The Rules for Appropriating from Other Cultures – The Jim Jefferies Show

– It’s great when cultures
can share and borrow from each other, but how do
we know what we’re allowed to take from others and what we’re not? Simple, if your culture
isn’t using it any more, everyone should be allowed to have a go. I say use it or lose it. (audience cheers and applauds) Nice sign. Every culture has at least one thing they’re finished with, like the French. Nobody’s walking around France with a stripey shirt and a beret. (audience laughs) So now that belongs to everyone. You wanna slap a baguette
in your black basket and say “Oh, oh, oh,” the
French can’t get mad at you. Lose it or use it. (audience laughs and cheers) Use it or lose it. Still works. Mexicans, hi. (audience laughs) Are they still wearing sombreros? They’re not, no, and it’s a great hat. We should all be able to
wear one without shame. It’s a bit hard to drive in, but still. (audience laughs) It provides excellent shade from the sun. If anyone needs sun protection,
it’s the pasty whites. The only other hat that
comes even close is the Asian farmer hats, and
they’re still using them, so you can’t wear them
without looking racist. One time I wore one when I was jet skiing, and everyone was mad at me. I don’t know if it’s because of the hat or the fact that I was
messing up the rice fields. (audience laughs) The Dutch. First of all, thank you for
your hilarious oven joke. (audience laughs) But I haven’t seen you using
those wooden shoes lately. I’d like some of them. Unless you stopped wearing
them because of the splinters, then in that case, no thank you. My feet are already
riddled with splinters, and I don’t need any more. (audience laughs) Black people, now this
one’s tricky, right? Because we’ve already taken so
much away from them already. In this case, I think it’s only
fair to give something back. So please accept the
return of Dr. Ben Carson. (audience laughs) We’re not using him any
more, we’re not using him. (audience applauds) And finally, Australia,
my native homeland. And on behalf of my homeland,
I now permit everyone to culturally appropriate the boomerang. Have at it. (whoosh) (audience cheers) (whoosh) That’s it. Oh. (audience laughs) (upbeat music)

  1. 🍔 fun history fact the Spaniards were conquered by the Arabs and Moors from 711 to 1492 and now you know

  2. Many farmers, gardeners and road workers here in Holland still wear wooden shoes. They are comfortable (if they fit properly), cool in summer, warm in winter and safer then steel toe boots. So sorry, you’re out of luck.

  3. When I still lived in the dutch country side I use my wooden shoes (klompen) when working in the garden! They are easy to keep clean and pretty save. Feel free to wear them when you want Jim, I'll be proud!

  4. Remember, Americans gave no culture or education, they gave only entertainment. No wonder they lost their “culture.”

  5. I dressed up as a Vietcong and rode a Thai peddle rickshaw around Missoula, Montana 2002-3 ( I’m a WASP). In an attempt to provoke thought about the 2003 Iraq war. No one listened except for an EX CIA guy who said last time I saw someone wearing that hat, they were shooting at me. I responded with you are an Ex CIA guy and maybe later tonight I’ll be shooting at you. Since then 20 military kill themselves daily and a similar thing happened with opioids in this country ( but legal this time)

  6. Ridiculous. Cultural appropriation . We're all one people, the human domain. Good culture is there for the taking, good ideas are contagious

  7. Maybe Jim was just pranking us with that "last show" thing. I mean he likes being a jerk.
    Or he meant last show for this year. I don't know. He's a cock. Or a cunt. Or both.

  8. Cultural appropriation is bullshit. If you are interested in somebody's culture, their food, national dresses, etc., it's actually helping to develop it and for it to remain alive, the more people know about it, the better for the culture. The most important thing is to treat it with respect, and don't humiliate it in any way

  9. Yeah…. A white guy saying it's ok to appropriate a weapon of the aboriginal Australians…. I'm gonna go with a hard no on that.

  10. As a mexican I can tell everybody that we will NEVER be offended by an outsider dressing as a mariachi. We might laugh a little, some times with you and others at you, but feel free to dress up as a mariachi band for halloween.

  11. Yes, we must all acknowledge the power of Silly Hats! The way I see it, as long as you try to be respectful of other cultures and avoid the cartoonish exaggeration like the Japanese do with global culture, I'm okay with it. and and and

  12. I'm half Asian & feel free to toss up a top knot and draw slanty eyes. Only a pussy gets offended over this petty bullshit.

    Here's my philosophy- you do you and i will do me. There's enough eggshells and pussification in society- why add to it?

  13. Mariachi musician here.
    We only wear sombreros for special performances. And we never refer to them as "costumes", but Mariachi suits.

    I've seen my fair share of fake moustaches and cheesy ponchos. I wouldn't say they're racist, but they're incredibly annoying. Always a smh moment.

  14. Jeffries: Good points. But you cannot give away the boomerang. Being born in Sydney doesn't make you an aborigine. Aborigines have few things that have international value. They should be able to decide what to do with it.

    As a white Australian, he could have given away Vegemite or the works of Men At Work. But they are protected by trademark and copyright respectively. But hey, symbolically give away aboriginal property. There is no white man's law that will care.

  15. So now we're just getting the leftovers on youtube? Fuck you Jim Jefferies for probably getting fired for drinking on the set or something…

  16. FYI, guys: Comedy Central did not cancel this show. It ended because Jim is developing a sitcom for one of the major networks.

  17. Why does everybody feel the need to culturally appropriate from us Latinos all the pinché time? Are we that special to you? Judging by all the dictatorships we are, but just stop, vatos

  18. Brilliant. Coal is black and snow is white, right? Right? Or should we banish colours? Are Colours Racists Bitches ????

  19. The (white) Australians are such an enlightened species. In an article about cultural appropriation Jefferies claims the Boomerang as part of his culture. I actually thought he was a bit more thoughtful than his fellow white Australians but this proves otherwise. Though, cultural theft should not be unsurprising from a people descended from slum dwelling criminals.

  20. In some regions in the Netherlands, they still actually use those wooden shoes believe it or not.
    Never got it myself.

  21. That means no more Lederhosen for you. Those are for Alpine dwellers only. Not that I would seriousely wear one, but some of us do for some reason.

  22. 1. What are we having for dinner tonight?
    2. Chinese.
    1. You insensitive, racist, cultural appropriationist!
    2. Wait, how is being accepting of something from and other culture, racist?
    1. Because it's different, and from somewhere else, and… well… reasons.
    2. Sooo… Don't do business with Chinese immigrants?
    1.You can do business with the Chinese immigrants, just feel like shit while you're doing it.
    2. WTF?

  23. I live in the Netherlands, when I went to the middle of the country, I saw some kids wearing them. But feck it, y'all can use em. They are for practicle needs, not fashion.

  24. My friends from other countries think Cultural Appropriation is bullshit and the very concept that other cultures can’t use your culture is racist. Their words, not mine. So sorry not sorry. I’ll listen to my Chinese friend born, raised and living in china over a ChineseAmerican born, raised, and living in California.

  25. People still watch this guy despite knowing how disingenuous he is? Only here leaving this comment cause it was in my feed

  26. Mexican never weared sombreros casually. Also Mariachis exist and part of Mexican Pop Culture they’re using it, so no

  27. 1:37 I am Dutch . and I wear clogs (wooden shoes)(klompen )🇳🇱 the Kingdom of the Netherlands🙋🏻‍♂️

  28. Jim do a report on Cancer, they reeeeaaaallly don't know what causes it but have satellites that can see your driver's licence from space??? What's biofilm?

  29. No mexican will get offended if you wear sombreros. Mexican here. (maybe Mexican-Americans, but definetely no Mexican born and raised in Mexico) So go ahead, put all sombreros, zarapes and mustaches you want. Its fine, really. We have bigger problems here to care about that cultural appropiation "problem".

  30. …sigh. once again, racism = judging an entire race. and it has to be negative to be racist, I think. that farmer hat, f.e. is race related. it is used in Asia for many reasons. it is probably cheap and practical. why is it racist to use one?? if I wear one, how am I negatively judging the entire Asian race?? are there professional racism finders these days?

  31. I though he was going to say "Okay, for the black people, you're not using these anymore [shows graphic of chains]. Well, actually, we used these on you, so maybe… …no. Never mind."

  32. I'm Dutch, under 35 and I wore clogs as a kid. My uncle still does. Let's just say that he punishment for culturally apropriating clogs is the unbearable discomfort of walking in shoes made of wood.

  33. For real though, cultural appropriation is what people bitch about when they have nothing else to bitch about and don't know world history.

  34. My rule is anyone who talks about this topic and wants to tell me I can't dress up a certain way for whatever dumbfuck reason I immediately stop watching all their comedy and ignore anything they say. GJ Jim hope your future shows will be just as interesting to your new SJW audience as this constant virtue signalling and catering to their ridiculous crazy SJW beliefs. I mean SJWs are known to just watch stome stupid fat white fuck make jokes about anything, they wouldn't just watch you because you are sucking their political dicks right? RIGHT?

    Nobody will watch your new garbage-ass show and you don't deserve it, you're a sellout pussy.

  35. Why is it that a black man in a Brooks Brothers suit working on Wall Street is never accused of "cultural appropriation?" I'm white, but I grew up in a poverty stricken and predominately black area. I guess I don't get a "culture" to identify with…

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