The october socialist revolution of 1917,english subs

October of 1917 For the completion of the 90 years since the great october revolution of 1917 “For someone to perceive world history as something that progresses normally forward without,sometimes taking huge steps backwards it’s neither scientific,nor dialectical and theoretically right” V.I .Lenin “the unjust goes today with a pace full of confidence the oppressors prepare themselves for tens of thousands of years Violence reassures them Exactly as it was so it will remain No other voice echoes outside the voice of rulers Bertold brechet The lies that were following the counter-revolution of 1989 for a world free ,peaceful and democratic soon revealed themselves In the Russia of today 2 million children live on the streets Hundreds of homeless die of cold 6 million are unemployed Thousands are the victims of nationalist conflicts millions are refugees prostitution drugs criminality plague the youth within 15 years NATO and the european union Made a multitude of wars Yugoslavia,Iraq,Afghanistan Long and endless the list of their crimes The people are being wronged The engines of war are being reinforced The winners from the counter-revolution Have already conquer new markets The aquired abilities for greater exploitation and mythical profits 0.13% of earth’s population holds wealth 33.3 trillion dollars The losers pay the competion of the monopolies They are cheap labor force without rights 5.4 billions of people live in extremely difficult financial positions 1,4 billions of worker-employees live with 2 dollars a day The popular front is met with even more violent means of repression Today,age of new techologies as it refers by them (the elites) the workday in the European union reaches the 14 hours Same,approximatelly 14 to 15 hours worked the forefather of today’s workers in the england of Eric the 7th 500 years ago ! “And so the old parades as new and drags with it the new that presents it as old The new walks in chains and dressed in rags” Many were dissapointed being unable to see the prespective Othes quited from the fight compromised by the setback of history The communist movement weakened However behind the clouds of the counter-revolution reality is very different and shows us clearly the ability to overturn imperialism Within its own dominance and omnipotence BEGINNING OF THE 20TH CENTURY End of 19th century,beginning of 20th In capitalism significant changes were made The gigantic stock companies the monopolies and the stock market managed to dominated the entire economy The control of the market-share and energy sources became an object of intense competition The conflicts among the imperialist could not be solved peacefully A new war was been prepared One such as humanity had never seen before During the November of 1912 at the city of Basel in Switzerland The worker parties had a conference about their stance on the comming war “In case the war breaks out the working class of each country and their representitives at the parliaments must try,by all means, to take advantange of the financial-political crisis that it creates to arouse the popular masses and to accelerate the downfall of the capitalist dominance in favor of the struggle for the socialist revolution The first world war broke out in 1914 until 1918 had evolved in an unheard-off manslaughter 19 million dead in all fronts The destructions were incalculable The leaderships of the worker’s parties of the 2nd international supported the war Quite from their duty to transform it to revolution The subdue of the working movement to the opponent class,predominated It occurred as a political current the opportunism True child of imperialism Consequence of the buy-off of part of the working class by the bourgeois with profits from the colonies In opposition to the bankruptcy of the leaders of the second international The marxist current rose it’s stature with the guidance of Lenin and the bolshevicks “Precisely in revolutionary times the evasion or lack of principles in the theoretical issues is equal to total ideological bankruptcy Because precisely now it is needed studied and steady worldview In order for the socialist to dominate the events and not the events to dominate the socialist” The bolsheviks prevailed in the second conference of the social democratic party of Russia in 1903 by documenting the need of formation of new type of worker’s parties In its struggle for power the proletariat has no other weapons except the organization wrote Lenin “It can be and it will be an invincible force only thanks to the fact that its ideological unity on the principles of marxism is cemented with the material unity of organizing that unifies millions of workers to the “army” of the working class in front of this “army” can not last neither the authority of the Russian autocracy,that has grown old neither the authority of the international capital that is growing old” In the 1905,bolsheviks led the revolutionary rising of the Russian people Goal of their strategy was for the proletariat to lead in the democratic revolution and to transform it her in a socialist one In 1912 came the definitive brake and complete separation with from mensevik opportunists In 1915,a new procession of Lenin opened new way for the revolutionary movement The unequal developent of imperialism makes possible the victory of socialism in a few or even one capitalist country The imperialist chain will brake in its weakest link The role of the bolsheviks during the critical moment was of determining value Their ideological steadiness in marxism helped to go against the current in a time that everythng seemed still The imperialistic blacks were omnipotent The bourgeois power stronger than ever The opportunists vindicated The workers,druged by the bourgois patriotic preachings They helped the to reveal the knot of the contrasts that were concetrating in Russia and made her the weak link of the imperialism In the beginning of the 20th century,in Russia were breeding serious developments In the dacade of 1880,the first monopolies emerged In the period of 1900 to 1903 an industrial crisis broke out production decreased dramatically hundreds of thousand were left without work During the 1909 begun the period of rise of the monopolies That had already multiplied The big industry was concentrated of six regions central,north western,baltic,southern,poland and the urals there concentrated the 75% of the total production and the 79% of the workers Until 1913 the production in many sectors of the heavy industry grew seven-fold In march of 1914 Lenin noticed “Russia europeanizes fast,our capitalism has matured almost fully and even in some aspects has overmatured” In the same time,42% of the land belonged to a small group of owners that were exercising the political power Their leader was the czar Nicolas Romanov whom governed as an absolute monarch In Europe and in Asia,other nations,smaller ones were living under the rule of the russian empire In Asiatic russia millions lived in deep social retardation The condition of the Russian worker could be characterized as one of the worst in Europe Tens of dark apartments were sprawling around the factories Thousands of persons lived under dire conditions To each one were acoounted only 4 cubic meters of air Numerous dispicable berths were pilled in mold,dirt and moisture It was not uncommon 3 or 4 working families to share one-room residences divided by curtains Around every factory,mounted guards with wips preserved the order 100 million peasants,year by year,were becoming poorer The hunger in the country side became a normal phenomenon,wrote Tolstoy 1/3rd of Russia were outlaws,the members of secret police were becoming ever more numerous Prisons and labour camp were flooded by political prisoners The revolution of 1905 was a hallmark for the development of the class warfare in Russia The working class gathered significant experience It learned to organize itself To use all the forms of fight then the first industrial soviets emerged The Russian people leaned, with amazing speed,to form revolts and parliaments wrote Leon Tolstoy At the same moment,the pursuit of the bourgeois class to seize power was coexisting with it’s fear against the worker’s movement Russia was a protagonist in the first world war Her bourgeois class could not indifferent about the prospect of new markets and colonies At the same time,the working class and the peasantry were seeing their position to deteriorate In 1917,had already passed three years of war In Russia the socials contrasts were sharpening The masses are pulled by all the conditions of crisis as well as of the elites into independent historical action according to Lenin These who in other periods endured with patience to be robed developed at the end a never seen before revolutionary action The nationwide political crisis was accelarated by the protests of the working class in the industrial centers In Febroury czarism was overthrown For Russia,monarchy was now a thing of the past A temporary bourgeois government was formed Its leader was prince Lvov The goals of the government were clear The bourgeois power must be established the revolutionary should be subdued and most important war should continue unhindered The bourgoisee however were not omnipotent Already has been formed a peculiar situation of dual power Besides the temporary government there were the soviets (workers councils) of armed workers and soldiers Their control,however,were at the hand of the mensheviks and essers they supported the government instead of trying to overthrow it “April,1917” In the april of 1917,Lenin returned to Russia “Total distrust” “No support for the temporary government” “we are especially suspicious about Kerensky”(menshevick,and now leader of the government) “Arm the proletariat” Lenin said,on a letter before his return With his arrival Lenin formulated the famous “April thesis” “As an immediate target tomporary government should be overthrown” “The passing of all power to the soviets” “of workers and poor peasants” On these contexts,bolsheviks were aiming for the soviet movement to spread on all of Russia To win the majority of the working class and for mensheviks and essers to be isolated they (the bolsheviks) were decisively the socialist revolution that was already on the main focus of the society The intense social issues were impossible to be solved by the bourgeois government War was continuing The land remained in a few hands Bread was becoming scarce exploitation intensified A soldier from the front was writting to his peasant parents “you shouldn’t care if your animals are eating from the landowner’s fields start toiling the land without asking the permission from these pigs we have fed them far enough with our blood you must,at the end,understand one thing we aren’t going to give up our guns until all matters are settled we’ll return with our rifles” The upheaval was becoming ever more intense bourgeois and opportunists were trying to calm down the spirits “Socialism” were saying the liberals while wearing the mask of the socialists “is a virtue that humanity will reach by following the voice of reason” “Mr. Kerensky and Tieze” wrote the new york times of London “understand that without the support of the officers and the most modarate elements of the masses cannot hope in the prevention of anarchy” other European newspapers were noticing that the leaders of the social democrats were using their influence to moderate the demands of the popular masses factory owners were worried about the intervention of the soviets in matters of work affairs like lay-offs and increases of salaries Very soon the bourgeois class set aside the talk and move open counter-revolutionary action On July of 1917 the peaceful demonstration of the St. Peterborough’s soviet was drowned in blood Bolsheviks were outlawed On August of 1917 after perpetual reinforcement of reactionary circles the Kornilov’s coup broke out Workers,with the guidance of bolsheviks,managed to crush it On September,bolsheviks managed to win the majority at the soviets of St. peteresburg and Moscow The government,with the leadership of social-democrat Kerensky,reached a dead end 9 months passed from February since October During this period the majority of the masses of workers and poor peasants realized through their experience and under the intervention of the bolsheviks the necessity of socialism None of their fundamental problems could not have been resolved without it The armed revolt became an issue of everyday discussion “October 1917” Dawn of the 7th of November 1917 (25th October by the old calendar) the cannonfires of cruiser aurora gave the signal for the demolition of the bourgeois power the temporary government was put under arrest The power came to the hands of the soviets “Comrades ! the worker-farmer revolution,the necessity of which bolsheviks were talking all along Came about ! What is the meaning of this revolution ? First of all is that we are going to have a soviet government our own instrument of power,without any participation of the bourgeois class The subjugated masses will form power themselves the old state apparatus will be demolished entirely and a new administrative mechanism will be created the soviet organizations” “ALL POWER TO THE SOVIETS” the next day after the revolution the decree of peace was issued the worker-farmer government proposed to all the war afflicted nations and their governments immediate peace without any land partitions, violent assimilation of nationalities and reparations the continuation of war was accused as a crime against humanity At the dawn of 9th of November,a telegraph was calling for all the soldiers at the front to take the issue of peace on their hands The battalions of the front should elect representitives and begin official negotiations of cease-fire with the enemy To prohibit the counter-revolutionary officers to sink the matter of peace At the same date a bill was drafted on the worker control on the production The control was passing to all the workers and employees of the factories,with recallable representatives The owners and the representatives of the workers were culpable to the state about the protection of the property a bill about the land was drafted based to the orders of 242 elected farmer MPs It was abolished immediately and without any reparations,the ownership of the by the landlords all the land that belonged to the state,the church,the royal family and the monastries was expropriated the expropriated property became public and passed to the hands who toiled it The reactions didn’t took long The bourgeois were saying that a violent implementation of socialism was attempted Mensheviks and essers were frenzy “It is a coup,it’s maximalism” They were saying that all the freedoms that have been conquered were now threatened That the army army at the front recieved a deadly blow That the bolsheviks were provoking a civil war that they were not bringing peace but enslavement They didn’t stoped,however,in just talks Very soon they took action At 1918 the counter-revolutionary organization “union for the rebirth of Russia” was founded with the participation of mensheviks,essers and liberals On the 20th of June,Kerensky,as its representative negotiated in London the imperialistic intervention against the newly founded Soviet Russia “The baby must be choked to its crib” were crying out all the exploiters of the world All the imperialist coalitions united against soviet Russia even Greece took part with exchange the support of English and french on the disastrous intervention on Turkey The intervention however was defeated The chasm that the october revolution created among the imperialist coalistions was not negligible The end of the war was accelerated Kaiser and the austro-hungarian empire were overthrown by revolutions in Germany and Hungary which ,however, didn’t prevail The social-democrats were exposed as a pillar of the bourgeois class They protagonized in the defeat of the revolutions In all the globe,communists were separated from the social-democrats November of 1918, the Communist party of Greece was founded In 1919,commintern was founded The communist international “comrades” “Our congress is of world historic importance” “it highlights the bankruptcy of the delusions of social-democracy ” “because not only in Russia,but in all the developed capitalists countries” “civil war is now a reality”.
Lenin “Take a look at the east “We thought that for the Russian people there was not exit from the obscurantism of czarism ” “For revolution,let along victorious revolutions,were no hopes” “But Russia is a country were even the impossible takes place” “that impossible bolsheviks are making right now and they shall reach it till the end” On 1921 the civil war ended but he destruction in soviet Russia was vast the immense duty ,of the communists, of the construction of socialism begun in extremely difficult conditions In comparison with the 1913 industrial output decreased seven-fold Agricultural output fell to one third The contrasts of the vast Russian and Asian countryside with the city centers were very sharp Over three quarters of the population was illiterate Fundamental issues,like feeding the population,were impossible to be solved at once The new society was being built by immense toiling In these conditions,the new economic policy was implemented policy of temporary retreat against capitalism A communist society was being built that in every aspect financial,ethical and intellectual was full of marks of the old society from the womb of which was borne ,as Marx wrote The new was being born was fighting with the old that was dying and it was imperative to perish The force of the old society continued to exist Their resistance did not broke it didn’t restrict in the open civil war (1924 Lenin’s funeral) On January of 1924,Vladimir Ilich Ulianov,Lenin passed away His contribution on the theoretical processing of the issues of the construction of socialism was pionner This effort continued by Stalin

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