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I've traveled the world visiting ashrams and stayed with families living for generations deep under a simple mud roof I've pondered living in one room on a tiny island off the coast of Kenya eating fish from the sea and trading books with tourists to keep current I spent 20 years of my life writing and speaking on the need for race class and gender to factor into all analyses of lasting social change and yet I am so embedded within capitalism it is almost impossible to think outside of it like a fish and water I struggled to imagine life away from my home I think of the communes of the 70s but I know kids who are molested in those experiments I think of Sweden but recently learned of its role in American slavery so that visions shot I think of community gardens but then I'm reminded of passengers in an airport lounge fighting over just a few sodas during the flight delay it's human greed and Acuras that needs taming what's capitalism got to do with it along capitalism means our lives revolve around producing and selling some are exploited mercilessly a tiny percentage thrive beyond our wildest imaginations and a great lump of us go round and round trying to keep up with the Beast we profit on the misery of others think of the suicides at Foxconn for instance and me typing here away on my nice Apple Mac and our own misery is a lucrative property to be bought and sold by others think about big pharmaceutical companies churning out antidepressants so this is what happened to the idealists those determined to change the world or at least believe in the possibility we ran into the intractability of capitalism and our own inability to think far enough outside of the box I often feel like Allen Ginsberg these days I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness in my post capitalist utopia the vast potential of the human imagination is restored to its full glory no longer trapped by the marketplace we can dream again our bodies are not reduced to dollar signs our kidneys are not sold on the black market our girls are not turned into slave laborers prisons are not built as a means to secure contracts and capture cheap labor candidates are not bought and owned by corporations and voters are not so poorly educated that they are manipulated by advertisements designed by a very very bad man food is grown and not produced and my seven year old that all his friends know how to plant and harvest kale land is distributed equally water is free for all healthcare as a right and not a privilege we barter a lot women are partners people of color are valid and the spectrum of love and sexuality is vast the state is not involved in what I do with my body unless I plan to hurt someone or myself much of this is already possible which means that my post capitalist utopia must be built upon a moral and spiritual revolution a narrative of abundance of human dignity and equality for all a narrative for the common good that is so seductive and so compelling that human beings want to spend more time working to dissipate their greed and fear than they do producing widgets or apps or anything else but love it is nothing less than a massive awakening of the human potential to be and act better no matter the political or economic system of the day my post capitalist utopia takes as its fundamental premise that there is no reason to wait for revolution like the proverbial Kingdom it is here already waiting to be seen in each of us you

  1. Truth is, I know about all the disgusting chasms of capitalism. But I don't give a shit at all. I don't care about poverty as long as it doesn't affect me. I'd still drink my coffee, even if a thousand children died for it. I'm well. And I'm a total asshole. And I can live with it. Very good.

  2. What do you mean by "freedom"? It is a vague word that we all seem to agree upon but never really agree upon, so that it is used to justify a wide range of intent, ranging from admirable to despicable.

  3. Say's the paper that hates Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange. Putin who is one of the only leaders around the world who truly stands up to Capitalism. The Guardian secretly LOVES capitalism. Feminism is designed for women to viciously compete with men. Not to work with them. Pussy Riot Loves Capitalism!

  4. Historically, capitalism came about through freedom – the good and bad of the human spirit was allowed to flourish and we ended up with things like exploitation, higher standards of living for all, smartphones and cars that don't cost a million dollars. The only way to remove capitalism then would be to remove that freedom. As a first step to a new global spirituality, removing freedom does not bode well. That's been tried, and it's not pretty.

  5. Free enterprise is not responsible for the dark side of the human condition, which flourishes even more under non-capitalist systems. Comments have to be approved? Interesting.

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