The Secret Societies Behind Communism [Ep 2]

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  2. Ever noticed how China starts this new social credit system? How close ties are with Russia and US (Trump), how Trump is constantly shutting down free media? Patriot Act? US is turned into a communist country, slowly but surely.



  5. I would hope you might speculate on why such ideas of communism seem to take hold on so many and these secret societies have been so successful? We may have held them at a slight distance here in the U.S., but they are gaining ground and seem to be in power everywhere either behind the scenes or even in plain sight…………speak out against the ideals of communism, and watch your career collapse, as it happened to myself and I seemed to have no way to stop it other than possibly joining the philosophy of collectivism and trash individualism. I could not do it, but in the process, they told me that if I work, 1 I should not be pre judging anyone, but, if I worked with people from Asian lands, I should assume they are collectivists and not espouse any individualist ideals, so that I do not offend them.

    These were French corporate individuals and once they knew I was an individualist, they made sure to single me out and get rid of me at their first opportunity…….

  6. Just wanted to mention, that I have noticed many times now, especially, after muslim mass killings such as 9/11, there often is an element that seeks to blame jews for setting the whole thing up and they call it a false flag event….Neat trick to plan to harm large numbers of people and then blame it upon jews……very common theme and they seem to get away with it.

  7. About jews, within the jewish community there are good and bad people. There are faithful and traitors. Fortunately, most are faithful or simply asleep (not knowing about anything). But the minority of people who are evil do real harm. Please, do not confuse those people with the Jews, like there are traitors who pose as Catholics, Protestants or even truth seekers, so are Jewish traitors. George Soros is one of them.

  8. Is drugs good or bad?.. Is Freemasonry good or bad?.. Depends on how its used… Right? I don't care if masons worship Lucifer, Allah or God… As long as they do good its good! As long as they do bad its bad! If drugs is used right… Right? Its just labels

  9. I think this is your most important work to date. Well done, guys. Extremely well researched and important information for people to understand. Thank you for this incredible episode.

  10. what are your thoughts on the notre damme fire? My feelings is that is is very suspect , especially happening at easter and taking into account how many church fires there were in France over last few years.

  11. Mind-Blown, had to watch twice. Glad to get fill in blanks after Wieshaupt. Well done, although someone should help you with European Pronunciations, and other cultures. (Happens to be my specialty!). NTL, Good Job, young Men!

  12. 1st I LOVE yalls videos. However communism/socialism/republic/ etc. All are good ways to govern people on paper. The problem is humans someone has to be in charge and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  13. If only there weren't people,communism would work…too bad we will never have a communist country. Lots of dictators though (all your examples).

  14. The templars were taken over by the synagogue of satan jews who practice the occultic talmud and kabbaal. Most of the elite communists were jews, the jews who are descendants of those who put jesus to death. They were blasphemous heretics who chose to disobey god and adopt Babylonian and Sumerian occultism. The Holocaust was punishment for disobeying god and to the zionists pretending to be jews who have now taken over the jewish faith.

  15. Heey… Thats what they are doing Chemtrailing causing draught… no rain for 3 mnd last year here I live in Norway… All the shit that made… half off crops and no animal food like grass. Thats a big problem during vinter in Norway… We had to import grass trouygh USA… Ring a bell maby???

  16. Wait just a second, let me get this straight…. I missed this the first time around…
    If socialism originated in Europe, and the death-tole through famines, persecution, and execution are so high through its endgame called communism… (300.000.000+ EASILY in total)
    What about the Bible prophecies? The antichrist will rise and persecute every man, rich and poor & of all nations…
    Speculation that he will rise in Europe have been around for a looong time… But what if it was never a "man" but that the "beast" was an ideology instead of a reincarnated evil being walking the earth?

    One "man" can only do so much harm. We all know that. What if it was an ideology? Remember; words are for the means of meaning, and for those who listen the annunciation of truth!
    What if the annunciation was never the truth? Satanism aka DUALISM. Black is White, White is Black…. An idea can EASILY kill MILLIONS! You can see it by simply opening a history book…

    We have been through famines. We have been through wars. We have seen the senseless death. We have witnessed the hearts of many to grow cold. We have seen perversion. We have seen symbol worshiping. We have seen the denouncement of the existence of God Almighty himself. We have seen persecution because of following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Coincidence? There are no coincidences…

    Let me know what you think about this.
    Because I am seeing a lot of dots connect lately…

    May God Almighty Bless you all! May the light of Jesus Christ guide your actions, and let truth free you of your invisible shackles.

  17. the Illumadonki origin part is very accurate. As Cobra (codename) mentioned the same in this interview you can read below; he stated That: "The Illuminadoki is not a real Group. It is just a label for the brotherhood of three groups: The Masons, the Jesuits, and the Rosicrucians. They usually call themselves the circle or the brotherhood, the family even"
    Read more here:

  18. EVERYone knows that america is a british corporation. if illuminati is from brittan its probably more legit there.

  19. Who started communism? duh the same people CENSORING US HERE ON YOUTUBE!

  20. Now look. You can also say that modern capitalism is a creation of the illumidonkey to create that Hegelian dialectic. That being completely necessary to create the proper light vs. dark dichotomy. Thus only an illusion to keep us distracted and giving them 40 to 80 hrs of our lives either A) willingly as in the capitalist illusion or B) compulsory as in the communist illusion, while we the people in both systems benifit as little as humanly possible to the sole benifit of the illusion and it's creators. Our side of the illusion is treated mildly better because if we give them a majority of our time we not only survive, but live relatively comfortable lives where as on the communist side of the illusion you are essentially a meat puppet owned by the state. However both are an essential part of the illusion that in the end gives the lions share of any benefit to it's creators.

  21. This explains completely this climate change hoex. These people who support it always seem to hate humanity complaining about the world over populated when you could give every person on this planet a 1/4 acre in Australia and they dont believe in God. If you cant trust your creator then your filled with hate and thats all that drives you.

  22. America is a Masonic country/experiment and this is a proven fact. Yet, these guys and all of you are still 'patriots'. The Vatican literally gave you Christianity and the New Testament. Yet, these guys and you are all still Christian. Capitalism is slavery just like Communism. Yet, these EoW guys and all you still love your slavery. Weishaupt's '6 points' make since for those who are not fools….

  23. Porn says a lot about the end game, Migration and white flight,
    Soon south America will belong to private corporations who will devour the resources and build on the land after they fill in the holes they leave….

    Then boys it gets real, The federation of the EU will try and invade Britain who are aligning with Russia as we speak because they want to move south into China and need the help of the SAS,

    The US are working to expand upon cyber security in big ways and someone is buying up all the worlds crypto… guess who!!

    A new comer is on the scene and they have the deep state shook,
    A little company sprung up that has caused a lot of attention already destroying competitors in big ways.

    The deep state is concerned as too the missing blood that has made its way forth with vengeance.
    In fighting begins and soon the blood shed will break out in such a way a cover up will be needed to distract the ants from whats really going on.
    Dig a hole 2025!

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