The Need for Democratic Socialism | Angela Eagle

I actually would like to start off by saying that I don't regard the tradition that I've been in for all my life the Labour Party in Britain as having anything to do with Stalinism or what happened in the Soviet Union I'm a Democratic Socialist and I think that the vision that I have it is a five values for the way that we renew socialism in our country and those values in no particular order are Liberty democracy equality cooperation and internationalism and I don't think Stalinism had a lot to do with any of that and so I think the only future for socialism is as Democratic socialists within a democratic system arguing that what I call in the book not neoliberalism because that liberalism sounds like a good thing I argue in the book that we've suffered from 40 years of market fundamentalism a fundamentalist belief that markets are the only way to make any decision that the price mechanism is the only way to choose any priority and that somehow you cannot have the collective intervention via an empowering state to create a society that's more civilized where people have more opportunities that's fairer that achieves liberation for women for people with disabilities for avoid prejudice and discrimination against people who were in the minority the kind of society that I've always wanted to build as a socialist so I think we have to get away from this idea that there's an authoritarian anti-democratic democratic centralist sort of Russian Communist way to Annie Ivana that's always been a dead end and when the Berlin Wall fell that was the end of that kind of communistic view in my and so we've got to forge a different way and that's about how we transform a society that is a democracy with a functioning market by putting the market in its proper place and asserting the primacy of a collective vision of the direction we want our societies going for motivates talks and interviews subscribe today to the Institute of Arts and ideas at IAI TV you

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