The Psychology behind Communism Acceptance

all'orario so i'm glad detto steve walsh into my videos to upload much to dei bulls new start working muchmore a my channel ainhoa kiss the writing perisan algoritmo santi con youtube so ai noti sdata ai receive muchmore virus o in bici ai successi to get my channel vuoto ogni youtube and beezus il fiume went to find on which is very simple you go on google news wright this feature li onora né leonor noir su juraj this ma this the name melisa leader b di fico il bass nei dead eye susa o un beach suo google onora noir ok disparte ho mai nemico eleonora suoi change italy the beat ha già studiate santina di the beat morfeo a ok so this video e buona talk about a yemen i topics talk about especially the fact that our society is complete lia awards society is getting comuniste socialiste week si clearly this tendency by the fact that there is a borgia of any political dissidenti sono vuote ben toumi with emory university death of use li emory university laica almost all accademiche istituzioni ndrina esistenza va america e comuniste socialiste so is not only e muri universi but also meno other institution e accademica l'institution lai college university and newspapers why because this is the way comunista always this is very old tactics nice if you stadi the history of comunismo and there is a very very good documentari da taiwan acer this is a documentare idee tra angola put the link in description so you can work it is a very good documentari e film ingenera gli stadi the story of comunismo dei call it sociali smat socialisme is just a trica a wall explains meter leader ma them if you stadi the history of comunismo everytime a comunismo want to con cui ok a new country day use pretty much always the same tactics e speciali deception dehar very good a deception and comunismo never die always comeback with different name now the call i progressi progressi viessmann arist il comunismo ab coese is based on the chap chance sotoo reasons why comunismo un welcome back from striscione is that is based on the chap shaun ok mi così fede elio the true away and apri end up live venezuela sono dei neet uditive people dei tell you look in the debt venezuela north korea rasò vi è traccia other places in the past hot pursuit of country web index troy miss deaf no way out comunis gli snob in implemented write ma the way we go now 22 b the right way to this is the way they call you why di così fratelli the truth state ei look and small and a half light north korea and a half light venezuela coors dei non hai uno con a watford am so they need to use the direction avrei perso want to take advantage of you and use it is going to use cep shaun wright de bonis monaca mente lo straight in your face oh hyun going to steal from new oa me lo sei tu a woman in after that every time gli ormoni let me d'urso dei sample of the bad and anything gating there are bad men and women fifty fifty annua feminist erano rigide contrario feminist maschiliste eating among man è namhong women there are pretty much una sede sempre sentiti bad people non bot gruppo badesi stu 62 santin e gates e speciali take advantage of you have used danny two di sibiu de nido to use deception wide because they say you the truth de norohna su csit e suo virus so this is the reason why you should trash people who the ride through con someone who is truth is someone who is gone a stabio in the back to admit that even if you do un live dei sei is no one is gone a stabio in the back the problem is that most people aido noi finora said on this the reason di cosa nulla i that but most people brother a beautiful life than a naha through the day don like the problem is the beautiful life and still alive and you know this is the best way to you to make you believe a beautiful lie ok il suo the reason why comunismo ways comeback n go back to this point excel ai tutor del riso white comunis never dies di because is based on deception solo dei the yo yo no bonamente society beh del ranking under the never never never ever number two number two is that comunis take advantage of human nature network this that way su powerful comunismo in order to implement itself hughes something that his stipic all of you man at work with his tipico love you man e tour tipico love you man at his unfortunately sama degree of disonesti endless ines every body would love to get ur good and give sole let's talk about this every relationship sul be based on ressi pro city ok if you are in a relationship and you love and you doris i love you fiat made you feel this is it feel you is you feel taking advantage of rights award of rain a transactions all ex boy vengo to talk about feeling so personal relationships many many relationship ove brick and friendship lord commercial business relationship wells wine and give and the other pardal take without divin nothing in rete on this is the chap shaun there is one part to take advantage en another part to have been the king day saw the majority of human beings ad am sorry to say that i'm sorry to say that badan fortuna cleese the truth the measure ding di un bambino don't have onesti asd erbè straight dei dott il suo the love to get without you give tu avresti profit i day one to get without you give to be croese comunismo verificò logica very good edi ceiling people everyone cui scuda dissidi in people is a very good psychologist if you understand and away the mind of people would you can di steve the masses dei no that you ever wanted clement comuni non è infatti the use and some very effetti dati studi si vede marsis first one to take advantage of human network this and desire of getting without resi pro city without giving enit in rete erano solo dei promis to people that in ordine a me in america dei best è già 6 di wii two world freestyle stato ideato dei take advantage of this week ness of human backhanders da mostri human beings have to want to take advantage of others to get without u reciproche it will to get without to give so da this is a consequence of leeds ines there are many isa conseguenza wall 6 distendersi of want to get without you give anything in rete isa consequence of state of mind awake la cover spett in regard of others la coop consideration to wear others and lease in e sui rumor art comuni staker vento jobs the things are the promised lista con air di sfridi spreed ispri a in comuni is based on a welfare state al welfare state is the way to ruin eni country di coresi che non più che non keep giving giving giving ansan point des ressources con acam to one hand è nè di dan other video one explains very well the reason why comunis never works verysimple because he has a un po in the money and hunt avenue in verysimple sai don't even col des ressources cycle demoni as a un po in the money and other people money and light marghera margaret thatcher juan 6 a in stadi più avara li stick system demone i never and why be coesa capitalism is the heart to invest money enemy of production and labor and combined josè lemans in all those elements in order to craig moore moray so.ha capitalistiche country is run by entrepreneurs entre pre nord europa i pro non si pride così english is nominativi lingue cesio no entro e premio best schio is to use money to krait other monet dei crediti well that's what they are able to that's why oil capitalisti country a riccio take a look at the world teca luca the world oil capitalisti country are rich or comunis country harbour le mire freizeit using the same word o i capitalisti country around and words are ricci all comunis country around the world harbour mr villa idea ok so is no col sì dance e nismo magic this is because verysimple principle capitalismo is based on the creation of bone i capitali state more resources labor day combined together the crane new money su the risen this problem e in a governe mendichi a country the user capitalismo ed a principal economical model ok welfare state instead haydon krait anything goes to one i know you know better than just basic economiche is nothing is a 61 better del mida twain companies o are on by the governi mende arno efficient why they never bancroft dei don bank route de doncker is a human tendency you to your best way you are in the year you to your best way you are in danger when you feel verismo danger e you gonna get away with everything you are going to believe veri badly oa cleese the majority of human being sing the world infatti to support this fap da già state hai un tu sei averi self explica ti va a prover betsàida if i was handford headlines nothing will be done is not you you to something when there are consequence if you don't wait michela than you know you gara2 that while wayne companies are on bike pride citizen the world where he così fiona company e new dawn 2 cioè to you to make it or cuban cruz ok in un world at instead of you your company is on by the governess mente i field governi man you down bank ruth ed eva company on by the governo medgovernance che il banco ha ben in every comuni scout ride governo always bank group when the run out of bone and dane infatti fiucia some comuni scaltri e arnaud going very well people are very tour guai because there are no money people who are the power stephen stills tils team steel steel anti limoni are going sua welfare state il something that is going to ban krupp a country e io no al white people and the beguine infila tratti to do with free and out free entry staff ieri in america free staff by the problem is that even if you wish i was humphrey mo nei when the governa man is such in a bag shape buono volte countries a cina bad shape dicoesi in common is there is a very high degree of corruption and demone e basic ali di sapia because the people steel strill stir e disegni the mic in comunismo e la uil explain why so when in the governe man dei kit stealing and steel in and they need mormone dei keynote che demone e from taxis hasan point why nicolosi wen dei taxi syntax people tax people tax people tax people tax pip a sanpa entra all the people back and poor's because the kids if they kg week taxis hasan point the middle class disappear the people guar ricci brin demone a brood è nè min how to blame the world with the grinder monet a broad sorde all the big capital di sapia from the country the middle class disappear a saint point he doesn't matter iv dei governi man who want axis there are no people who have enough money to pay dos taxis su in main source of inkoom let's roll it live head of the governe ment dry out a disp when the problems begin the beguine tubi big ad this point there are no people to coupé enough taxis to supporto all those giant apparatus of welfare state nicolese human network people want free staff soligo ne van manen ormus amanto people o un welfare but when we arrive at this point than the governi man tryout hold'em one that the middle class campaign taxi scuse mi del klass the big game pour des governo meno goethe eni mormone from taxi sassun point a dir sponde governa ma in un buon 3 have enough money to pay old boys giant army of people on welfare that one free staff s'ode governi meno be able to pay the enemy bari volpe e because chiuso le onde governi menù dei tool ad apple new day to the start to print mormone that's why you have some country in africa e think is nigh giri a o other country purché altri were venezuela 1 you need a juan trillion one trillion santin non sa monetary union itu baia candy di coese iuso leather governi man does that they print buone print monet iprint money solo dei gorini perin flaction this is no the only way to creati per inflation rara derways body balance of payment is because the value of the currency and go down su people wanna get rid of the currency o views liwen di vaio va koren si goda un people try to sell it and by other currency suo because of this market dei bad and the currency is going to start precipita in the beginning ei usuali this process of iperinflazione going inflation inflation e da hugo in iper in flash all in one you need one trillion monetari gli unite to buy a rolo toilet paper so in start with e governament printing more to pay migros dei re di taxi e delle ore di tax everyone there is no body el stu tax o il sophora del reason is because a people go a bruehl by going a bruce dei dei sell their own currency because he's the go to leave a brood they need to buy the currency ovada country day per armeni me many things all together craig situation and then he is because he people's aid ha decorrenza world la sls su dei shalit handbike koren cedar stronger so many meccanismo walk to gather a then there is the black market google dragona selen both the black market for higher price because the governi menden gli usuali dei governi e maine e in order to stop iper inflation is us e risolva of problems dei governi mente in order to stop this process of iper inflation precipitation of the currency that away coolit dei governi mentre ai tool impose a fix price on guida di sve most hid yachting è vero che hai non ho mai sound governo mansfield will be called anne waters lisbona floor floris the black the black market è ne un lui sempre le idee ok su this is the reason why socialismo betis comunis con socialismi is another deception dei non ha sky comunismo so they call it socialismo disatri esempi in vico santilli when the ring socialis denis became comunis am pleased on cantù terio ma in northern europe anyway del riso snacks notes non socialismo is a isa capita isa capitalistica in europe per ismu socialismo interi europe hince capitalist o il country including northern europe a capitalisti there are known socialis country in europe so this is another fairy tales that libera l'american state way chowder because dei propri di densità di economist enough daidone werder stadi economy there are no socialis country dai suoi europe idrici o at least i was riccia until they didn't start ed i massimi gration denise don o un pur push to make europe pure ma this is another video ok sode di the point is back comunis d'aver work but they implemento comunismo dei usuali su xen full because they always news centric always been called people of the majority of people argo le boe dei believe the maggior etiopi pò i believe a v day one to believe maggiore di opi pole day rather a beautiful lie back and present true that is a very strong principle of sales a irbin in sesa ex veri gourmet biago beckinsale but this is a principle museo if you are able to make people dream about santini the go by the problem is that dangerous ha idea that are going to destroy people can be sold to the very easily because most people are gol e bon also because this has been prepared for decades guidando tri nations this project of the strong white countries golden sword is e nike all it for war iii this because there but he did this is a project on world wide schio to destroy western country western civilization now please donka mente mi dà tu ester civilization and snow white because western civilization and never been multicultural historical i am culturali eni storica leaf you go back in time century sen century until the time of ancient romance you will see that western civilization have been buio vai white people è nerbini implementi da for century se in century sbai guai people that simply means anice fact that western civilization belong to eye people for cultural and historical reasons ad are very easy to verify herion so even if they want you there has a lot of lies this is war iii d èlite africa iso of union itu ripi design staff because this people and have this is comprehension ddis like you know is like a si chiedono tutti into two is like a alle accuse in italy they have this dream that is like made in wood sole three peat it like china belon tu c'hai mi like africa belon to afrikaans europe and north america e in australia belon to eye tv son house someone is going to pop up in sei bat immigrants build the united states of america no becciu baby migrans diva contribution but the band by the immigrant me be one hundred year segò because they migrans of two days are very different by the immigrant o one hundred year seguo con one hundred year sego people di den cantù america and go on welfare ok people were here with a few staff micosi web pur and they didn't have any evidente avenue welfare dei diventerà eni primo né il e diventa è in free houses ed è just work important le idee in the great and also another thing that doesn't make eni sense is to con per immigrants with settlers è ma dimmi grand am like a discendenti vas e claire settler are people in the united states especially from british colonies sentul a few century segue andrews nothing we are the world player there was not in sei priry più wanna make fan ormai accent core ed ai lunghi adam and went here and there was not in the world of review tribù o tribes ove native american pulse move the pipe e donò il tastebook marijuana dawson attiva america di cose chiarino is very common tu sei american people beh dei giusti stohl the land of rome native americans ok native americans didn't have a a society that was up and running the web nome dei venti dente was it is this entry leon invasion of nothing because nativo america and with all the simpaty diane for the my air france soir nativa di scena relativa americans bat native americans didn't have any society up and running tour the world nomads that means that they could da un serpente di build temporary kent dei vendi the new york houses the work and where the easley for a little bit of time and then they took the map and the move to another curry tories deleware no living stable in territori dei davydenko lo nyse america b coeso tu col on ice means to build cities to build a house is to build a society dati snow meda pov un nome people who moved conti musina people were stable they didn't get su wayne di british mostri british dutch settlers al raid in the united states and there was nothing su uk non con per due set leurs who lived in a place where the wire hollywood and build fromscratch a from tiro all the cities da chiusi to the uk e non con perde ma cu bujold en in tailleur society fromscratch più che no compared with people who al raid in a place where everything is already build up and running e dei bond web su lutri noti ma già guelfe smooth esempi in cui u understand di snow the same thing is 9 sempi urso è nice and death and games mai interest because i'm animi grazie ai di deng un welfare a i never been un welfare so è na even when fair i santi der heide don't even eating against welfare data ai believe that welfare two things about welfare welfare che vi abuse unfortunately welfare in order to avoid the abuse the taking advantage of people you lie to take without leave that users are takers hardison es people in order to a voi dei take advantage of guelph toscano people welfare sul big ivo only to people curili need it like handicap ed people work that people who you are blind people wouldn't è veder lex specialis dell'oste minimum absolutely re people emi tures idrissi welfare by the person the age of the people is very small number two gruppo people who could receive welfare are people who are inamo temporary archip times cos'hai air france da dei turni luca hughes welfare maraini di ai agri bat welfare sul no be given for morden six mons cioè person shooter di constant lyon welfare for years welfare sul b given only for a few mons simmons simmons welfare just to give you the time to get back on your feet find the job the problem is that because america is becoming hezbi canning a welfare state under are a lot of people on welfare thanks to obama water per that now the minimum wage isam small aimin giorgia writing mini ed hemingway jackie harris ridiculous but the minimum wage ei usuali also need to be a just to the market di cose in uno derisa competition also for labour's so even if minimum wage george e santin ridiculosa che in casa fai baxter anyway pretty much when the air somewhere dei pay ten dollar sign hours the problem is there are a lot of people on welfare e mosto ben don balon to the two categorie d'età i serbi formo stole marjah spara site gli stage o un welfare forum mosto der life ma derisa pointer tu sei il santander open bic rise to be to go to look for a jobs convenient nu con vini e because they pay to lidl isolò un discussion ismi calls to go to work day pay only ten dollar sana one su aden dove mons you make or buy bing hawn welfare to work e non topo via chiudendo anything so bene the reason why is a circle isa circle because the reason why employers che nota ford to pay muore ben ten dollar sign hour o a little bit more is because they have a lot of taxis to pay to support all the people on welfare because now if you have a busines you have to pay torti percent in taxis ai nuovi cos'è ed al suolo il business a so because there are a lot of people un welfare ok because there are a lot of people on welfare people of companies nido to pay a lot of taxis nichols people want companies need to pay out of taxis they cannot afford to pay mordente ndò l'arsan hour o santilli dei quali del beachwear di cose che è nota fortwo pay mordente ndal arsan our work happen that he is moore convenient bion welfare dengo tuffo to find a job chiusi ramsey if they peju ten dollar sign hours and you make a erano fifteen andrè dollars hammond because we tendo l'arsan our debt and give you les tentendo lastrico slide to pay detax eastwood il tour bus le armi o people who are on welfare sono i fichi dall ars hanauer aden dove montare donohue gut veri leader mb sixteen andrè dollars santella idee iv un welfare di give you fifteen hundred dollars facemoods convenient esprit team at the same a youdem you don't have to go to work you don't have to spend monet for transportation you don't have to stay with our city nella desco whatever you to you don due anni e for you don't have to spend monet for your lunch so because the day age dei pay i doesn't make it competitiva to have a job so that the problem denaro to make it moore competitiva job ma in order to make it work competitiva to have a job days nido to pay muore made in order to be able to pay muore make up profit because otherwise lirismo poi to have a company leinì to fail è stasta csis mareike eno pay letta l'ex thalès taxis break because there are too many people on welfare chiuse isa circle pisa circle in those are all paradox created by societ is that have socialista loss kozlov vintro di usi by obama obama usa comunist obama was a comunist thanks god derisa santa in gu dahab al presidente obama solai twitter you let me get my telephone there is something about presidente obama e news that is gone this is the good thing about obama so now you now ansie con luca disney a disp izzo america is like a healthy body and its resistance is trifold il patriottismo it morality and its spiritual live il weekend under mine di tre aree as america uil collapse from within ok su stalin ok mi si if you can see mi via indies imovie tir ok il sì mi dirai am ok so aichen commenti you can see my face à son o comunista always ei the united states of america noli comunis bat mostri comunista a i think that is a psicologica reason is because he comunismo is based on gelosi on and they just the power of comunismo is to is the desire to the strong is more than you hell oscure 6 unito give them summit uses le armi i render nel the times mur de min they just armour intelligente io no mi chiedo chi l'ebri bari cui morì intelligen mobility fu lo chiamo ring dai think that com miss miss di di coesis based on gelesi jealousy saberi tv feeling based on me a liszt ok così sul denti someone is better than you a the way you are anas o eventuali il someone's moore dei you used wanted to have the same opportuni is the difference between e quali opportunità and and quality of out combat ed in situation wide web dei quali yogurt uniti i fan other person is murs kill the new yok eno e the person you should not at least if you are no hana for them if you are a naso of you leave your life payson jealousy like you bad people dubbi coese to be jealous il tipico il caratteristico of a glee people and is the truth ok so america e sud è uni iso su xbl because i give to those people who are jealous of others a platform a platform to express der malicious ness dei yvonne naef ok del tumore think about it in how i vol i gelsi is really tipico atypical feeling of bad ugly peep hole in one is going well that's bother you and day one and take down the person il someone is gone bad you're happy si definisce un samuel ruiz di ball e si definisce roma sono babici boe marvin anyway che l ok america is like you know who the comuni all the people guardi playball one to take down america one was a stalin matthews propri the monster ivo person henrik sistiana nichi of millions of millions of people the web e rombi ball and ok another per another socio path of fools muse hitler ma dai non think hitler stalin the horde same level aidone while the demon aisi hitler manus talent stalin chio demi moore people the end and her i fari also george soros george soros buon to destroy america i said it esami interview riolfo destro e meghni country on the east europe romeni a for example il file v6 george soros one of the most ivo person that never had sisti so lexie america e su xen olo e sabina so this is the reason why they get it because he is envy jealousy and comuni oi suoi routine gelosi da fuori disease jealousy because you cannot e anni dead rising justice when the rise and quality ovw portu uniti when there is and quality of opportunity there is no injustice so if you have access to education to job and war and ever web access to a way to build your own life than if you do un 2 desio responsability ok ai mei agree with you if you tool to mi about in and quality of i feriti nei quali che ove opportunità ok but if there is and quality of opportunity there is no injustice so america offre quality opportunità let's go back o dei mosti volpi pò the one to take down america one wall stalin lucro di set this is very interesting and nickalls hotel yum buo tu tu tu in e gaines dose i gol di volpi paul nicholls comunis veri di vole è laica e sedis based champsions che saw the way to destroy the united states of america anice writing this is to the strong for from within di cose europe the western world america all the western world in strong the kaye nota coldiretti li nea be to the straight from within the words and are trying to do sul web due eliminati patrioti smart why do you think d'equipe tra into the moon ice nationalism la scena lisma isa synonymous un patriottismo dei arabsat ii the same thing e io noi wikipedia se i santi indifferenti is because wikipedia 6 a lot of lies because wikipedia iss comunist we are infiltrati by all those comuni straight or be the one to take down america if you are in america gli shunga stand with your country di shields vecchio non voleva so why do you think and even macron 6 santin leiber the make the yellow vest veri angry e nylon sia we could be di franklin that nationalism is di friends and patrioti sver try to the moon demo nice national il gay they are trying to them on ice patriottismo ma this very difficult to them on ice patriottismo because we have many patriots death in the past dabre generosity reden purity solis very difficult to the moon e patriottismo so they are trying to the moon ai sit in di rettili by using a synonymous patriottismo disney gionalismo and bear try to them on ice nationalism there is nothing wrong in nationalism e because black african sin dal national isma baud e continental africa and this spain chinese harper and is natural in wall population in the world is just natural and there is nothing rondini ma the reason why they tried to the moon demo nice national is it because they are ap la industry principle of stalin to take down the united states of america by making in accumuli scout ri so se conway destra dei try to under mine morality transgenderismo pornographe prostitution feminism is a way to try to this drop defendi il b coese di seo dato buio the body of healthy country is the family amena woman that we came asma nel wife and grow a healthy family the family the children dei gruppi dei futures e hardware de in the next generation due hondisti now importanti snack so femminismo in sosta way to put man and games to women and infatti e alberi su sei sul pip demerit da un last peepul don't even meriani muore in europe in italy where i'm from pp don't even get married any mour saw the morality also dei try to destroy the morality because when you don't have a morality nostri element patriottismo orali che in spirito all'aifa hard e curcio they are trying to era di kate e culture enix televideo yousee television movies you see all 8 va subliminalmente under mindo street in sé in ohl move in speciali from hollywood di cosa o la hollywood star are comunista because idearlo comunis days dei file dei due to the wood aided to roots and there is a hollywood isa mafia isa comunist mafia leiber ben l'etsi torte element spiritual life ma i due team dei gate christians why do you think there is hamas invece non muslim that's the reason to be kosmas lindstrom church and songs for you know when there was obama in power there was there were all due rifugi io no they didn't hack sette anni cristiano le muslim why ideal rifuggire sul dax set ball ma attuali christians bird slaughter l'autre by madeline di cos'è brin where in the world web muslim stucchi christians why così smith e ne indico run in the corani brit award è un one hundred time to kill the infidel ok su wired obama was in power they took only muslim rifugi e no maslin cristiani you can verify that is because there is a reason dei di 23 i fusi to help rifugi lennon di madame about refusi dei tool che refusi to under my christianity bear try to under mine christianity everywhere that's why they putin power why that's why in vatican siti dei put on power up up at pop di sla puppet pop put francis mappe o infatti di sci ulisse vuoti se is a game christianity sode artù dehar trying to implement ok dos three element gusta lewis rai this is the way to destroy america from within now the recipe in order to fight back we need instead to be strong into our patriottismo you see if you don't have all american flag by all american flag ride costitution luca o beautiful is this document love america and your heart in cui soldiers all people would give the life for this country love this country love it is sweet bistrot new york patrio tisbi strong in bad love this country perche li number tumorali tb mura di moore all news e golden rule don due to other watchdog onta del new dawn steelhead on life and respect for others lab respect for yourself il someone di respect and your ground babbi moral this is the best way to be happy respect and to respect in insulso dombi ad warmuth di colture speck a darsi means to respect your self su you have to them and respect this is the right way to leave e in our community with reciprocal respect there is no other way enzo di respect for and demand and respect and just wright you are asking for nothing stranges just wright number three spiritual lifebee spiritual if you believe in god is new hollywood george ride bible fi di inside yourself di slip communication with god hand ea santin dead che neri vita lyse spirit and give you core in difficoltà moment aido noi sub e living o da aiab respect for a te istmi cos'è il rispetto e prima di as long as they re speta mi è mai e my world pino religion q don't have respect for my religion e o for my way of life and respect because respect isa supposto b reciprocal and this is very important sull'ecm i take away this picture le cure e visse un oled le viti ha mai point il weekend faedis we have to use nostri principle number one piece strong your love for your country because it is that number two b moore aut.min don putin sta c1 hard rock liv in truffe and respect and respect for others and them and respect ok reciprocal respect number three rivita live relations with gold aride bible to go in the network made it hate about gold thinkpad cogens to think about what about gode with your friends of your family o dei cabaye ball stadi all those things can make us a stronger industry area because the way to take america is by me caso week inside hauer mind is all in the mind is all in the mind in cui era strong decano dumas è lidl bailly del we will be able to oppose all this side a di saab dal brain washing that are trying to buffon al tuo posit entu neutra leysen let's start with his nostri principle tra i yourself e null su people da cino to rivita live your relations with god your love for your country da di dror gate che i cani astori class about the history of the united states tintu al people to die for this country and be moved on but with you don't be done to your self news the golden rules and them and respect for something else is earl of hate you need to believe you need to be positive because this way it is gone a cantù white promis don 2 o in negativi ti never never dueling negativi di never give up never phil dowd uk and everyone who was che this is the way to fight those sab dom ugly people want to destroy as our way of life isabato that we have to fight before e inside our minds e we will be strong enough we will be ready to take that our country so high up this message is clear reed di seghe in rai da un di sentence of josep stalin disagio and luc godard e three points and faida min side your mind anyway now ai cruises video da di get into long è angolato il to you soon a just want to show you do strip in sento località bit mirabaud comunismo even if there is much more to say and watch data documentari d'età il punto dei link in description da un bel o because he he took di sentence home stalin from the documentaries very good because the year try to under minder try to the king da un america e make it a comuni scaltri soros e io non saprò sede start with frankfurt school elisa santi de fabian society is all in this documentari baderà russo very good books about that just e fuck you get in forma bau that is a flers the pen is very important son hawaii klose è ok solo ai clusit and that because he wanted to say bye bye ai donte al mini su scribe air spa di snow important umi a the moment in veri great fu il tuo love you lie to know you are my shoes riders hai avuto figura out a way to understand but i do not right miani mail wright minime bmb mba offered in ios yudin thank you for follo e mi mac mini think and ice in the next time è una buona tell you lie chiuso all buonasera per l'america

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