The Red Scare: Communist Witch Hunt

  1. We need another witch hunt in 2019, the amount of socialists and commies in today's Society.

  2. Communism is possible,but it have been not tested on praxis.
    The first lies about Communism comes from jews in Germany,then Joseph goebbles and then the pro Nazi american Frederich harson(father of tivergization or yellownewspaper).

    Is very normal see an Muric say "Commies suck cuz they evil" becouse they did never have a Important party without getting shot…

    Once Einstein came to USA he said "the danger started and grow when Truman drop 2 atomic bombs,the real danger was Kennedy with vietnam, and is getting worst"
    Also,he was a COMMUNIST.

  3. and now corporations and private business are destroying the lives of working class people. way to go anti-communist idiots.

  4. Why did Anti-Communism become McCarthyism?
    Not many people know the answer. It was the best con-job ever pulled off by our own homegrown American Communist, who sold the idea that there was sometime 'fascist' about being anti-communist.
    McCarthy was one of those "Red Scare" jerks, trying to spread panic. There was no "widespread Communist subversion" in our government or in our education system. Everything was fine, the Russians weren't spying on us. They would never have spies inside our FBI or in the IC.. That's just fear mongering..

    Pretty soon, that's what everyone starting believing. Communist were good people, they weren't murdering millions of people, that couldn't be true.. Commies are nice folks.. LOL!

  5. Attacking the argument by impugning the motives of the investigator?😦 Fuck you and fuck this video🇺🇸

  6. U work hard for your money make a life for yourself and someone comes along and takes from you and gives it to someone that doesnt work hard. Thats theft.

  7. The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout.

    There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices – to be found only in the minds of men.

    For the record, prejudices can kill – and suspicion can destroy – and a thoughtless frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own – for the children – and the children yet unborn.

    And the pity of it is – that these things cannot be confined – to the Twilight Zone.

  8. It's ironic that conservatives hate communists and socialists and liberals so much yet they identify themselves with the color red when the entire worlds liberals, socialists and communists identify with the color red.

  9. Americans are still afraid of communism when people south of the border and around the third world are starting to look towarfs socialism.

  10. What's funny is the left used the HUAC to Target "Nazis" in America, and it later got turned around and used on the leftists spying for the USSR!

  11. It's no longer a conspiracy, look up the video "The Truth about McCarthyism" by Stefan Molyneux. And good God this comment section is almost as subverted by marxism as our government.

  12. The witch hunt for Communists should never stop. It should never stop until the very last one is exposed and purged from the face of this earth.

  13. I maen, communism (this time meaning socialist despotism) is bad, but it's quite unfair that America spread anti-communist propaganda, and just saying the bad things in a socialist dictatorship.
    I just proved two things:
    1. That nothing can be pure evil: anything "bad" has some form of good in it;
    2. That America, "The Free Country", was no better than the Soviet Union at the time: if it wanted to keep this status, they wouldn't have imprisoned anyone accused of being a comrade.

  14. Lol remember when we were all afraid and thought communism and socialism were pure evil, and capitalism was like a divine altar? Haha if only they knew back then about what a capitalist government turns into eventually….if they saw the war profiteers, corporate dictators and corrupt government lol. But I bet there still are some people scared when they hear SOCIALIST! Republican cringe

  15. Subliminal messaging with the Red "Republicans", and than associating it to stand for everything bad throughout the remainder of the video?

  16. the idea of communism is not all that bad but it has never been properly run so their for it is the worst idea and should have never happened

  17. Propaganda. History has proven that there were dozens of communist agents working in the government. History has proven that McCarthy's lists were valid.

  18. I really thought that you were going to include something about the book Crucible, a direct allegory to McCarthyism

  19. So whenever you are arguing political matters with a right winger and they use the old "Muh! Liberal!" on you. point out McCarthyism to them

  20. Communism seems to be a route that may come to america in the coming years as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote of how the ideal marxist society would be within one of the developed and technologically advanced nations (at the time they were referring to Britain) but the only way the true marxist society can come to fruition is through revolution which has to be sparked by the proletariat (lower class citizens) against that of the bourgeoisie (upper class citizens) you can see an example of this in american society through the wall street protests and the idea of the 1% against the 99% as wealth is ever more unevenly distributed in america that will cause the destruction of the middle class and through that destruction can very likely come a marxist revolution to america. (this is just sort of the idea i have on modern american politics and the economic policy of america) oh and if you ever want to learn about what a the ideal communist state should be like you should check out das kapital 

  21. Communism never existed. Only socialism. CccR is soviet Union of socialist states. The americans are such retards. Why they think that russian cant develope a nuke?
    I hope USA get nuked. They only do wars and with their fucking companies they are destroying the human life beeing. Brics!

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