The Profit Motive: Going Places | Pro-Capitalism Propaganda Cartoon | 1948

our story begins he is headed for the old fishing hole Oh too bad Freddie had helped his mother make soft soap to sell to their friends and neighbors shucks if I didn't have to work think of all the fun I could be having gee Freddy tries to figure out an easier and quicker way to make so he goes to work to make his dreams of fun come true after years of working night and day Freddy's experiments bring success soap in cakes pretty soon word gets around to the housewives who want shorter easier wash days and cleaner clothes ready soap is just what they need he invests his profits in larger quarters and new equipment to make enough soap to satisfy the demand finally his dreams come true time off for fun on Saturday and Freddy a guy can fish anytime 23 skidoo goodbye Freddy hopelessly in love he wants to make good in a big way so back to work as the company grows it brings the railroad and other businesses to town increased property taxes from the thriving community helped to build better schools streets parks libraries playgrounds and Water Works taxes even helped to provide more and better governmental services such as police protection before long freddie becomes a successful Vegas man and incidentally a successful husband and father PUD Z's expanding company creates all kinds of jobs that never existed before to increase production and sales Fuzzy's builds up a strong labor management team each year he invests a portion of his profits in research to develop better soap that can be made to sell at lower prices the Pudsey company continues to grow with the years because it makes a good soul which incompetent others sells at a fair price competition forces each manufacturer to improve his product to sell it for less and to give the consumer more for a dollar than his competitor and buzzy is our to beat finally he gets so many orders he realizes that one factory simply can't meet the demand his profit motive starts sparking to figure out a way to increase production he forms a corporation and issue stock to raise money to build factories from coast to coast but sees employees have faith in his management and back him with their savings banks loan depositors made to help finance the expansion program insurance companies loan the funds of their policyholders to help build the factory Stock Exchange's act as a clearinghouse for people from all walks of life to buy securities before long everybody gets plenty of soap at last Pudsey success is complete soap city the profit motive which drove Pudsey to accomplish so much may bring out the evil as well as the good between us we can hold 70% of country soap sales yeah but quiet let's see what's cooking eyes let's raise and fix our prices terrific we'll make millions means we go quiet okay Sam it's a deal you'll be so fuzzy and Sam said so raise and fix prices but the result is not what they expect a competitor comes along with a good bar of soap that sells at a lower price since shoppers always seek maximum value only the lower priced sold themselves while Pudsey and Sam suds those profits Terry Linville washes 99 times out of a hundred competition works when it doesn't the government steps in to prevent monopolistic attempts that was a tough break now the next time only a business operating at a steady profit can give its workers security and employee benefits operating at a profit a business can provide the employee with comfortable colorful working conditions high wages and steady employment first aid and health protecting accident and life insurance time off for vacation the employee working for a profitable business can maintain a savings account own his own home and have plenty of leisure to enjoy the peace and quiet of family life when investors receive fair dividends they are eager to supply industry with a steady flow of capital to create new tools and plans which in turn create new jobs with business prosperous and employment high the farmer has a ready and profitable market for the sale of his projects when business is all over the country operate at a steady profit our economic health is tops billions and taxes paid out of profits flow into local state and governments the profit motive has been the driving force back of the growth of American industry Perkin system of free enterprise will give the young people of today the freedom of opportunity to develop ideas which will make a better way of life or the children of tomorrow [Applause] you

  1. Capitalists get rich by paying their workers a fraction of what the capitalists’ products sell for, and keeping the rest for themselves. Socialists think capitalists are pigs for not sharing more of the profit. Capitalists think socialists are devils for exposing them by daring to complain. Capitalists would much prefer their workers remain satisfied with a small portion so the capitalists can accumulate the extra money they need to send their children to Harvard, Yale and Stanford and to maintain the yachts and airplanes so necessary to the upper crust life style god obviously intended them to have.

  2. Ironically how it never materialised like this in real life though, prefer the soviet one that portray the rise and downfall of capitalism correctly

  3. ….all cute but many of the innovation we have today didn’t come from working class people who work so much they couldn’t get a break. They came from well off people who had the time to innovate. Rags to riches is by no means untrue but if far rarer than absolutist capitalist want you to believe.

  4. Fudso's employees all got paid so incredibly poorly, and/or tricked into uber-high-interest loans, and/or convinced to go on untenable finance on some item they didn't need, that a large portion had to go into deep debt, or poverty; Especially after that damning confusion where the insurance company gave HIM money for some reason. None of them had the opportunity, the money, nor the resources to start their own companies. The dream where price fixing didn't go amazingly well was quickly popped, as the price fixers realised it was incredibly easy to fix prices, and temporarily lower them just to push out any would-be competitors; while also paying off any governments who tried to intervene. The promise of increasing wages of course never materialised, as over the next decades the factor difference between employees and CEOs constantly broke its own records. The destruction of natural resources, and displacement of local businesses, ended with large amounts of corruption, both in corporations and the governments themselves, wherein the 'profit motive' only resulted in the biggest market of all 'lobbying'. It was at this point that poverty, unhappiness, and deaths from capitalism were plain, and increasing! But necessarily covered up, forrr profit! Goooo profit motive!

  5. Nothing wrong until obscene greed enters the stage. The US government dropped the ball and has been more concerned with their own pockets than the average citizen. Oil conglomerates were allowed to form in the 80s, back in my day there were dozens of oil companies vying for your patronage and fuel costs were way more competitive resulting in gas wars. They would service you and clean your windshields, check your oil and tire pressure for free just to keep your business. Proper healthy capitalism was meant to be competitive but now that the corporations can have their way with us due to there are only being just what 4 or 5 parent companies and oil is speculated like commodities on the stock market so that Wall Street speculators can make little fortunes and drive prices beyond the more balanced cost per barrel ratio to average annual incomes of citizens of the 60s. There never was an oil shortage just a controlled market by the corps with the hoodwinking of the political cronies in DC. I am conservative but not blind! So enters the stage of greedy, not healthy balanced capitalism the US companies outsourcing and outright betrayal of the US citizens to poorer third world nations to exploit their cheep labor, not having a standard of living at par with the US nor other western free nations, in the name of obscene profit and sub-grade quality goods from China in particular that after just a few short years of service are rubbish and fill our landfills with all sorts of this inferior crap, that they sold us a bill of goods saying this will be a better system, BULLSHIT! And shame on our US politicians for allowing it both Democrats (the most reprehensible hypocritical party) and the Republicans who have outright served these giant corps for their own gain on the backs of the American people. Capitalism could and should be free market with proper regulations by the elected ones that are supposed to be in it for the people first. Bastards all of them! With freedom comes with responsibility. I for one tried to hold back this tide when I first started seeing American brands side by side with USA made and third world country made on the cloths racks for the same fricking price. In the 80s was the beginning of the end of healthy capitalism the way it was intended when companies used to be loyal to the worker and the worker to them. Now we are on the treadmill of Corporatism where greed and the next quarter's profits are paramount and there is no longer loyalty to the citizen nor the nation that they nourished themselves in that gave them the opportunity. Boy have the times changed. It will implode on itself because runaway greed is not sustainable. It's whats happening today.

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