The Science of Social Anxiety Disorder | What? Why? and How?

So, tell me about yourself? I did my undergraduate from SJCIT… and I took PHP pro.. I’m asking about yourself? not what’s in your CV. So, tell me about yourself? Well, I love watching movies
I love video games I’m a chronic procrastinator though but.. I do get.. Are you serious? Hey, what’s up man?
how’re you doing? Come on, I’m talking to you. You wanna know how I’m doing? My grades are sinking, I’m fucking
failing in everything in life and I don’t really give a shit about that but
all my parents care about is that shit Know what I care about in life? All I want to be
is a normal fucking person… Go out like a normal fucking person… It’s been eight
fucking years, I’ve been dealing with this shit and I have no fucking sign of
getting better. You know what happens when I take my hands out like this? They
start shaking and I have to put them in my pockets so that people do not notice.
This is what is going on with me. Is this what you wanted to know? What’s wrong man? I’m good man, I’m good. Imagine overthinking minor interactions
into oblivion and jumping to the worst conclusions every time to the point of
being sick that’s how Byrania on reddit explains
social anxiety disorder and it cannot be more accurate.. Remember when you were a kid
and your mom left you in a line or you had to hold up a line for a friend and
you were worried what if someone barges in asking questions or something happens
there.. Social anxiety disorder also known as social phobia makes you avoid social
situations due to the irrational fear of being judged, you overanalyze all your
actions and think of the worst outcomes Your mind wants to prepare for it but
can’t think of an appropriate way. A person suffering from social anxiety
disorder wants to say the right things and make a good first impression but
they feel a crippling inability to do so. Introversion or shyness is how you’re
wired, whereas, social anxiety disorder is something that holds you back you to
fear instead of choice. As an introvert or a shy person you choose not to
socialize while for a socially anxious person you can’t even if you want to Now shyness and introversion are often confused with social anxiety disorder… so,
when people see a socially anxious person they might think, how can a person
be this shy? But, there’s more than that. Now for people with social anxiety, it’s
not always necessary that all aspects of their life take a hit. For example, some
may be able to speak in public but won’t be able to do so with others or vice
versa. Some may find it extremely terrifying to go to job interviews but
if they get through that, they may be able to do their tasks really well. It’s because for starters it’s a
disorder. It is something that can rob you off of your life experiences. You
won’t be able to do a lot of things like to a job interview well or do any other
job for that matter. You will find it difficult to make new friends and even
keep the ones that are already your friends. Normal activities like going to
a restaurant, starting a new new conversation. Speaking in public, asking
for directions or going to school or work become very difficult to do and
with such normal tasks become difficult to handle then it’s a huge problem
therefore treatment is necessary. So, another sad part about social anxiety
disorder is, it often comes with symptoms such as palpitations, hands shaking and
what not. These symptoms make people avoid social situation and their social life
is hampered due to that … and Abhishek actually has suffered from social
anxiety disorder here so I think he has some experience to share. So, this was during my high school or plus two days I was so shy that I would feel anxious to
go to the college cafeteria. I would not have lunch because of that. Because of my
social anxiety disorder. My social life was hampered because of that because I
had friends but I never really hung out with them. I hid myself alone in a room.
In college, I often be locked in class writing poetry or something and my
studies were also suffering. Teachers would come to me and tell me that I
could come to them and ask for help but I never went and never asked for help to
anybody. I tried to do everything myself. So, I was kind of overwhelmed by all of
this. So, after I finished my +2 .. I went to a psychiatrist and I figured out that I
was suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder
that’s when I realized that it’s a constant uphill battle and I realized
that I need help. I need medication and I also need a good support system. So, if
you are suffering from social anxiety disorder or any form of anxiety disorder,
the first thing you should do is to seek professional help. Social anxiety disorder, although is different from shyness but it can be a result of extreme
shyness. Other factors that cause it include genetic factors and
environmental factors such as your family, your upbringing and other
situational factors but genetics is what plays a key important role in causing
social anxiety disorder. So, if you have crippling anxiety the first step is to
always seek out professional help there’s no two ways about it. Don’t
hesitate to ask for help from an experienced psychotherapist and there
are various treatments for this such as the cognitive behavioral therapy where
you are taught that you can’t really control the situations you are in but
you are taught to take control of how you interpret the elements of the
environment. There’s also mindfulness meditation
which does really help if you put yourself into it and there are support
groups where you meet similar people listen to their stories, share your own
and learn how they deal with unfavourable situations Now there’s also medication which might not always be necessary but as in
Abhishek’s case where you are crippled due to anxiety you might need it so
those were some things you need to know about social anxiety disorder if you
think you have it do not be afraid to seek help 🙂

  1. its really "babbaal" video. full of important informations and helpful for those who are seeking for.
    keep going bro. keep it up. best wishes.

  2. Depression

    It's not that I don't want to be happy
    it's that despite my best efforts I can't bring myself to be happy.

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