The Occult: Video 13: Anarchism and Government (ENGLISH)

hello friends this video is about anarchy and government in the jungle there is no anarchism there is a specific chain of food that those who eat and that those who get eaten there is no anarchism in our society and that will never be also there is chaos that is the possibilities of power of controlling this power will create a form somehow we will talk about this in another video about power creating forms but in other word someone will take the power to him someone will start his government there will be someone trying to oppress other people so how you will be oppressing other people why don't we call politicus you cannot escape from it you might think you can escape from it you might wish you can escape from it you can believe you can have that toppika dream escaping from politics but also we start living a society you will handle with powers that will always be the power to control others be that so will always be someone who will tap try to take that power to him someone who try to steal from you someone who can will try to rape you or even murder you calling politics is trying to oppress those try of people we send up higher power a higher grade from the chain food down Livan Anakin's only because you believe it could work also that it's hard to be someone protecting others this will be a former governor so I hope you understand a little more how anarchism work and how we transform always into a formula government even though you think might think the jungle the totally chaotic place it is not a big space it's catching food who you can also destroy by killing those who are the little ones you can destroy the bigger ones because they have no food so yeah that is a chain of food yes that is the government even though you might think you are living a narc ISM someone will take the power eventually thank you I see you next time bye bye

  1. If the right wasn´t a good thing, i wouldn´t have that name. Below any type of anarchism! Proud to be an american!

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