The No Purpose Podcast #3 - Ben's a Communist

three two one okay hey everybody welcome to the the no purpose podcast it's me chill Vicks we're back and yeah we're dream this episode we have me show legs and baby hi it's Ben it's me hello hi how you guys been and hello it's me Jason Wow can you have a very diverse cast it's not like both of these people are on in the first episode and as a special guest we have rhythm say hi right very special he's playing he's playing music in the background right now so what are you guys's favorite video game cuz we've already introduced ourselves people knows from the newest episode so Justin I guess get more familiar with their personal level what's your guys this favorite video game and alright I'll start it's halo 3 ODST hear me out hear me out it's just hailing I'm convinced I am so yeah I am I don't have a favorite of all time game but Halo Reach definitely like in terms of nostalgia value is one of my favorite games like case obviously a lot of my old French wits I don't speak to any more from the Xbox 360 era just fucking around around Halo Reach custom games I in the forge that's some good-ass memories right there and just thought that could like generation of console in general like Kizzy got away with the America we Super Mario Galaxy another one of my favorite games fantastic and I love it loss oh okay so my I guess I'm gonna be the odd one out here Mike actually it's kind of like two so for a while it was terraria that was like how like that's that was how I really got started on the internet from the first place on mixer met Microsoft streaming a lot more I started off doing cherry hardcore off of my xbox when I was Ollie and so it was great but that was a fun time and I got support on there and that made me love to worry more than ever and then once I started moving onto the PC I still play Terraria I still love to her and I still play today but then I found a wonderful game called enter the gungeon and it's just a game no one's heard of no one's really heard of it yeah yeah that's mine so I guess I'm the odd one out you halo boys I mean like person shooter they're like the ones I said we're like my favorite in terms of style to value but obviously because they are they are old games I don't actually play them anymore so like now I play like csgo play effects legends I don't have nostalgia for games per se I have a nostalgia for consoles so the DS is my childhood the DES was my childhood so that's what I have like the most nostalgic Greg gasps and if that was what we're judging on I love the mario RPG games or greens Mario Luigi that's it on the DS you could have a one person with Mario Kart yes and then seven other people with DS's could not have it but still play along that is just bought my own Alex but the button game developers with no Xavier bad minecraft good can I just say I mean like kiss in general I think most people I do like I do have Estelle just for some games like I said Mario and Luigi and I have some other games like my shell cos right I have my DS games from my childhood like right across from me it's great I have like a bookcase see III I would have that but my mom once came to me I was like okay so but one of my colleagues from work is like runs a charity they donate stuff to orphanages in Africa what stuff don't like what toys and shit don't use anymore that's like my dears I've not played that in years and then I gave I gave my precious black yes I would never the style is missing I bet they're having such a good time did I pack the charger okay no I did yeah a bunch of African orphans are having great fun playing Mario Kart Wii not Mary can't we marry Katya I I have a lot of painted consoles like I was like again on the Shelf I can see from here actually I have two Gameboy to get a Game Boy Advance SP s IDs of 3ds and my switch is right beside me see my parents whenever a lot like supportive video game video james's so I've just got into collecting I got a Nintendo Wii and then an Xbox 360 like a year before the Xbox one came out because we did do enough research into it yeah but now obviously off my good old PC which serves me well but I feel like when it comes to PC people I've at least in my opinion get way too hives over I guess the PC master-race yeah it's like talk about that I don't feel that I don't feel it either like obviously you don't feel that people who think that the PC must rates like it's a thing exist or you don't feel that the piece is good I just feel that they're wrong no I don't feel like obviously PC will it will be better but like the degree that they express it as I don't see it but yeah it's it's fight for those care so much about a bit much less like people who really care about that colors like I can't send us all people because like to get a car should be a place to get you from A to B and as long as it does not drop well you shouldn't care if it's some souped-up fucking sports car or a huge ass 4×4 some shitty Peugeot it just if it gets you reliably from point A to point B it's good it's the same with consoles if you reliably have fun on the console oh yeah that's dope don't in this like in I'd rather Ward's again walking and running is good like I'm into running and that's really nice see I used to hate walking that's because I realized the game how I walk I've had all these games for the past five I don't see that's the thing I don't have as many Wii games like again shelf I have like two elbows a few Mario games and like some other like random just garbage and that's it Oh shell beware shovelware that's the term yeah like if I look over here I remember I had a chucky cheese game and it was like a Chucky Cheese arcade or something and it was interesting see the miracle of trucker cheese never made it to the UK no you're missing out you're missing out my childhood like I've never like like looked into what Chuck Jesus but it sounds like some is it like it's a restaurant right restaurant /rk it's more of a jungle honestly tokens is like a mini capitalism ecosystem inside of big capitalism it's the most American concept I've ever but hey there's a ton of them just like the concepts of an arcade in general is very I mean we have we have a few of them in the UK they're like that they're not like cultural iconic things ed to the same extent chuck-e-cheese you're saying it's caught Rafi no but like a days don't lie like it isn't anything where if you go Chucky Cheese they will invoke a memory well like oh yeah I dare it's terrifying animatronics they still bring back there hasn't everyone gotten stuck in like the jungle gym at least someone's in their leg just death traps I swear they are death traps for me was less McDonald's and more of a Burger King one though in some they do where I went to Burger King they had like a huge thing you're fast food restaurant sound amazing are all ones there's like dirty monkey and there's the floors always really fucking sticky I would not go near them when all food at fast food restaurants are bad the the thing is most people consider the best fast-food restaurants but if you look at them closely they're not even fast food at all just all-american fast foods bad and when people only if they found a good fast-food spot it's not even fast food it's like a local joint or it's like a sit-down place I was like that's a fantastic name that's great yeah okay so this actually just just interrupt Justin just tonight I went to like a local place and it felt like a local burger place and it's like 10 times better than everything flavor-wise are it's slowly both it's just so much better and like local tights are so good when they're when local joints are good they're amazing yeah okay so so idubbbz recently did a fast-food terrorist are we gonna make it I'm gonna make it tearless Oh what would you guys place in a state s here is five guys's even fast food it's like a sit-down listen five guys and not only were there six people behind a counter but three of them were female so it's that's not it that's not a fast-food restaurant it doesn't live up to its name unlike Burger King or McDonald's okay no Burger King just not live up to his name you are not seriously telling me the Burger King is the king of burgers Burger King's Burgers oh shit they're always flat they're always underwhelming Five Guys Burgers are infinitely better plus their fries delicious it's it's it's almost unfair it's almost unfair to compare five guys to something like Burger King or McDonald's it's unfair it's like it's on a different level exactly yeah no definitely any chain if you like if once a restaurant becomes a chain it just feels like it becomes a lot worse yeah it's very resisting so hard going against to try and do I can't go into communist propaganda it's not happening oh yes buddy this podcast will be 5 – ok if you want if if you want to comment down below if you want me to start a channel or just communist propaganda let me know I will definitely go ahead with that do it then the Communists see I used to be ironically communist everyone's ironically communist but then whoops just so what if I think stone was a bit of a dolly you know oh let me walk you through this cuz this was just the worst that brought up a memory so I'm part of the Boy Scouts of America whoo amazing and once because like we have like campfire programs where we have to do like skits which are basically just acting out bad jokes yeah and one of ours I remember this very realistically it was a Stalin joke we were the camp's theme we were at a campus the campus theme was like Cold War 3 or someone Cold War 3 yeah everyone knows about the first Cold War but a second to it was something like that and we had this skits we had the campfire so I our group was like hey let's come up with something related so we're like ok and then what came to our minds was skit where someone was like coming up to stall and sing in a chair and they're like go on like kill the people now whatever and like that what happened a few times and then until finally they get why are you Stalin as in like time-wasting and that was the joke yeah I used to these Scouts Berlin bikies kick is the person the person who invented Scouts they work they were Christian but like it's not it's not a Christian thing per se but um our our scouts group was hosted in a church hall so like that the people who volunteered there were definitely religiously persuaded so um once widget and it's really bizarre looking back on this we were asked to write a letter to God to say what we were thankful for and in like ten-year-old me who I respect so much more than seventeen year old me III like nothing by admiration for that man said no III just three adults trying to convince everyone gave me that looks but yeah III didn't stay in Scouts for too long like this for what it's worth yeah I just want to get Eagle Scout so I can put it it's something to put new resume honestly well isn't that just lovely and reflect across since I did that we don't do things for enjoyment but no I'm I'm doing it busca says it's become less for fun and basically like you got to work you got to make money yes I am Lee you gotta do this you gotta do that yeah some might even say that we do in fact live in a society and that's the dream of becoming like a youtuber comes from because you want to do something that isn't a desk job oh yeah that's fun do you wanna do something that's fun yeah that something that isn't riding in those desks all day writing the same papers that you sign that's for the boys and I I don't know if this was you guys but I when I when I started watching YouTube I'm like I want to do this way I wonder this is who I want to be oh that's all you know it still means ends death then I realize still me this ain't gonna work to you like somebody like clay God has a chance if he acts upon it but then there's me over here with the 100 subs being like hey yeah I believe a you can do I believe in you it's just like that's so hard cuz I've got I've done everything like I've sucked promoted by my I meet it myself for a small bit there cuz I threw my phone on the bed but I forgot my cut was lying in the bed and it hit my car and I'm like ah yeah now she's very angry at me okay I didn't believe him I feel like I believe I can actually grow a fan bases I've done everything like from I know everyone makes fun of it at this point but like just all the self-promotion in clay Corden everywhere else it does work and got me so it got me this it works that yeah arguably yes arguably that's how we all became friends yes yeah are you believe that sell this podcast my phonetically hypothetically basically see see I also believe in myself like I'm a huge oh yeah that's except I'm really fucking lazy so I just decide to sleep instead of actually doing stuff that would better my life hey man you get out of it eventually yeah it's just an interesting and yes it's just YouTube isn't doing anything for smaller creators at this point and we talked about yeah it should be we talked a bit about this on the last it should it should have chill fixes gay I think he sucks he can endure dick my dick specifically I actually love them I'm crushin of help you know I didn't I only muted myself I can still hear you anyway oke transition time differences between freshers go me yes we could have done this transition earlier when you're actually talking about society but no once we start reciting garbage memes it no quick transition is definitely gonna happen yeah yeah I don't really know what to say about this but you're gonna have to bring up some cuz like no one can like really knows what's the differences but like from what you've heard man would it what are your thoughts what on I forgot the question the US vs Britain okay US vs Britain okay first off I'll collect countrywide we've we've got universal health care I'm just flex Connie here I'm sorry I just I just need to flex my superior in case we got universal health care a bunch of public transport is not privatized which is nice don't have Donald Trump which is also nice we did what okay but the thing this is Donald Trump is he's for four years waiting yes maybe we don't know but you're saying this other look at my make America great again hat do you really have it's right here it's right here on my Dow a bought it as a joke I do have learn it hey Bernie Oakland when I was in Washington DC well the hats coming on right now oh there we go but we in the UK have decided to permanently leave the EU which is way better I think when Tyler asks the question he's thinking more like individually Alec the people was in Sweden which there's a lot you guys know how to speak English we don't that's a fair point yeah every single person I meet here is either a Mimar or just a person with really bad political opinions I want yeah geez there's too many edgy people in the u.s. yeah like with the day that's what's built with very dry senses of humor but that is very different very edgy very different and it's it's weird seeing how we've changed from our primitive ways like a caveman with a stick to like that's someone shooting up a spool because someone called them social media yeah I mean if you think about it like historically the u.s. is pretty much just the largest ever European social experiment ever to exist as we just like brought a few whites over there Brophy slaves then you kind of lost like a lot of people in the Revolutionary we dent ourselves get overthrown we just let you get on and see what happened and then this happened yeah we really fucked up it's all your fault I mean like we're the we're like a first country to go to war of ourselves like how could you mess up that bad okay okay don't fuck yourself the US would definitely melt the first people to have a civil know that ya know those a joke maybe the first civil war was slavery to be fair oh I definitely ok Civil War was not started because of slavery and now that you mentioned this again it ended because of slavery slavery basically was the first civil war yeah because it was African selling Africans like what I don't know what you just said and I'm going to ignore it because it's sons worrying very clearly incorrect very triggering yes very put it out it's all gone it's all gone why don't you got the sacrifice it's gone how much did you cut out over the previous podcast this is the last one like literally nothing right the first one then it's awkward segments wait and the puzzle you least the first podcast I forgot that happen you should have kept that in I should have featuring my mom my mom dude it's actually a five-person podcast now my mom's here and he's staying this time speak not would be raked in the bees it was annoying people no I'm not I'm not gonna talk about personal people ma'am let's talk about like people that we don't know let's talk about youtubers who's annoying as a youtuber who do you hate there we go I'm gonna start leave dude we're gonna start drama mr. beef room which will be civilized our podcast channel Paul Joseph Watson he's annoying he says he says silly boy Wibbly it disturbs me I just I hate a lot of the communities on YouTube which I kind of can't really blame them for ever they just annoy me some of the communities yeah but I can just see that there's not an effort put into it like the floor like oh yeah what bag like you can there are people out there that when we get millions upon millions of views for just taking the clip from someone's stream like why I don't like this I don't like the age that YouTube is in where you to rewards that yeah I don't like Tech Talk cringe compilations because I forgot it's because they don't credit the original creators they don't do anything so leads of stealing content and really no does good you know who does that exact same thing credit yeah that means less Joel Vicks dude subscribe to him real quick YouTube also HTTP / oh thanks daily doable are you gonna say oh oh you does he does yeah just like a description is nothing but links to what he uses descriptions that's nice he's really good that extremely respectful if only everyone did that if only if okay if I only ever wanted that except they didn't have the voice of daily dose when I'm sorry his voice fuckin annoy it's money this is your daily dose of Internet I still watch him but there's like some voices I find weird I casually explained I find his voice very weird I feel like it goes into the atmosphere of those videos though cuz it's so dry and it's so like just not caring but like what he says can go it can be really messed up and it's very weird it makes me feel weird if you want to talk about annoying voices the beauty community we could talk about James Charles and projared oh yes topics let's go exactly done that's what I was thinking okay first off beat beaty-beat each other's first off yeah Totti sounds like a psycho bitch I'm sorry she is weird like I I would not trust her I she's like an adult she's a grown adult yeah she she's not an adult she's a grown up I love us and then people call me a big kid it's great she's basically older than dinosaur dark dirt dude James childhood don't really have a problem with apart from the fact that his voice is a bit grating hi since I like I like the things he says I just don't like the way he says I'll rewrite jeffree star is what the fuck is up I am Jesus Christ like my hate is personality but also the beauty community in general is very weird the beauty communities of metal that's what it is I mean like think it's all about putting on an act and then if you put on an act in a serious situation then obviously something is going to be misrepresented and so it's not going well that's all my ire oh my like female IRL friends are just like always talking about it and I'm so weirded out by it it's very weird did you forget the reasons I won't go into I am very scarred by gay Twitter and just that sort of culture in general can we talk about her I don't want to go on they're so bad going on some more scumbags fro Jared oh yeah alright still trying to defend himself let's know he's still trying to defend himself he's still like yeah like it's my wife's fault that I cheated on her okay okay my wife's old she's insane believe me okay so I shouldn't the hit Haiti was his wife right and Holley was the person he cheated on yeah yeah he cheated on rent and so Holly released some text messages between Jared and Haiti which made it which enormously it did make Haiti look like a bit of a psycho but this like and this would be fair enough if it hadn't been after Jarrod's pretty much proven now manipulation and lying I would probably I would probably be a bit crazy if someone had been cheated cheating on me for months in fucking one someone that whoever once considered a friend reactions like there were the people that were easy to defend him like PVG e number gamer who did correct his ways ways fortunate reason you came is because put yourself in his position you're talking and you're trying to defend a person that you've known for years and have only a close friend with like you're obviously gonna come to defend them but like you learned he overcame it and that's good yeah but another thing is there's more consequences because now not only is not only is there flashback I like coming back at them but as well they have to they had to remove literally everything from their channels that even had a soul remnant of progeria in it which means all the hardcore seasons all like the that's a normal boot stuff all of its gone it's all gone all tender didn't take down the video with Reggie and protein I I don't know I don't think so all right once I love it let me eat eat this I I needed I hope I sure hope they did Reggie procharged I mean do you really think they keep up with the drama no no that was uh that was on pro charts travel ok ok oh that would have been horrible if it wasn't that would have been horrible well to be fair uh ok probably don't keep up with all the drama Nintendo they probably I'm sure they would have heard of this cuz this was so big this is a big number one trending on Twitter from like three days straight yeah it was a big deal he's such a scum things I'm just so bad because all the content is gone all the horns and all the normal good stuff a mad because that was like that was my stuff that's a nostalgia right there in the Celgene in its purest form it is for me don't mess with chill fixes stuff bro just don't do it it's not cool doesn't make him that's his stuff bro yeah yeah I'm lucky enough to have never been a pro Jarrod man obviously because he gots to have he jaunt runs he got stuffs you peanutbutter gamers maybe a bit of a space hamster but not pro tart so Jarrod that was the thing I didn't watch him I did I watched all of the normal foods and lights and hidden block guys I watched all of them they're all gone they're all gone what did it cost and everything in it at least not all the hardcore seasons are gone because it wasn't in all of thing them thank you thankful he wasn't in all of them terraria hard floor number three is in gone and I'm so happy because of it because that is my favorite season of hardcore and damn it's not gone thank the Lord yeah I see I see I've watched all of them I'm not I'm not gonna lie I have watched all of them but I do honestly don't remember anything that has anything like oh the Minecraft ones are boring but when they switch to say terraria those ones and these the second and third season of Korea were very interesting just because of how two areas built as a game yeah it makes it a lot more interesting to watch than just guys cave and her like 10 episodes and then fighting a dragon and dying yeck is with minecraft it's you can like you can approach it it's a slower faster there's a pace you put easy one but with terraria you are just constant it's it's just a way faster game yeah and if like if you hit a wall you can't get past that wall unpopular opinion time to really I prefer to area over minecraft that's right but it's very like minecraft is more thick it's agreed I think terraria is so much more addicting than shorter than minecraft but when you grow up with Minecraft first its kind of hard to jump to the other one and stay you know but still I did the same thing it's like I love terraria I want to play it but I always need to be in this really specific mood that only happens with all the planets aligned yeah actually exactly that yeah nowadays nowadays words but I'm finding less and less of the mood to play charreria which i guess is that but I just remember when I do get interfere it is so addictive and it is yeah I've kind of gotten to a cycle because I've played a lot of terraria like I currently have let's see 825 hours in it so I'm like I'll play it like a place where and a half Ling Li a half and then like I'll just sell me like wow I am so incredibly bored at the moment and so I'll drop it through the months and I'll pick up a couple like and then oh and I'll do the same thing it's every time you play the game it's different your progressions different everything is different it's not just like a different world the progression your character everything's different yeah compared to minecraft was the same guy one thing around and diamond armor the whole time yeah in my like a circle alright so in Minecraft if no matter where you spawn it's always brick tree get stone go mine but in terraria so can scour the whole overworld and get stuff that you could make mining not even necessary but but with Minecraft I think kids Rory definitely is a lot more linear obviously he's like you be moon Lord and then obviously you can't make a bunch of different inventions or like traps or like farms or something but with Minecraft like huge projects but just a lot more satisfying and rewarding to work because of hopefully the 3d space in the redstone mechanics it's just you can create a lot more like in-depth stuff yeah it's just a lot it's a lot more hands off about that did give me the minecraft redstone is not more complex than terraria x' wiring system it kind of this it's great it has more stuff in its way turanians wiring systems just wait easier and more engagement a good mine it might have more stuff but it's not in a 3d space yeah also I don't think he does have more stuff it can you do this for seats the van impe yeah maybe and that ladies and gentlemen has been the no purpose podcast oh just it's gone on for 40 minutes and I actually have to go we went from video games to politics to minecraft yeah so you guys have like anything don't follow me in Twitter follow up definitely follow me on Twitter for more communist propaganda link into the description yeah I'm not joking I do actually sometimes per slightly communist things you should make a communist Tube channel but I should I should but the thing is I don't actually have any fucking idea what I'm talking about any of the time listen you're gonna have a ribs for right right burps for what it's just a single bird you filming this whole bird you're just following it around the city and you're talking about communism while you do that that needs to be a whole separate YouTube channel except it's probably easier to do it like with the cats I have a card which I can follow around and annoy but hours on end just talking about how we should eat the wrench anyway legend of no purpose podcast hope you enjoyed we'll be talking to you and other topics gets his shit together and decides to record see you later bye bye bye


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