The People Who Own This Country Don’t Want You to Vote | Bernie Sanders

The people who own this country do not want you to vote, they do not want you to participate in the political process. But here is the only antidote to what these guys are doing; They want a world in which corporate America, Wall Street, and large campaign donors can do exactly what they want, because they have bought the United States Congress, and bought the White House. Do you think any of these billionaires are staying up nights worrying that people here are working for nine bucks an hour? They could care less. Do you think they care that elderly people are struggling at 11-12,000 dollars a year Social Security? They could care less. The only way we make change, and as I said a moment ago, that’s the only way change has ever taken place, is when people people stand up, fight back, and demand a government that represents all of us.

  1. Sorry to say I think it's unwise to say that the White House is "bought". It goes too far unless the Sanders campaign has "smoking gun" information that hasn't been released to the public.
    I love that Sanders is calling for a political revolution. I love that he is suing against an attempt at voter suppression. I believe it would be wiser to hammer home the fact that he is polling better than Clinton in head-to-head matches against the Republican frontrunners. That should turn more voters towards him and further inspire others to vote.

  2. There's a guy wearing a suit and a guy wearing a Minion t-shirt…this campaign really does bring people together!

  3. They do not own people and the world. People need to all be together and say enough is enough. We are all of equal value and equal rights. This has got to stop. Vote for Bernie Sanders because he is a human rights side, and will put an end to this. If we the people working with him. Rich people can not qualify for the last pennies from the poor to rob hardworking peoples . Poor people can not go to the doctor because Dentist all are so covetous, that do not care about patients only money and how they can have it more and more . Dentist and doctors are absolutely terrible lovers of money. If the poor is going to the dentist in pain, they do not help the patient if he or she does not have enough money to pay, and poor gets to walk away even if a lot of pain . We need law for all doctors that they need to take care of the patient if she or he is in pain. This is absolutely scandalous.

  4. The BLAME fully lies on these Bernie supporters and Mr. Sanders NEEDS to address his brainless minions who infiltrate and cause trouble…. can you imagine going to a Bernie or Hillary rally? I wouldn't be caught dead at one… Be a man Bernie, step up to the plate get your loser zombies inline.

  5. Bernie Needs Your Help!! Your Chance to act and make a YUGE Difference! Bernie needs people to Phonebank for him – This is your chance to act and make a YUGE DIfference. Democracy is not a spectators sport

  6. Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate who continues to have more and new voters support him than Donald Trump, which Hillary Clinton cannot do.

    Bernie's big win in Michigan primary had the largest number of people come out to vote since previous record set in 1972.

    I will vote early for the People's President Bernie Sanders.

    #FeeltheBern #Bernie2016

  7. PLEEEASE, Ohio, Florida, and Illinois GET OUT AND VOTE, and PLEASE spread the word!!! Tell everyone you know to get out and vote, especially if you're young!!! Make a difference!!

  8. Perhaps Hilrnie is the likely winner HOWEVER
    I strongly dislike Bernie's $15. I will like him much more if he offers a simple solution for all economic hardship of the people for ETERNITY by saying this:

    "I will link minimum wage and social securities to the other people's spending (including taxes they pay)!
    That means, if more is spent (or given as taxes)  by the other human beings the more you get paid, so, nobody is left behind to live in poverty and without sufficient disposable income to spend as they wish!"

    Minimum wage should not be a political thing. Only then we can talk about true free consumers in a free market ( and small government with efficient social security programs).

  9. Corporate media doesn't want you to win. The Fossil fuel industry doesn't want you to win. The big banks don't want you to win. Wall Street doesn't want you to win. The pharmaceutical companies don't want you to win. The 1% doesn't want you to win. BUT WE, THE WORKING PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY, WE WANT YOU AS OUR PRESIDENT, BERNIE. We know you'll fight FOR us, not for the billionaires!

  10. PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ARE PRAYING FOR YOU MR.SANDERS…Americans please wake up…Its not just the US who needs a person like mr Sanders, the world needs a break. The world NEEDS BERNIE….NOW GET OUT THERE AND VOTE FOR BERNIE!!

  11. Please phonebank and facebank this weekend to help Bernie win on Tuesday in the upcoming primaries! Don't sit on the sidelines!




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