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  1. COMPLETELY AGREE. This is why I've been thinking that teaching good emotional skills and empathy and connection to people who are used to capitalist alienation or toxic masculinity or whatever is actually more helpful than trying to get them to concede an argument. You teach someone to start caring about people different from them and you destroy bigotry. People in the US have been individualist so long that we need to work hard to find community again, and only from a shared sense of community can create some sort of new kind of economic structure I dunno what you'd call it but you get the idea.

  2. I actually grew mentally, spiritually exhausted seeing so much viral leftist outrage cropping up online, and contributing to it myself by voicing my opinions here and on the Twitters and reposting articles and the lot. I realized recently that all I was doing was irritating the emotional pain of seeing my baseline values of human inclusion being repeatedly violated out there in the world, without actually doing anything about it except screaming angrily into the social media hellvoid, and for the sake of my mental health, I REALLY need to step back and away from the outrage machine. It also brought me to the realization that, on some surface level, what I'm doing is no different than what rightwingers trapped in the social media hellvoid are doing either, so I'm not being any part of the meaningful solution as a leftist-welcoming nerd.

    So instead of being part of the online leftist outrage machine… I'm gonna see if there's a Life After Hate chapter somewhere in SoCal, and see if I can volunteer some time there instead. As a simple scrub, I may be able to do far greater good for the pan-leftist movement in helping former white supremacists bring even one single active white supremacist out of the hate cycle, rather than regurgitating the same leftist talking points day in and day out. One very, VERY specific, actionable leftist plan over spewing a sociopolitical platitude of leftist anger and righteousness.

  3. Question: does the left not have code words? Terms that refer to concepts outside the Overton window? Would it be bad if the left DID have code words? What if solidaritism = socialism, or something like that? Wealth Ecology = wealth redistribution?

  4. ok but simply sitting around being connected with one another does not create revolution. You need theory behind your actions or you end up just back at libralism or Social Democracy

  5. I've been struggling to work this out in my head for a really long time, thank you for putting into words why I've never identified hard-line with any one socialist, communist, or anarchist theory

  6. Thank you for yet another insightful video, Peter. However, I feel the need to point out: the burden of empathizing, understanding others' emotional needs and connecting to people are often expected disproportionately of women. As a result, I resonated with your final message but couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

  7. here in mexico the efforts of our president to rise awareness of these issues are being put down by the so called comunnist parties, they call for revolution without realizing what it takes to make the population go left, somethinks i think they like the status quo of socialism being perpetually oppresed because they are afraid to take action

  8. So, Peter advocates for an organic socialism? A bottom-up rather than top-down socialism. I've heard of anti-authoritarian socialism referred to as "Marxist Libertarian", is that close to the mark? There are those who emphasize Marx's early work to identify themselves as ML (and nobody likes labels, we only do it for an illusion of understanding), Brendan O'Neil, columnist at Spiked is one that has called himself a Marxist Libertarian, although I'm certain he doesn't prefer the label. ML sounds contradictory, is it?

  9. People that argue against universal healthcare clearly just don't understand what it is. Those same people will complain about their premium costs and out off pocket cost of health insurance. Socialism is far more democratic than capitalism. People have just been trained to react to these words without actually thinking about it. Unfortunately america is a nation of individualism and that's tends to lead to selfishness and away from collectivism.

  10. I have asked myself the question that is asked at the beginning and the true answer is that I have no idea.

  11. "I have friends who are working on integrating monetary theory with Syndicalism. It would result in collective, public ownership of the means of production, and would eventually eradicate both the state, and private entities, which, I'm very interested in it…"

    Who are these friends? Are they developing Decentralized Ledger Technology? Do they need more software engineers? Where can I sign up? If someone says they've got a roadmap, I want to be on board. I want to ACT, and then evaluate.

    Even if that solution goes nowhere, or its ideas aren't fully developed, It's much easier to avoid authoritarian, prescriptive, silencing speech when we've got something to criticize. Simply stating that we should behave in such a manner outside of any critique of another prescriptive statement is itself, a prescriptive statement.

    So put yourself out there! Take risks! Give us ideas! Let us take them down! Be wrong!

  12. here is a thought, divert 10 % from the defense budget into a universal health care system and voila

  13. Who's talking about integrating monetary theory into syndicalism? I would be very interested in hearing/reading this?

  14. I honestly think we can learn a lot from the right when it comes to setting and reaching reasonable, short-term goals.

  15. Marxism-Leninism or Barbarism! Lenin already found a tactic or theory to transition away from capitalism

  16. Socialism is horrendous because it transfers yet more power to the masses, the ignorant, unintelligent masses and the workers. They should not have the power.

  17. I'm sorry but we need a plan. Otherwise we'll almost certainly make things worse. Imagine we take down mega food corporations with no plan for better ways to feed millions of people? People could die of starvation in the name of socialism, just like other times in history.

    I fully support socialism if it works. So show me how it'll work.

  18. Do you genuinely believe that the workers should seize the means of production or do you simply believe in extending social programs as with Scandinavia?

  19. Good faith question: what's the road to socialism? Answer: blah blah blah, capitalism bad.

    What a joke! Even what asked the question, you can't give specific examples. How are people fed? How is progress made? The only thing socialism can offer is interruption.

    If you've had 200 years and several terribly failed attempts at this thing and can't give a solid outline for how this works, then I am NOT interested in listening.

    Go do the grown up thing, and DO THE HOMEWORK.

    Terrible, awful, bad. You should be deeply ashamed at your failure.

  20. Completely Disagree. I would recommend you study the history of the Paris commune (pre communist social revolution), or the Spanish civil war, the Russian Revolution. Or even the rise of democratic socialism in Venezuela. History has shown us time and time again that whenever a mass movement moves toward establishing a system that could vaguely be defined as socialist takes root, the forces of reaction are always mobilized in a united front to crush it in the most violent manner possible. The reason the Soviet Union turned into a Stalinist authoritarian nightmare is that it was invaded by all of the imperialist powers of Europe as well as it's own reactionaries (the whites) pretty much the moment the Republic was declared. It's completely irrelevant that even a vast majority of the people may support the institution of socialism. One or two capitalists can pay enough bootlickers to start a counter revolution, to say nothing of the interference of foreign capital. The majority will have to invoke their authority, perhaps even the authority of violence in order to protect themselves, and their right to self determination. As Engels once said, "There is nothing more authoritarian than a revolution".

  21. 9:00 "I dont' really want to go into how much influence Ayn Rand has had"

    Well, can you at some point?

  22. Didn't Karl Marx himself say revolutions were inherently authoritarian and that revolution is cool and good? Also why do you trash the USSR so much? Is it because of Stalin? Do you throw the entire prospect of authoritarian socialist under the bus because of one dude?

  23. You should edit and repost this 18K views when you have 200K subs is weird. This is heartfelt awesome praxis talk!


    •The Re-Nationalisation of all key utilities & all key industries like banks, health care, arms corporations, pharmaceutical industry, electricity production, water, internet, transport, roads & infrastructure.

    •Massive jobs guarantee program.

    •National banks financing millions of worker owned cooperatives.

    •The complete end of the stoke market.

    •The institution to national card check & making many non-unionised industries actually illegal.

    •The end of private money in politics.

    OK… That will be a start…

  25. Wow Peter, what a dumb video. You do realise that you can personally advocate for something without wanting to become a dictator and force that on everybody, right? Holy crap.

  26. If you haven't seen it (yet?):
    Critique: Bernie Sanders "Inequality in America" Town Hall from 3.19.18, by Peter Joseph | TZMOfficialChannel

    (On YouTube, I avoid posting direct links since in that case usually the comments are "ghost banned" – I see them, others doing…)

  27. Basically – EDUCATION. (as you correctly pointed out).
    Also I would add – not focusing too much (which usually is the case) on certain groups' discrimination, but not because it is not bullshit (it is), but because there is a much bigger, in fact the "enemy", that requires most of our attention (if not all), and that is the socio-economic system/system of beliefs based on competition and economic inequality/stratification.

    The main problem is us, collectively, "thinking" that capitalism, an "economic" system based on competition/selfish gain ("competition is the driver of progress"), economic inequality/stratification, monetary profits above all, and consumerism/ecologically unsustainable use of the Earth's natural resources.

    When in reality, if we educated ourselves, we would've understood that we should be basing our socio-economic system on the scientific method, meaning on full collaboration and sharing of ideas/innovations, economic equality, open source everything, human need and health above all, and ecologically sustainable use of Earth's natural resources.

    The ultimate problem is our collective level of consciousness, about our current "economic" system, about what truly makes a healthy (physically and mentally), prosperous human society (spoiler: not competition and economic stratification…), about what we can actually do (that is eradicate any poverty, let alone hunger and homelessness).

  28. Hey Peter, is that idea of integrating modern monetary theory into syndiclism kind of like a road to anarcho-mutualism? And if so, do you think there's a transition afterwards from there into a moneyless society? I ask because in general I think money will still lead to class divisions and inequality and is therefore likely to slide away from socialism

  29. If a small group of editing declared that the rest of the people, control, retain, impose, socialism, justice….. fair. Just. Rhetoric. Good.

  30. Dude, EVERYONE has friends who are working on transitioning paper markets into Syndicalist financial exchanges. Not just your cool, intellectual friends.

  31. Class doesn't matter, blah, blah, consumerism, I am a socialist, I only like good feminism, I am cooler than you.

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