it's common ratio and today I'm gonna be talking about the question of the state the question of the state is almost certainly the most widely misunderstood and misrepresented aspect of Marxism so comrades I'm gonna start off this video with a question and this question is should to the capitalist state be smashed yes of course it should be smashed but it is the question of what should replace it which is where I fall out with the anarchists in particular us Marxist Leninist s– recognize that the liberation of the proletariat can only be achieved through the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the disappearance of classes what classes have finally disappeared the state will have no function to perform the state by its very nature as an instrument of one caste to oppress and suppress and never cross once there is no longer another caste to be oppressed and suppressed the state really does not have a job anymore and its functions to the extent that there are some functions to be performed become mere administration of things rather than ruling the political status such disappears the final defeat of the bourgeoisie has not yet been achieved anywhere in the world and realistically there will be no final defeat until capitalism had been overthrown in at least the overwhelming majority of the world's countries anarchists on the other hand were to completely abolish the state overnight while failing to understand the conditions which gave rise to the coming of the historical scene of the state and what conditions must be there for it to disappear secondly Earth's Marxist Leninist s– recognized that after the conquest of political power the proletariat must utter Li destroy the old capitalist state and substitute for at a worker state consisting of an organization of armed workers similar to that of the Soviet state the Soviet state is the best example that the working-class heart of a workers state our guests on the other hand while insisting on the destruction of the capitalist state have absolutely no clear idea what the proletariat will put in its place and how it will use its revolutionary power they even deny that the prominent it's abuse stick power they deny its revolutionary dictatorship thus Marxist Leninist insist that the proletariat should be prepared for revolution by utilizing the present system such as taking part in parliamentary elections local elections trade union activities and so on because the preparation for the next system cannot be done in the next system it can only be done under the present system now if you're not getting what I'm saying here each generation is born into a system of production it does not choose it it comes to that system accepts it and it adapts itself to it only in that system it makes preparations it is no different for us than it was for the bourgeoisie the bourgeoisie grew and developed within the conditions of feudalism and it prepared itself not from the very beginning they have no idea they were absolutely always aspiring to get the favor of the Kings they were aspiring themselves to be the land owning class because the land owning cost is the ruling costs and the ruling class is always the class that is respected the most our guests do support the revolution to overthrow capitalism however they believe that once the revolution has succeeded in its initial aims of overthrowing capitalism there is no longer a need for a state and that the people will simply be able to manage their own affairs to destroy the state in such a rush would destroy the only organism by means of which the victorious working class can assert its newly conquered power defeat depth capitalist enemies and carry out that economic revolution of society without the fear of the whole victory ending in an in defeat I mean a mass slaughter of the workers similar to that after the Paris Commune I know this video was very brief but if you want a more detailed explanation of the question of the state then I'd recommend that you go and read Lenin's book the state and revolution you

  1. All you socialist just want to use power to bring in your utopian heaven. You are sudo religious, poisonous hate filled people who would be happy to murder your way to your utopia. Hundreds of millions of deaths is not enough for you. You are the definition of evil.

  2. This is all bas3d on a lack of understanding of the very basics of anarcisim. Please research a topic before you critique it

  3. Anarchists seem to view the state as always a evil thing. Unless they create a anarchist state, but then it is not a state while still being a state? Is this idealism? Dogmatism?

  4. "Utterly destroy the capitalist state" – Mass murder mate. Thats whats wrong with marxist=lennists. Once you believe the ends justify the means, youre willing to do a lot in order to achieve your ends. Thats how the mass murders of USSR and communist china happened.
    You're barely any better than the fascists, you have violent fantasies of purging the people you think cause the worlds problems. I'm just glad you'll never get the chance to have any real power

  5. I love how at the end of a video you play the song that an Anarchist made, promoting left unity. Quite ironic, really

  6. Respect from Russia
    In my country we don't have that big of a hope in western leftists, because of the anarchists and some crazyass market socialism memes. But you debunked the anarchist on a rather high theoretical level.
    Keep the good work up!

  7. Lol! Once there are no classes, there will be no need for government. Um… The government is a ruling class, so you are asking them to destroy themselves. History shows that never happens.

  8. The State is the "ruling class." The State acts as if it owns all land. The State declares it has the right to rule, "Authority."

  9. the anarcho-communist peoples party of planet earth will overun 'ALL' other authoritarian governmental systems upon the earth and whatever may be waiting in the vastness of the cosmos! all of you has beens have had your hour and have failed humanity miserably! PREPARE TO MEET YOUR JUST REWARDS YOU BOOTLICKING CHAMPIONS OF THE EGOMANIACAL OPPRESSIVE ELITIST SCUMBAGS WHO 'THINK' THEY ARE SPECIAL! victory to the anarcho-communist peoples party of planet earth! ([email protected])

  10. Hey comrade, here are a few questions for the next Q&A:
    1. Thoughts on Ceausescu?
    2. Tito or Milosevic?
    3. Will you do a video comparing the other forms of Marxism such as "Orthodox" Marxism?
    4. How to avoid revisionism?
    5. When do you think China will stop being revisionist?
    good video by the way!

  11. Comrade, I've noticed over time you have gone from supporting Labour, the CPB and the CPGB-ML to just the CPGB-ML. Can you explain in a video or in your next Q&A the rest of your political journey to this position?

  12. A good brief explanation. And nice footage of CPGB-ML Red Youth marching in formation on Mayday 🙂

  13. Great video comrade,I have a question for the next Q and A.

    What's the best way to combat capitalist propaganda?

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