The Radicalization Funnel

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  2. Humans are more complex than implied. We do not reacte to stimuli in a deterministic manner.
    The sales funnel argument can be misused to make mountains out of molehills and can be seen as just a slippery slope fallacy when blindly applied.
    This video needs much more nuance or there is a danger that will see conspiracy in any random pattern. Sometimes sh!t happens without any overall driving malicious force controlling it.

  3. I lost a lot of respect for your channel from this video as he doesn't shout out nazis(knowingly at the least), nor does he give them a platform. Also, he only said a racial slur once. That doesn't make it right, but you made it sound like he says it repeatively.The Nazi jokes are definitely walking the line, but it is for humor sake not for the purpose of hurting anyone as well as they are not common in his videos. I'm going to stay subscribed because I hope you just are unaware that you're falsely stating facts.


    I think this video proposes some counterpoints to your video. I have linked it here for the sake of open and honest discussion about concerning topics on YouTube.

  5. PewDiePie should denounce this stuff though. Surely he's even getting pressure from the business side at this point.

  6. Careful Tristan. Your engagement with progressive ideas for money might encourage viewers like me to become radical progressives and, like, protest injustice, or something.

  7. This post will be long but I sincerely hope you read and consider my point of view as I'm going to be as transparent as possible and truly believe it's important to weigh in on the discussion you've raised by posting a public video.

    I've been a long time fan of your channel regardless of our differences (your comment on one of Contrapoint's videos where you wrote off centrists as fascists for one) and it felt plain odd watching your recent video as I'm also a fan of PewDiePie , the subject of your video. As an outside observer you, PewDiepie and pretty much everyone else I watch on YouTube do these little-to-large silly things now and again that sometimes get addressed and sometimes seem invisible to the creator. These things can be interpreted by us outside viewers in a number of ways. For example you might be interested in knowing I've seen your videos get passed around on 8chan's /leftypol/ with people praising your smooth use of Communistic dogwhistles while condemning the right-wing's use of their dogwhistles. On the same board far-leftists have written manifestos for violent revolution. If I barely knew you I could make a video about how you yourself are a "pipeline" to violent extremism. I personally believe this kind of back and forth is exactly what the recent terrorist wanted to inspire and it's nonsense we should be above. If his reference to PewDiePie wasn't just because he wanted to appear hip it was more likely there to worsen the divides in Western society and cause more hate to grow than there already is. To be honest the hate coming off you in the video was palpable and I get it because deep down I have the same feeling towards hatred and the terror attack made me cry in anguish but be wary where you aim that hate. As a centrist and lover of all things alchemy I advise transmuting that hate into constructive wisdom. Step back and really analyze what part you yourself play in the grand scheme of social dynamics and then try and find empathy and see the human that is Felix and try and understand that your video about him is very different than videos about his incredible charity actions. Between both those videos is the same person and neither video is the truth about him.

    So much of what you said in your video, which was quite tangibly directed at PewDiePie fans, just didn't apply to me and I am a PewDiePie fan. What you had to say does not apply to anyone I know in real life who also enjoys PewDiePie, the most enthusiastic of which is a transexual Leftist who recently came off of welfare to work in IT and the least enthusiastic an Irish grandmother who is as progressive as Ireland currently permits. I started to ask myself why so much of what I see summarized by online pundits be it in your videos, Contrapoints, Chris Ray Gun, Dr. Layman, Philosophy Tube or anyone else is often so reductive. The TL;DR answer is these large topics your channels take on require a lot of time and reflection and reworking and multiple viewpoints to avoid biases.

    In a world full of so many toxic social currents how we choose to express ourselves and how we choose to understand others is crucial. You chose to understand PewDiePie fans as a stereotype. I'm not what you described. I'm 26, Leftist and live with my girlfriend of 9 years who is 35. By quickly generalizing age at the beginning of your video you already alienated the majority of you watches both you and PewDiePie. Age was a foundation upon which you made one of many assumptions.

    I'm an anti-Trump, pro healthcare, pro welfare, pro basic universal income and I'm a PewDiePie fan. I'm also a feminist and a male rights advocate. I'm not, in short, a stereotype. Stereotyping almost always does more harm than good, I want to think you would say the same but your video is chalk full of generalizations and the pushing of a narrative instead of thinking about a bigger picture. If you're going to harp on me for being into men's rights consider that helping young men not radicalize starts with rights to social programs, therapy and shelters. That aside you made a video with "role Pewdiepie plays in the radicalization of young men into the far right" in the description, you can't really pretend that not only were you not surprised you intentionally created the reaction you wanted to see. It's that common trend of constructing the circumstances to create the response you want to see that really worries me.

    To understand why you're getting a lot of annoyed reaction from PewDiePie fans all you have to do is acknowledge you wanted that annoyed reaction. @pewdiepie is Felix Kjellberg, a human being who has to deal with the fact technology has made it so that more people know who he is than most famous politicians throughout history. Like you he's at different times appealed to bad apples but while long time viewers of his cannot know the man fully they can at least know him beyond his controversies and they have the context you're missing. Felix is not a pipeline to fascism. He's a human being who like the rest of us constantly has to dodge toxic cultural trends that have infected every day life in today's political climate. When he's been picked up by one of these currents he does all he can to correct his path and remain a beacon of peace. He's always denounced hate.

  8. I think it’s important to consider the fact that like most liberal media demi-gods that normalized angry dad racism on their platforms, punditry in the guise of comedy (Gervais, Louis CK), PewDiePie started out as a Progressive Darling.

    Great Stuff, I can feel liberal stomachs turning at this revelation.

  9. Ok , his manifesto. I have one unirronical question. Since when is environmentalism(such think was needed not to be political from the start) anti-imperialism?
    (Edit: ) it look rather like black propaganda.

  10. Way to capitalize on tragedy, brau. Yes, you StepBackHistory, capitalizing on murder, using your 'sales funnel' technique – starting with your clickbait imagery, building an emotional case, ending with a call to action for a fellow youtuber to assume responsibility for Some Random Nutjob. – All while you yourself are getting paid. $$$

  11. Thanks, Tristan. I really appreciate you publishing this. At one point you seemed to be grasping a bit for a way to describe the difference between the "true believer" in fascism and the person who either unwittingly or apathetically aids them. The point you were making was also made fairly succinctly by Ian Danskin on his Innuendo Studios channel, although he was using Trump as the example. He said, "it doesn't really matter… what matters is that much of the time, they are 'doing fascism' (by aiding them)." Whether they genuinely believe in it or are merely using it opportunistically is kind of irrelevant.

    Anyway, thanks again. You might recall I just showed up in your live stream and mentioned I'm a new subscriber. Please let me know if I can help with any of your projects.

  12. I'm saying it. PewDiePie is responsible for the deaths of those in the Christchurch shooting. So is YouTube.

  13. I regret ever supporting Pewds. I took one look at who he was following him on Twitter and it hit me. I reconsidered everything. It all makes sense now. I'm sorry for ever supported him. I'm really sorry.

  14. I think its isolationism. Lots of people are suffering from chronic loneliness these days. Being part of a greater movement, greater community, with a purpose helps mitigate that loneliness.

  15. you said you'd include a link to something showing who pewdiepie followed on twitter, but it's not in the description, or am I just blind?

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