domination of Lucifer and his followers in quick so the Federal Reserve was created to despite Jesus Lucifer was like pulling numbers when you got a lot of time on your hands right if you Lucifer he's busy why would he be busy hella suppose to be an awful place I imagine the place is terribly maintained it's torturing the souls of all the monsters throughout history there's a lot of dead people's and he's like poking them all with little sticks the fourth theory is from Donald Marshall who believes that the Illuminati are killing celebrities and replacing them with clones used to brainwash society clones though like they're not coming out fully baked the babies still that's one theory some believe it could be like oh you know like a Xerox machine xeroxing it's not how clothing works how do you how do you know what are you a clone expert now you're just saying there's a possibility you're creating a similar embryo with the same DNA it has to grow there's no way we could tell what's actually like the process I mean we can tell because they have cloned things what what things that they cloned a sheep I don't believe you look it up I can look it up Dolly the sheep all right fine I'll look it up did she start off as a little baby sheep whatever okay apparently there was there was a sheep clone whatever Oh apparently purported celebrity clones outed by internet sleuth include Beyonce Eminem Al Roker Al Roker hang on look at he possibly influenced even we tells the weather I don't believe a word he says and many more but clone theorists also believe they have video evidence why sure matter somebody may know him as Eminem but he's gonna join the Saturday night a little bit oh here we go live T freaks him out a little bit well here's our Rutgers clip notice what she says and then notice what his face goes is a code word some people believe maybe it's like a trigger sequence where his brains now receiving instructions that he mind-controlled al Roker's like The Manchurian Candidate and he's gonna kill the president yeah like they say in Catholic schools leave room for the Holy Ghost the expression he has on his face when he's frozen is so funny to me every time I watch it cuz I don't know what it is it's like well you know what actually it looks like he just pooped his pants who's next this is Beyonce by the way she did this for so long I had to speed up the video so there she is going and then I sped up the video here she's in some weird trance I actually don't know what she's doing she's writing lemonade in her head right whether or not people believe this clown theory many conspiracy theorists agree that major celebrities are in the Illuminati they point to clothing choices and hand gestures mainly that of a pyramid which is seen as an Illuminati symbol as proof that certain celebrities aren't in the Illuminati Beyonce and jay-z have been known to make a pyramid like symbol with their hands although this is also similar to the symbol for jay-z's label Rockefeller Records but to flip on that perhaps there's a reason why he chose that symbol see what I just did there you did it right I did it the name of their child Blue Ivy has been interpreted to stand for born living under evil Illuminati is very youngest Wow I can't believe they would name her something with with so obvious a message in there however most stars have denied their affiliation with the Illuminati and saw here's an excerpt from Beyonce's formation quote y'all haters corny with an illuminati mass end quote and here's an excerpt from jay-z's verse in the song free mason quote i said i was amazing not that I'm a Mason I'm red hot I'm on my third six but a devil I'm not end quote is this their game is do they claim that the Illuminati like to just tease people with little hints in my in my mind okay I'm in this very very elite 1% Club right but it's a secret Club you can't tell me but it's dope time in this club right so let me just get a little wink wink to let people know what's up other celebrities include Kanye West who owns a necklace continuing the symbol of the Eye of Horus which is associated with the Illuminati and also seen on the dollar bill which by the way the Fed dollar bill there it is right there I mean it's pretty obvious Kanye's interruption of Taylor Swift in the 2009 Video Music Awards was said to be a method of initiating Taylor Swift into the Illuminati by humiliating for hazing her so this has just moved to like frat level amazing however here's a quote from Kanye on the Illuminati quote I'm tired of people pinpointing musicians as the Illuminati that's ridiculous we don't run anything we're celebrities end quote other celebrities that have been accused of being in the Illuminati include Lady Gaga Rihanna Madonna and Katy Perry just to name a few okay you don't want a bet Kobe's in the Illuminati see what you just said Jesus Kersey sorry Coco rubies shaking right now oh my god I think we just had an earthquake I'm sorry keep in mind that it's pretty easy to make a claim that somebody is in the Illuminati he'll quickly perusing my coworker Quinta Brunson Instagram feed I could see several references to the Illuminati really looking through the pictures yes there's even a picture where I myself make the Rockefeller sign in one of her pictures and it was quickly called out by a common Illuminati confirmed she also seems to be absent from her desk quite frequently perhaps to attend to Illuminati Affairs what you're in the Illuminati look I am NOT in the Illuminati wink I am NOT in the Illuminati Quinn does not in the Illuminati you maybe it is pretty hard to get into and on that note I'd like to point to a website called Illuminati official org and on that site there's a page called join the Illuminati a very fascinating proposition indeed so I reached out for an interview and here's what I got back from their public relations director by the way if the Illuminati is a real thing the fact that they have a PR director yeah amazing right that's super funny to me that there's someone sitting in a cubicle somewhere going that's not the right movie yeah too many triangles in the last drink or staring at the camera again we gotta make a new worker that's our fourth backer here's what the alleged Illuminati PR director wrote back in response to my interview request quote unfortunately members of the Illuminati are not currently available for on-camera interviews and quote she also mentioned quote there are many misconceptions about my clients organization end quote and referred me to the websites beliefs section which is abstract and quite interesting to say the least but let's visit the professor one more time I guess the last question would be what percentage would you put on that the Illuminati is actually a real thing well it was a real thing you know back in 1780 but it's not a real thing anymore I would say a hundred percent it's not a real thing most of the conspiracy theories make this this crazy leap at some point where you're following the the trail of evidence and it makes sense it makes sense it makes sense and suddenly it's crazy I could see a world where sometimes like things go beyond science or facts like that leap of faith is what you need to make to get to the truth maybe that's just like the crazy person inside me I like how you just out yourself as one of the crazy people hey she finds it exhausting here's the thing I I saw the look on her face when I mentioned that yeah he didn't pleased am I gonna say outright the Illuminati is a real thing no I'm not gonna say that but is it possible yeah it's possible why not the fact that there could be some like all-knowing organization under everything are they skyping how are they meeting were they meeting maybe they'd be like let's just meet in Toledo this year at the Radisson hangar they begin the point I'm saying is nothing's impossible sometimes you just got to look at something with noble mind it may seem crazy on the surface then I will admit this all looks so it is possible that there is a organisation founded by lizard people who regularly abduct and clone celebrities I'm not saying that there's lizard I'd have to be is what I'm saying say the lizard people out loud oh yeah own it Ryan say the lizard people out loud we could sit here and talk about this all day but regardless the existence of the Illuminati will remain unsolved well you know let us know in the comments if you think Ryan's in the Illuminati because now I'm Nam sold the good news is you made it through this episode the bad news is this is the last episode for this season of BuzzFeed unsolved however double good news double good news is there's a new season kids and if I'm still alive in October the new season will begin so hopefully I'll see you there and I'll be breathing if you aren't murdered and all the people that I have slighted having killed me the zodiac or the men in black or the Illuminati or course Quinta Brunson

  1. To snark all real conspiracies / secret cabals is actually a dumber strategy than anyone. The guy should just be a spokesman for the united nations and CIA
    Why is he on tbe program..

  2. Ok so at 3:33 into this video, I'm disappointed/disgusted by the ignorance and utter disregard of facts. Maybe I'll watch the rest later…?

  3. You boys are so disillusioned. Satan has you controlled and laffing. At you. Repent and turn to Yahushua. Or don't. NWO. Is George Bush( scherff) the skull n bones Satanist elitist' primary objective. You weren't a squirt in dadies briefs when Bush pushed Crowleys plan…
    I really feel sorry for you tards


  5. My dad has actually experienced an encounter with the Illuminati, he was telling me the story last night

  6. The loud laugh just not tolerable, spontaneously annoying as the v illuminati steals souls, this is rather too serious for laughs. This is demonic and if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ this is what the illuminati wants.. But they too know they are at a loss, Jesus is our only hope . Amen

  7. Don't lose your hard earned money to fraudsters especially this period, a lot of desperate people are out there looking for ways to survive. Just tread with caution, money is hard to get! to join the Illuminati, kindly call or WhatsApp me with this number +2348180828544. Or email : [email protected] You will receive a confirmation Message from the Illuminati confirming your registration. once that is done, you will be receiving Message ge from the Illuminati, kindly read the messages and be Patient! Don't be in too much haste! this is one reason why some of you keep being scammed, because you're in a haste to getting there. Patient is a virtue, be patient!

  8. As the professor pointed out there was a secret organization called the Illuminati. But that is not to say others did not borrow the name and create a new organization with different ideals. As the The NWO there is a group under the UN that DOES want a One World Government and One World Religion and they believe they it will be in place by 2030, hence the agenda 2030 and to complete the transition America must be disarmed. Its very documents are frightening to read.

  9. Ya'll remember when Jay and bey told us to get ready for the NEW WORLD ORDER? In the beginning they are talking about the new world order.also I want to add bet defiantly got a butt job. Look at 8.23 then look at the bathroom scene in 7 11 video.the butt don't match the thighs. Hmmph musta just got it don't then……im dying laughing btw

  10. Here i put the link to video from the 'true' Illuminati for those who think that they are evil…no they are not, they have been always fighting against psychopathic rich elites and that's why elites have spread lies about them 😡😕, watch this video and see for yourself :

  11. The videos are so amazing . But when u guys joke in between these videos ! Thats soooo not watermelon . U bitches 😏

  12. That society is real and many celebrities have came out and said it real and that they are apart of it.

  13. He’s not the only president that stated this Clinton did to
    What about the messages from JFK or Eisenhower
    By the way all of those were conspiracy theories back in the day the CFR IMF TPP United Nations ETC conspiracy theory now fact

  14. Just imagine a country where the leader was doing his very best to annoy the said country's usual global partners, keeping company with tyrants and dictators, your economy will slowly wind down, lifestyles will also be on a downward spiral, except for the rich 1% who just don't care, they protected. Put in place like-minded people in positions of influence, ignore laws for the people and enact laws to eliminate reproductive rights – you control nearly half the population. Now let'S say they remove all health care and social provisions, ignore all environmental action because hey, the 1% is protected, so the weaker people die like flies. Place more rich/swindling buddies at the top of the highest courts, so your privileged group is protected against legal condemnation and any court action. Now if that country leader gave word so the army gets the order to shoot anyone who tries to come in or go out of the said country, you eliminate hot heads and left and right wing extremists. Ban all religion, there again again you will control a good part of the population. Maintain your buddies in positions of power at all the legislative level by putting in place sophisticated gerrymandering plots to win the next elections, buy whatever advertizing available, make use of inside and outside influence, and once in place back at the top, put an end to the 2-term limit law, so this leader can remain there as long as he wishes, continuing putting the country's resources for his own profit and that of his buddies. You will also have large enough camps if you build walls around a large country/major cities where the economy is already dwindling, production at a record low, legal recourse almost nil, the power of the people now completely crushed. I'd say this is quite close to "How to build a dictatorship where no one ever thought it possible" would go….. just saying. Quite a film scenario, right? No worries, it's all fiction.

  15. I guarantee if y’all are living sinful lives then you’ve experienced demons. Blackouts followed by demonic behavior. Sleep paralysis and/or nightmares that feel way too real.

  16. Read the Bible and quit asking questions like there aren’t answers. Satanists take the Bible and do everything it says not to do.

  17. I hate the way they talk about this, although it can be an absurd topic to people I just expected something more professional. Then again this is BuzzFeed so I shouldn’t be so surprised.

  18. The greatest truth which can be hidden in plain sight is by revealing the truth and letting people make assumptions. The truth is right in front of us, but because the technology they've created (facebook, instagram, google, youtube) is used to distract our attentions from what is actually happening to our society. Its basic programming, if they can use such technology to change your perception then they own you already but you dont know that because to you this has become a daily thing, it has become a norm. Put this into perspective, the same people in the government that said there were Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are they same people that gave us the story of 9/11. They are redefining our minds so that it will be easier for them to unleash their next plot. Their timeline hasnt changed, they will do whatever it is to get results. The devil owns this earth at the moment so never give up in the battle of your mind power, seek God and go to church. We are stronger united and we are weaker when divided.

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