The Roots Of Illiberalism In Hungary And Central Europe TRAILER

The quality of democracy in Hungary has
been deteriorating since 2006 already but especially after 2010 so there is a
serious backsliding in democratic quality and as you can see by 2017
Hungary is the lowest in terms of democratic quality. While Hungary has
received the highest scores for good governance before 2010 so the question
is why was good politics successful and bad politics unsuccessful before 2010
that a large percent of Hungarians just lose their faith in capitalism. As you
can see, 80% of Hungarians supported capitalism in ’91 but only 40% did so by
2009. I think it’s crucial to understand how this anger and the need for kind of
social protection and solidarity gets re-articulated, expressed in
nationalistic terms. So you have to look at economic, these securities to be able to express the rise of neo-nationalist identities so I I think these are, none
of them determines the other I think these are mutually the reinforcing

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