The Power of the Lord | Christian Movie “In the Deep of Winter” | A Christian Testimony

You got out of work really late today. Have dinner first. I need to go to the meeting. Oh, I ran into someone,
Xiao Zhang from the municipal government. And we chatted for a bit. He gave me some tips. Once more the authorities gave orders
to crack down on religious beliefs, and to intensify efforts against house churches. All of us who believe in God are being investigated. There’s even an informant reward system. I just saw a notice for resident supervision
to report on believers of God. Christians will have a hard time as long as the Chinese Communist Party is in power; we could be jailed at any time. If not for God’s guidance, we could never have endured
such persecution all these years. Yeah. No matter how intense the CCP’s persecution, we must continue to gather and read God’s word, and spread the gospel and witness for God, so God’ll perfect our faith by our enduring all of this. You are right. The more we’re oppressed, the more we must believe in God. (Yes.) So I’ll go. Kay. It’s snowing hard, be careful. (Sure.) Here it is. The receipt for printing the books. Take care. Kay. Sister Liu, (Yes?) how’s the printing
for The Word Appears in the Flesh coming? If everything goes well, it’ll be ready by month’s end. Thank God! Now that more and more people
accept God’s work in the last days, we need to give them access to God’s word right away. (Yes, you’re right.) We must speed up on this task together. (Yes.) Now let’s review our work of the gospel. (Fine.) Could it be the police? Hide all the books at once! Don’t move! Police! Don’t move! Stand against the wall! Now! Quickly! (Right now!) Go search! Stand still! You’re trespassing on private property.
Do you have a search warrant? Don’t be slick! Search warrant? Believers of God like you,
we bust you whenever we feel like it. We don’t need any warrant! What law did we break by believing in God? What gives you the right to arrest Christians at will? Don’t get smart! Don’t you talk about the law with me! Listen up! Believe in God, you break the law of the Communist Party. Then the Communist Party’ll bust you, get it? Stand still! Don’t be slick! You’re physically searching me by force. This is a violation of human rights. It’s illegal! Human rights? Have you forgotten that you are in China? Find another country in next life! Don’t talk about human rights in China! Here Chief, look! Take them away! Go! That’s a big figure. That woman definitely a church leader. This time, we pulled off a real big one. So, Chief, what should we do next? What’s next? Higher up wants ’em, wants to interrogate all key believers, wants to do it personally. Take ’em to the criminal police, municipal division! The other three, we’ll question tonight! Yes, sir! Captain Chen. God! There is no doubt
that these cops will brutally torture me for confession. I’m so frightened, please guide me. Level with me. Where did you put the church’s seventy thousand yuan? Tell me who your leaders are. How do you contact them? I haven’t done anything illegal. Why are you interrogating me? Why are you asking about the money
and leaders of the church? Cut the nonsense! In this room, you better honestly answer all questions! Do it now! Captain, these believers of God are so diehard. No way she’ll level with us unless we make her. How dare you not speak! Dammit, I’ll beat you to death! Tell me or else! Gonna talk now? Answer me now! Dammit. Talk! … Tell me now, where is the church’s money? Don’t talk, and you won’t leave here alive! Talk! Talk! Enough of this! Right now, where’s the church’s money? The names of your leaders. Tell us! Want more? Give up their names or else! You better talk. Give us some names now! Tell us right now! This’ll show you! Talk! Talk! Tell me! Who are your leaders? I see. You just haven’t had enough of the electric baton yet. If you don’t tell me, you’ll get exactly what you ask for. Right where it hurts the most. Talk! Captain, she passed out. So wake her up then! Don’t you be tough! Who’s gonna know if I waste you in here?
No one will know! Talk! Talk! You hear me? Go get water! Damn that water’s cold! Let her freeze to death! Come, let’s get warm next door. When she can’t take the cold anymore,
she’ll beg to tell us the whole story. God! I can’t take it much longer. I’m afraid I will die in this room tonight. God! Please give me faith and strength. The police torture me like this
to make me fear death and betray God. If I confess just to stay alive, I’ll become Judas. Not only will I not receive the life,
I will also be punished by God. God, my flesh is weak, but I don’t want to betray You. Even if it means death, I still have to stand witness. That night, I kept praying to God. I knew that once I stopped calling for God,
I would not be able to withstand it. I was also encouraged by God’s word, which gave me confidence and strength to carry on. Even the pain eventually subsided. Captain, we can’t get her to talk. She’s just extremely tough. It’s unbelievable. If this keeps up, what’ll we say to the higher up? What can I say? We’ll talk when Captain Jia is here. What do we have? Another stubborn person? Captain Jia, Captain Hu, you’re here. Come, please take a seat! Take a seat! So where’s the seventy thousand? Who are your leaders? Who do you contact? Dammit! Are you gonna talk? Or does your life not matter to you?! Hey! Hey! How can you beat her like that? Look there. Do you see what’s written? Any reason, we can’t speak calmly? Hey! Why’s she still cuffed? Uncuff her now. Xiao Li, that you? You thirsty? Have some water. Don’t worry. I don’t mean you harm. All that I want is to have a simple chat with you. From what I hear, you have a very happy family. You’ve a loving husband
and you have a caring young son. If they knew you were being beaten like this, they would feel just horrible. Tell me, a woman with as good a life as you, why must you believe in God? You see, you broke up your family, and it’s all a direct result of your belief in God. Is it worthwhile? Don’t you miss your husband and son? Just listen. All you have to do is tell us some names. Who are your leaders in the church?
Who do you contact? Then we can finally release you
and reunite you with your family. Let’s end this now. What do you think? I think you are clear about why I can’t be with my family and who’s responsible for my suffering. Ever since the Chinese Communist Party took power, they’ve ruthlessly persecuted believers. They madly capture and persecute Christians, thus preventing countless Christians
from returning home to their loved ones, their families shattered. The Chinese Communist Party
is the culprit for persecuting Christian families. Shut up! Hey! You torture me,
then want me to betray my brothers and sisters. They are just like me, they merely believe in God. They’re not committing any crime. What you are doing is unlawful. There is nothing you can do to make me betray them. Come now, why are you so stubborn? It is better for one to be pragmatic. As the saying goes, “Heaven destroys those who aren’t for themselves!” Now tell me, who doesn’t live for themselves? If you don’t talk, you will suffer tremendously. Listen, I understand. I know that you believers are good people
who’ve done nothing unlawful. And so, I’ll try my very best to help you. You should understand: All religious belief will be banned
by the Chinese Communist Party. And the national government has called for a specifically targeted crackdown on your house churches. So I advise you: Comply with the Communist Party’s policy. Don’t go up against the Communist Party
by believing in God. In China, only those who know how to follow rules will know peace. Do you understand this now? I understand what you have said. If the Chinese people would like to lead a life of peace, they need to obey the Communist Party. Even when the Communist Party
violates the Constitution and basic human rights, people still must quietly obey. Even when it clearly acts against
the will of Heaven, of the populace, the people still have to agree. Only those who choose not to see
are good in the eyes of the Communist Party. Any who don’t obey the Communist Party
will be condemned and persecuted. The Communist Party will send them to prison
and terminate their lives. Does a political party like that bring peace to the people or does it bring endless suffering and perils? Enough! You have no idea what is good or bad! Captain Jia advised you earnestly.
Yet you were not moved at all. I think what you prefer’s to take the hard way. Hey, hey, hey! You think you can refuse,
and we can’t do anything about it? If you still don’t talk, we’ll strip you totally naked, take a video of you,
and put it on the Internet, and say that you are a despicable slut
who breaks up families. We will smear you so badly, your husband and son won’t be able to raise their heads. Let’s see you deal with that. Come now, think about this carefully. I’ll give you five minutes. Choose wisely! These Chinese Communist demons
are capable of any evil and despicable things. If they really do this, if they really take a video of me
and put it on the Internet to smear my name, how will my husband, my son,
how will we lift our heads in front of others? God! What should I do? The Chinese Communist police brutally tortured me. Now, they threaten to utterly ruin my name
so that I will betray God. If I compromise with Satan
to save my reputation and honor, aren’t I falling for Satan’s trick? Won’t I become a disgraceful Judas? The ancient saints were willing to
endure persecution, pain, and humiliation to witness for God by spreading the gospel. They would rather be martyrs than submit to Satan. They were praised by God
for the wonderful and resounding testimonies they made. The persecution and humiliation
I am now enduring for belief in God is a glorious thing. I will resolutely stand with God and absolutely refuse to let Satan’s plot succeed. Alright, think it over quickly and tell us. You know what’ll happen if you sit there in silence. There is nothing for me to say. I can quite clearly see that discrediting, smearing, and framing are simply the usual bag of tricks for you communists. There is nothing that your party wouldn’t do
to make people betray God! Shut up! Within China,
any who do not obey the Communist Party will be fixed. The Communist Party has always done this.
No one can defy it! You had better fall into line. Speak now! Enough! We’ll just send her to the detention center! An order’s been issued. No matter what, we have to make her tell us
where the church money and the church leaders are. Cuff her! Take her! What are you saying? She believes in God. Don’t talk to her. Don’t listen to her talk about God. If she preaches to you, report it right away. Is that understood? Yes, ma’am. Right now, where’s the church’s money? The names of your leaders. Don’t talk, and you won’t leave here alive! An order’s been issued. No matter what, we have to make her tell us
where the church money and the church leaders are. The Chinese Communist police won’t give up
so long as I refuse to tell them what they want to know. We believers of God follow the right way of life. Why is the Chinese Communist Party so evil? Why do they refuse to let the believers of God exist? Just because I believe in God and spread the gospel, the Chinese Communist government
arrests me and relentlessly tortures me. They use all kinds of tricks
to lure me into betraying God. The Chinese Communist Party
is utterly evil and reactionary. We humans were created by God. It is a self-evident truth
that we worship and follow God. The Chinese Communist government greatly restricts us and attempts to prevent us from believing in God. They frantically arrest and persecute
those who believe in God. What they do is reactionary and against Heaven! Only Satan would hate God so much. Only Satan would so shamelessly compete with God over man. Only Satan would try to permanently control man, possess man, and finally destroy and devour man. The Chinese Communist government is the devil Satan, the enemy of God,
the living demon that devours man’s soul. It is my irreconcilable sworn enemy. No matter how it persecutes me,
I will stand firmly with God. I would give up my life to pledge allegiance to God. These believers of God are so hard to interrogate! Why is it that they so faithfully believe in God? She’d rather die than confess. The case we stumbled upon this time’s so damn enraging! Captain E, it is all up to you now. It is not easy. Yet we must continue to interrogate her. We need to know their whereabouts:
the church money and the leaders. If need be, we can dispose of their key people
in any way that we choose. They mean nothing! So says the Party Central Committee. Captain E, we’ve already tried all the tortures and tricks we know. But this woman just wouldn’t give in,
not the easy way or the hard way. What women care about the most is of course their families; what they fear the most is humiliation. I just don’t believe … Did you see them? We’ve just captured your only son and your younger sister. You all are believers of God,
a family of like-minded folks! Look at that smooth delicate skin on your son. You could tough it out for days. I wonder how long he’d be able to take it. I hear your son just graduated from college. He has such a promising future. If he went to jail for believing in God, his whole life would be utterly ruined. If you disclose everything that you know, we will let your whole family go. Their fates lie in your hands. I hope you choose wisely. Dad, Mom. (Yes?) The college called today. (Yeah?) They want me to stay and teach. I wonder how my sister and son are now. The police use tactics that are so mean and vicious. Will they be able to stand firmly then? God! I am deeply worried about them, but I know I cannot follow my emotion and betray You. Please give me guidance. The police threaten to harm my family
in order to blackmail me. They want to coerce me to betray God
and sell out my brothers and sisters. This is the temptation of Satan. I must rely on God to be resolute. I’ll stand witness for Him. I won’t let my concerns for the safety of my family
make me betray and disappoint Him. I’ll stand with God. Alright, your time is up. Talk to us. Tell us where you put the church’s money,
the names of your leaders. What I should say I’ve already said. What I should not,
no matter what you do to me, I will never say it. I see. You’ve made your choice. We will take you to a good place tonight, so that you’ll really “enjoy yourself.” Captain, this woman is so stubborn. We didn’t catch her family, but even if we did, I don’t think she’ll confess. I’d like to see just how tough she is. I don’t believe she’ll last past tonight. God! I don’t know what new and cruel torture
these cops will inflict on me. Please give me faith and strength. Go! (In there!) Captain. It is minus 25 degrees. If you don’t talk, we’ll strip you and let you freeze,
you’ll die in here! Answer me! What are the names of your leaders? Where do they live? How do you contact them? Strip her of everything! Don’t touch me! Let me go! You call yourselves humans? What you’re doing is pure evil, don’t you fear the day of reckoning? That all? We communists don’t fear going to hell. You think we fear the day of reckoning? Get going! You jackals! Animals! I have a condition … I can’t … can’t take the cold. You … you wouldn’t spare a sick person. Are you even still a human? Don’t worry. I’ll treat your condition! Then let you get rheumatism,
heart disease, kidney disease. You wait. When I’m done, even God won’t be able to help you. Go! Get the icy water! Don’t spill a drop of water.
I’ll waste you if you do! Pour it on her. If she still doesn’t talk, let her freeze to death. Hey, look at you bitch, turns out you can dance! Looking at this group before me,
a bunch of lowlifes, demons, and jackals, my heart is filled with rancor. They are like demons from hell, who take pleasure in causing pain
and delight in human suffering. They are incapable of empathy, devoid of humanity. They only know tyranny and atrocity. Here, try this for your “swelling.” Now spill it, where’s the church’s money? Tell us! When I still refused to talk, the cops shocked me over and over with electric batons
on my thighs and genitals. Each shock was like countless needles piercing my body. The pain was killing me. More detestable yet was that a cop used a pair of chopsticks
to squeeze my nipples. The pain was so intense that I screamed throughout. Then they inserted an ice-cold bottle of mineral water between my thighs and my genitals. The jabbing cold instantly spread throughout my body. I felt like I was turning into an icicle. I was handcuffed on an iron chair.
There was no space for me to escape. I was powerless,
forced to let those demons torture and humiliate me. That feeling, which no words could ever express,
was far worse than death. Then they forced my head back,
and poured mustard water up my nose. The burning pain inside my nostrils
immediately spread to my brain. I was choking and suffocating. It seemed the torture would never stop. It was more than I could bear. My heart was pounding.
I was struggling for breath. It felt like I was dying. Say it! Captain! Captain! She’s not gonna make it. If we don’t stop soon, I fear … Fear what? To this stubborn “godized woman,” there’s no mercy! Go, get the pills for her! You still believe in God? How come your God didn’t come to save you? Huh? The Chinese Communist police not only humiliated and tortured me in every possible way, they even wantonly profaned and blasphemed against God. I hated this bunch of demons with all my heart. I recalled God’s words: I then felt the power and determination within
to fight Satan to the end. I made up my mind then: No matter what pain and humiliation I suffer, I will stand firmly to witness for God! God! I can’t stand it much longer. Please save me! Captain, we’re going to have a corpse on our hands soon. Captain, we haven’t gotten anything. We can’t let her die. To hell with this woman! So damn frustrating! Please get a towel. I’d no idea that the Chinese Communist police
could be so cruel and brutal! You’re right. The believers of God are kind. What is so brave about capturing them? If they’re so brave,
they should catch corrupt officials! (It’s true.) Belief in God is a nice thing. How could the police be so ruthless to such kind people? They aren’t this ruthless even with murderers! Exactly. It’s so cruel. Write down what they did. You can sue them. You’ll get them back. Sue? Humph! There’s no way! The national government, police, prosecutors, they’re in a dark nest with the courts. There’s no justice for the people. This’ll give you energy. She’s suffered so much. Thank you all! As I experienced the persecution
of the Chinese Communist Party, though I was ravaged physically and mentally, I truly felt the presence of God. His mercy and His favor were with me all along. I also realized the omnipotence
and power of the word of God. In my darkest moments, when I was weak amid all the suffering and torture, God’s word comforted and encouraged me. God’s word gave me the confidence and courage
to defeat Satan. When I repeatedly faced Satan’s attacks and temptations, the word of God enlightened and guided me, eventually leading me to see through Satan’s tricks. When I was succumbing to all the torture and was dying, God opened up the way for me and saved me from danger. Had it not been for God’s care and protection, had it not been for the awesome power of God’s word, I could not have withstood the cruel persecution of Satan, nor could I have lived to the present. God! I have felt Your love for me. If I can stay alive long enough
to walk out of here one day, I will be loyal in doing my duty to requite Your love.

  1. Really hard truth about the terrible sufferings from believers in communist countries, but as Christian, this film never mentionned even once, the name of Jesus Christ, not even the real words from the bible ….. ????????

  2. Is this real, did this lady and I'm sure others get tormented for having a Bible Study in their own homes, for believing in God? I had to skip parts I couldn't watch, I pray the Chinese and every country stops abusing Christians! God have mercy on these people!

  3. Yes, I live in China and when I post about Jesus on my social media, my Chinese friends advise me not too. It' not legal to tell another Chinese about the lord

  4. When you follow Jesus you heve pay a price i pay my price I suffer a lot fore god but it was worth it the divel hate people even if work fore him God created people he love us don't let the devil desve you

  5. Joh 3:36 The one believing into the Son has everlasting life; but the one disobeying the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him."
    "Why have the nations raged and the peoples are meditating on vanity?
    Psa 2:2 The kings of the earth set themselves; yea, the rulers have plotted together against Jehovah and His Anointed, saying,
    Psa 2:3 We will break their bands in two, and throw off their cords from us.
    Psa 2:4 He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall mock at them.
    Psa 2:5 Then He will speak to them in His anger, and He will terrify them in His wrath;"

  6. Yes what a woman keeping her integrity
    God filled her with his Holy Spirit .
    I love god it’s all my heart they persecuted jesus . So they will persecute us …
    but we are strong 2corinthians 12:9-10
    for when I am weak
    Then I am strong !!!!!!,!,
    Satan is going down he has a limited time left … jesus is on his way ….
    He will be locked 🔒 into the Abbie’s for a thousand years so we can rebuild this world into a paradise
    Where there will be peace
    No more suffering
    No more pain
    More more death .. it will be all passed … Jehovah has promise
    And god never Lies ….
    I cried so much ..😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    But rejoiced she kept her integrity with god .
    She will be blessed 10 fold ………

  7. May God have mercy on those who are suffering for their faith in GOD. but this Lady should remember that Jesus said to forgive and pray for the enemy, like He did on the cross "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" Jesus said"43You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.(Gospel of Matthew 5:44) " the book from which these ladies study their religion is not an inspired book. the ONLY book where there is the TRUE WORD of GOD is the BIBLE and no other interpretation. May the Chinese find the true way to God and have strength to follow it in spite of all the persecution they endure.

  8. I see in the years to come this kind of persecution coming to my country even more. I pray we will have the faith this woman had and those in countries like hers.

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  10. Jesus gave us authority over evil, every demon on this earth. Through Jesus He gave us the authority to bind and
    Loose. God gave us weapons to fight this battle and become overcomes. I talk through experience. In the Name of Jesus Satan lost his power against a Christian who knows Greater is He that is in me than he that is in this world.

  11. Lord Jesus help those who are being persecuted in China and around the world and tortured give them the strength they need that is so unhuman for these women and men! Keep them frm the evil one cover them in your blood of Jesus give them a way of escape frm there tortuers! Blind the eyes of those who are trying to kill there spirit!

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  25. Man this movie really moved me and made me cry .. Oh Jehovah I pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in China and other countries who are persecuted for believing in you. I thank God for being able to even share your word on social media and to be able to speak to others freely about you. The word of God is our help and our refuge. Even in our darkest hour the word of God encourages us.

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  29. I lived in China for 12 years teaching at a university. I was interrogated by Communists only once, when I distributed New Testaments to my students to read about Easter. Students were highly interested in all American festivals. The Communists warned me to "utilize the Bible less often in my teaching because they do not believe in God and reject the Bible." My time in China was happy and I was pleased to be able to live there. China is a good place to live.

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    Ask the Lord to change their hearts and to renew their minds.

    1 Timothy 2 says we must pray for the government leaders and all other leaders in order to live at peace on earth.

    I understand she suffered a lot, and I feel for her, she’s a very tough type of woman, but without love in her heart for her enemies she is nothing. 1 Corinthians 13.

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