The New Slacktivism: Working with DIGNITY under CAPITALISM (Radical Reviewer takeover!)

hello this is the rad rad guess what uh-huh I got a new job and the manager said I'm a great employee they said I restocked my section faster than any other employee and I was even able to help a customer find what they were looking for well that's cool straw dog I'm happy you like your new job and you should try and keep your job after all you do need to access food clothes and shelter and pay your share of the rent but did you know that by working hard you're ripping off yourself and your fellow employees and playing into class warfare class warfare by stocking shelves at work I'm engaging in warfare well yeah well let's look at a hypothetical example let's say you own a burger restaurant that employs five people per shift a manager a person working the fryer a person working the grill a person assembling the food together and a person working the cash register now how might you increase your profits if you wanted to make more money that's easy I'd raised the price of burgers well you might do that and it might increase your profits but there are other burger places out there and if your food is too expensive the other burger places might out-compete you well maybe actually I'll make the burgers cheaper then bring in more customers yeah you might be able to do that but there are a lot of fixed prices that go into production you still have to buy the supplies and equipment to make your food buying burgers and buns and lettuce etc and also repairing and replacing refrigerators grill spatulas etc so the food has to cost enough that you are able to keep your restaurant functioning and still make a profit but there are things with costs that you could change well if the food and equipment has fixed costs then that just leaves employees I suppose I can lower the employees wages but there is a minimum wage that can only lower it so far yeah I mean we see that without a minimum wage there's a race to the bottom which leads to sweatshop worry free style labor conditions but we have a minimum wage and so let's just assume that although on a minimum-wage you have to work 2.5 jobs to afford a one-bedroom apartment almost anywhere in the u.s. well let's assume that for the sake of this hypothetical burger shop you like most of the service industry pay your employees minimum wage so potentially what else could you do well I suppose I could increase their workload get my employees to do more work per hour you said I have five employees well there's only so much work to be done I suppose I couldn't have employees making more burgers than what are ordered that doesn't help me much but what if I have only four employees the manager work in the cash register one person working fryer a person working the grill and a person assembling the food together that would increase my profits by one whole employee's income yeah that would do it if you got one person doing the job of two you'd be making much more profit I mean that person now has to immediately find a new way to access food clothes and shelter but I suppose that's not your problem now let's say you were a bit more cutthroat or maybe facing strict competition then what well maybe I could cut more employees have one person as manager in cashier and have the grill person in the fry cook also assembling food together but what do my employees fight back against these speedups I mean I do need my employees to run the restaurant aren't I kind of like in their debt to be honest well maybe if unemployment was very low or non-existent but all the other burger places are likely going to be acting the same way you are having as few employees as possible businesses do tend to act like each other or as Abraham Lincoln said these capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert to fleece the people and since this is the case there's gonna be a lot of unemployed folks or what Marx called the reserve army of Labor and these folks are desperate for a job so if one of your employees gives you any grief you could easily let them go and replace them with someone a little more desperate this is why capitalists seek to cut social programs such as welfare or union protect anything that makes employees less desperate interferes with maximizing profits oh I think I'm getting it one of the best ways for a capitalist can increase their profits is to get as few workers as possible doing as much work as possible yes but there's more to it than that when you willingly do the work of more than one person not only are you helping the capitalists increase their profits you're also raising the bar of what is considered the normal amount of work to get done over the course of a shift let's say that at your new job today you restocked ten aisles of shelves and the normal amount is eight if you keep that up your boss might say things have been pretty tight around here we need you to get those ten shelves done on a six-hour shift after all like you said your boss's goal is to get as few workers as possible doing as much work as possible so when I'm working hard I'm raising the bar for myself and more work is required of me well not only that if you do manage to stock ten aisles of shelves on a six-hour shift perhaps someone who had been stalking eight aisles of shelves on a shift is now getting their hours slashed because they aren't keeping up with the new standard the increased level of exploitation in capitalism in class warfare you want to work as leisurely as possible for the most pay and your boss wants you to work as hard as possible for as little pay as possible in this environment working hard robs both you and your fellow employees well in that case I should totally slack off well it's tricky balance I mean you do still need a job sure your boss has hoarded enough wealth to survive a few months without profit but you sure can't I know you you're living potty-mouth just like I am but I am saying that you should try not to get tricked by your boss into working two jobs for the price of one or is dr. APJ Abdul Kalam states in always leave office on time if you fall in your life neither your boss nor client will offer you a helping hand your family and your friends will you did not study hard and struggle in life to become a machine also American Johnson has some great advice in an article titled work like a cat work like a cat well it's called work like a cat but I believe it applies to dogs too in the article Jonson lists several good slacker practices such as never report a shoplifter or anyone who is fleecing the company and less not doing so would actively endanger your well-being or the well-being of a fellow worker and do not concern yourself with anything that is hindering the profits of the company you aren't being fairly paid so it's literally none of your business and always steal office supplies I see I'll give those sources a look I guess I need to think more carefully about how my goals and ethics are in conflict with what's being demanded of me by capitalism I need to be more aware of how my actions are being used against me and my fellow employees maybe I should adopt some of these slacker practices if I can well be careful unfortunately you'll really be screwed if you lose this new job that may be introducing some slacker practices might make you feel a little better and of course there's always other things you can do that reminds me I wanted to talk to an hour kiddy about something you're a little late but I guess you won't let that happen again sorry here's your sponge and here's your rag and there's your place then don't forget to punch the clock shorty [Applause]

  1. I think Radical Reviewer did a great job making this video while I slacked off all week, don't you? 😀

    Please show Rad some love if you dug this video!

  2. I've been a Target electronics team member for nearly 3 years, and I proudly slack off literally whenever possible. About two months into the job the bullshit management team started to talk about "time theft", which for the uninitiated is this utterly baffling idea that if an employee is not spending literally every second they're on the clock working, then they're actively losing the company money, and that's when I decided to stop giving a shit about the job entirely.

    I take three bathroom breaks on a long shift, twice on a short shift, never aligning it with my mandatory break. I pretty much always have concealed headphones on, I take 17-18 minute long breaks instead of the 15 minutes allotted, take the long way back to my department from the breakroom, spend extra time alone in the stockroom whenever possible, actively avoid learning new management systems and convoluted workflow guides, and basically always resort to the easiest possible task I could be doing at any given time.

    I've outlasted nearly 10 different managers by this point, two system overhauls, a remodel, and multiple department heads. As long as I get the literal bare minimum done they refuse to fire me, or even talk to me about it, if literally anyone has caught on at all, and pull in the 12.50 an hour (and rising due to target's "experimental minimum wage", which is really the only commendable thing the Target corporation has ever or will ever do).

    I will never feel bad for deciding not to devote my time wholly to a soulless, immoral company, and if I didn't need to pay for college, food, gas, and insurance, I wouldn't be there at all. I encourage other retail employees to follow this model and constantly push the boundaries for what's acceptable in your job. If you work at a large enough store, where your managers are often gone for hours or just can't be fucked to keep an eye on you, do whatever you want. You'd be surprised with how much you can get away with.

  3. I knew a guy. He was one of those people that was pro-LGBT, wasn't overtly racist, not a shitty person at all, but still voted Republican because he was blind to the fact that the GOP were against pretty much every sing thing he said he believed and his own economic interests. He would say that he didn't like lazy people. See, he did the most work at his job and others would slack off. He made the most calls, picked up the slack, and would try to be a hard worker and not be lazy. It didn't get him anywhere; his boss' didn't respect them, he didn't get a raise, he didn't make enough to be out of his parents house by thirty. Just a little worker bee, ignorant to the real world, the kind bosses, GOP, and any capitalist manipulators love. Fucking depressing.

  4. Jokes on you bois 😎😎😎 I’m payed flat rate. No jobs come in I don’t get paid even then though I still had to go to work. Basically if I slack off I don’t get to eat.

  5. Almost everyone at my job engages in unspoken slacktavism. Each person takes a 30 min "breakfast break", and even during the busiest periods, we find places to dip into a hallway or an empty room and call home, etc. We come together when it's busy to serve our customers and I recognize that we're lucky in that we're in hospitality, as opposed to the dignity-stripping plantation of retail or in a fluorescent-lined row of cubicles rife with rumors and Interoffice politics so it's easier to slip into an empty hotel room or one of the many hallways. There are ways to do it in retail or an office but you'll have to find your own so don't be discouraged, comrades. The capital holders are will get wealthy off your labor regardless, so come in on time, complete the tasks that are your charge and go home…on time. Unless you want the OT but even then, I usually find it isn't even worth it. Budget your money, save if you can and reclaim your personal time. Draw, write, play some music, or study if you're also a working student, and stay focused on what YOU wanna do.

  6. I can't do this but I'm getting ripped off as well. If I do as little as possible, like some co-workers seem to, one day someone may almost die or die. Also plenty of doctors are doing as little as possible so for the patient's sake I have to try to pick up the slack. I also have no union to protect my job, aside from the primary risk of doing harm. But that raising the bar for the minimum amount of work required but we are in a conundrum and NOBODY helps increase hospital staffing. It's dangerous to everyone on the units in patient contact after being dangerous and detrimental to the patients. I feel pinned. I wanted to help people as my life's goal but the staffing cuts, the fact I get no benefits in order to be contingent for my scheduling being in my control and no increases in patient satisfaction makes it near impossible as a healthcare professional in this system. We also are treated like better paid fast-food workers instead of healthcare providers. I want to be your partner in care not your henchmen with some care added. How can I buck the system without hurting or allowing patients to be hurt? I don't know…

  7. I used to work in the captitalist hellscape of a casino as a croupier. When the minimum wage got raised, they had a meeting to explain that they would have to cut staff meals and some other benefits to compensate and 'stay profitable'. I was pretty burnt out at this point, so I said "Yeah, there's not much money in this industry, so its fair enough. Are those guys at the top OK though? Are they coping alright?" Got a few laughs but put a big target on my head, and a manager that wouldn't even say hi as she passed suddenly became really fucking interested in my performance on the tables. Cut to a year later I'm a nights receptionist in a hotel, and I've got the workload in my 9 hour shift down to about 1 and a half hours, allowing for guest stupidity (Seriously, how some people have not been picked off by a cold winter is a constant source of bafflement to me). All that's required for greedy people to fail is for hard working people to do fuck all, and doing fuck all is really easy. Anyway, I'm off to binge watch some Netlfix and get paid for it…

  8. I work hard to keep high hours. I know I'm indirectly taking those hours from my fellow co-workers. I'm aware of all these things….

  9. That restaurant looks shockingly like one I worked at…actually both I worked at. Three-man lunch-rush? You bet!

  10. "Hard work is only rewarded with more work" -Spoken by my incredibly hardworking/over worked Starbucks Store Manager.

  11. If you work hard, you become a more valuable worker and you won't get fired. And you might even not live off minimal wage your whole life.

  12. Just as note, if you work for a charity, non-profit organisation or are involved in caring for/supporting people, this advice probably should not apply.

    You can't ethically slack off if it leads to the harm or neglect of vulnerable people.

  13. Great video. Here at my job, if you finish early they just give you more work to do. Additionally, if you rush you increase your chances of making mistakes and injuring yourself. And if you injure yourself or cause an accident you increase your chances of being laid off or punished in some way. It simply doesn't pay to rush folks. Do your job at a reasonable rate.

    No matter how great an employee you think you are, your greedy executives/managers at your job will not bat an eye to throw you under the bus and won't lose any sleep firing you or laying off massive numbers of people.

  14. Thank you so much for picking apart the myth of a "strong work ethic" as moral character. There is no honor is toil. More people need to learn that.

  15. Slacking off won't make you happy, though.

    I've worked slack-off jobs and it was really demoralizing over time. I would rather be very busy–it makes the time go by faster, and it keeps you from feeling useless.

    Also, if you slack off, often, your coworkers will have to pick up the slack. You're making it harder for everyone else.

    If you're going to be paid the same amount no matter what, I think you should do what makes you and your coworkers happiest. And that doesn't necessarily mean slacking.

    Some of the best workplace environments I've worked in were go-go-go food service places, and the business contributed to a brisk working atmosphere. And yes, I very much enjoyed working in customer service. I've had some crap jobs, but working in food service for chain restaurants was actually a really positive experience for me. ***Note I'm Canadian, minimum wage is higher here and we have stricter labour laws, so that probably contributes to things. I hear American labour environments are a lot worse.

    I guess I'm a type-A personality. Now I'm self-employed and I work long hours by choice. But I think keeping busy makes most people happy. Inactivity is the road to depression. **Note I don't mean overwork. There's obviously a line where it's too much, and you have to make that judgment for yourself.

  16. Yeah, this explains why I was given double the units to manage as anyone other manager. They slacked and I end up in the hospital. I don’t know how to work without trying my best. My work represents me. I have to figure out how to balance being the best without being taken advantage of. This same thing is happening to my 20 year old daughter. Both of us are used to being the best. And it’s killing us. I need other suggestions beside slacking off. My daughter was always the best in school. Every single teacher she had expected more out of her than the other kids. It’s so ingrained in our culture how do we escape? Every time I do a good job, I’m given more work. Then when I get more work, I can’t do a good job anymore because I get overwhelmed.

  17. My job stressed me out so bad I ended up in the hospital with high blood pressure and chest pains. I got fired for that. I manage communities that are not for profit but the management company made the money. It was hard enough managing 15 communities but then add Trump supporters to the mix……now I’m sitting home watching this dreading going back to work. I just got a call on a high paying job, but it sounds soooo stressful.

  18. Wow, are you people in for a shock when you actually grow up.

    Don't like working for minimum wage? Develop a skill that is worth more to society than the minimum. Shit, a clever monkey can work fast food. Contribute more than minimum and you can demand more than minimum. The world does not owe you a living. You do not owe the world your labor. You owe it to yourself to make the best living you can.

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