The New Socialism | Founder of Momentum Jon Lansman

what are the foundations of your socialism well I think all from the past I think the well I think we'd learn from the past and we draw from ideas of the past we also let me also draw from newer ideas you know we draw from the you know I have changed my politics instance since 2015 where because I have encountered large numbers of young people who come with fresh ideas with different ways of working you know who are much greener you know much more interesting you know the the the way that they will in fact in in recent weeks the way that kids at school have changed our understanding of the importance of climate change okay politics you know even had an effect on life I have no problem with it but I think that David's discourse which was actually about in his view to fundamentalisms and I you know I I that isn't a picture of the world as it has been you know the truth is that you know things like you know planning I'm not you know the state have always played a we played an important role we do not live in a fundamentalist capitalist world at all you know the British state created markets no it could it conquered a large part of the world in order to benefit the market it's great that was the action of the state the state still today you know intervenes and if you read Mariana matric Artaud's book about in other that what the the state has how the state has bit has created many of the elements of the iPhone and and don't forgive me where is socialism in this well I the way I see socialism is what socialism for me is make it is it is and which would require a fundamental change in the way that society operates and the economy operates is a society in which decisions are made for the benefit of people and not for profit that's what that's how I feel and I I didn't disagree with anything that Angela said about the nature of Perficient you see the the talking about the past and the failures of the Soviet Union you know is is that's David baggage you know he grew up on the Commons I would I've never been in the Communist Party I've never been a Trotsky right I'm arguing the differences not by the end I would yes debates from 1917 or from the gap between the first international and the second international really isn't very relevant to politics today and we young people understand for more debates talks and interviews subscribe today to the Institute of Arts and ideas at IAI TV you

  1. Hilarious! Denouncing Stalinism as "socialism" (which it wasn't, it was tyranny) while producing a video full of Soviet-style fishy edits; cutting away to young people looking baffled and incredulous while Lansman makes excellent points. Bourgeois posturing while the country suffers austerity.

  2. If you think conservative austerity is bad just wait for the the labour parties green tax and the three day working weeks

  3. It's embarrassing to see these socialist trying to convince anyone that they have new ideas and if only everyone would follow my idea of scialism. I dare any of these wanna be socialist to move a socialist country.

  4. Ah Jon "I do not do consent" Lansman

    The plebs will do as I tell them and hand over their wealth.

    Next stop, they will be eating their pets.

    Perhaps after the socialists torture a few to death.

    Rafael Acosta Arevalo, killed by socialists torturing him.

    Bit perhaps its the wrong sort of socialism

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