The Naked Communist #5

the Bible says the children of Israel did evil get inside of the Lord they serve baliya master off the gods of Syria the gods of Zion the gods of Moab the gods of the children Ammon the gods of the Philistines and forsook the Lord and served not him and so the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel and he sold into the hands of the Philistines in the hands of the children of Haman and that year they VAX and oppressed the children of Israel 18 years all the children of Israel that were on the other side of Jordan in the land that am rice which is in Gilead moreover the children of Ammon passed over against Jordan to fight against Judah against Benzema gainst the house that Ephraim so that Israel was sore distressed it seemed like everywhere they turned these people had problems because they had forsaken God no matter which way they turned to the government for help no if they turn over here for help no how everywhere they turned their idols and everything else they ended up and dead-end street and the children of Israel cried into the Lord saying we have sinned against the book because we have forsaken our God and also cerbai Liam but what's God's response the Lord said the children of Israel did not I deliver you from the Egyptians and from the amorite sand for the children a man from the Philistines and the sidonians also the Amalekites in the mall nights and did oppress you and you cry to me and I delivered you out of their hand I got you out of this mess God says in the first place and then you turn your back on me he says yet you have forsaken me and served other gods wherefore I will deliver you no more you'll remember that statement that Samuel said Samuel says I Got News for you you are going to ask for a king you're going to ask for a president you're gonna say I want this guy to be our president and well I'm gonna go ahead and give it to you I don't want you to have but you're bound and determined you wanted someone give it to him you know it's gonna happen it's gonna take you short time most of all it's not what we wanted and God says you know I don't want to you cry that's what you said you wanted that's what you said you wanted that's what you said you want it you can have it don't go crying me no more and that's what God says I'll deliver you no more you see John that just doesn't seem fair yeah but folks watch what's this it says they said oh we've sinned we've sinned deliver us watch what happens go and cry God says go and cry to the gods which you've chosen let them deliver you in the time of your tribulation you think they're so hot go go get them to go have them help you out of here out of your problems you're doing this the children of this will set in to the Lord we have sinned do thou adjust whatsoever seem as good in that and to the delivers only we pray thee this day watch what happens and they put away the strange gods from among them and serve the Lord and his soul was grieved for the misery of Israel so guess what they did something to prove they were serious and you can kind of read between the lines my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways you know hear from heaven I'll forgive their sin thou heal the land folks as long as that's still in the book that tells me there's hope for America I know we are on the edge leaning over the edge but I am still convinced only because I know God I know his word and I know what he's done in the past if we would get serious I truly believe the Lord could pull us out of this otherwise mark it down the greatest days of America are in our past and we're not gonna have a whole lot more to look forward to if we do not be what God's called us to be folks there's not a dilemma a problem or an attitude or a sin or a character fall in the country that the Bible can't solve isn't it funny this church is called the open Bible Church ladies and gentlemen that's what the answer lies in and Bible that's been opened and let me know when we opened his word his word shows forth truth amen now let me just say that the rest of these three weeks are not going to be like this okay this one is to let you know where I think you and I lie in a balance because prophecy is things that have yet to happen there are certain spectrum of things that have already been set in motion but now listen this is going to sound a little far-fetched for some of you there are lots of open-ended abilities literally America could find revival America could pull itself out of this and maybe one of the reasons why it's not found in the scriptures is not because it's gone it's because it's one of those countries that apparently are fighting against the Antichrist and there's something going on there in spite of all that who knows for sure but let me just tell you this we know that there are certain things that are transpiring right before our very eyes in the world right now literally you can take today's newspaper or today's news open the scripture and point how they are literally happening before eyes and these next three weeks what I want to do is to show you on a world scale how the things that are being set up in the directions that things are going are all giving us a very good picture like a you would put in the puzzles you piece the puzzle together that's showing how it's all coming about how we as Americans fit in all this I think is directly resulting on how we're gonna deal with this issue tonight are y'all with me y'all with me okay all right let's have a word of Prayer I'm gonna turn over back to pastor Josh lord thank you for my friends that have come tonight I just pray that what we've said and what we've shown and what we've shared would take root in the hearts and that there would not be a giving up attitude of any in this building tonight that there would not be a discouragement because you told us that when we see these things come to pass that we're to look up and to be excited because our Redemption draws near the father I ask that this will cause us as you told Samuel to protest solemnly I pray that we as your people will stand and not be quiet but that our voices will be heard and that we will protest solemnly to a nation that's turned its back on God help us to speak out and stop being intimidated and backward but help us to take that full power that you've given to us in the holy spirit and to be bold witnesses for you wherever we go and I ask these things in Jesus name you agree would you say Amen

  1. God Bless you Brother for sharing this!!! I am sharing it with my pages and keep you all in my prayers ! <3 Agape & shalom!

  2. No.. the greatest days of America are NOT necessarily in our Past.
    God is hearing the cries of His people, His FAITHFUL ones.
    But we need to do our job to be Salt and Light!
    We need to proclaim the gospel, we need to educate our children, neighbors etc.
    Too many have taken a back seat and expected the churches to be the salt/light
    too many have been afraid to share their testimony, to witness to people in their
    communities, too many have neglected to preach the gospel and have gotten

    We need to take back the mantle of teaching/guiding the children/youth
    into the truth and we need to stop allowing those who preach watered down
    gospels, promote pagan "Christianized" practices, those who teach immorality
    to our children to be in positions of authority. It's time to take back our
    country. It's time to stand for truth in our churches.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 God can and WILL heal our land if we will do our part!

  3. I completely agree! Many have turned to false gods and pagan practices.

    In late 1986- early 1987 the Lord literally spoke to me of this. I was a very new Christian/born again believer, and had no clue what was going on in our nation. He gave me a dream, then spoke a word to me out loud, but I reasoned the meaning in my own mind (leaned on my own understanding) and as a result, I thought God was saying He was blessing us. A few months later, He came to me and spoke again, but actually told me what was going on. This is what He said:

    "Just as I gave Israel the Land of Canaan, so also I gave you (plural) the United States.
    Just as Israel forgot My words, intermarried with pagans, and adopted their customs, practices and gods,
    so also have you (plural) done.
    And just as I judged Israel, so also I am judging you (plural) unless you repent as a nation"

    He also spoke to me via scriptures, telling me that the enemy was in the camp of the saints, disguised as us to destroy us from within.
    AND that there is a conspiracy AMONG the saints, trying to turn us back to pagainism. Just like the people got tired of waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain, and made their own gods.. many have gotten tired of waiting for Jesus to come back, and have turned to pagan/occult practices/false gods etc., and are trying to lure others into these things. there is a LOT more going on, but this is a short description. This is happening not just from ppl who were Christians, or the descendants of Christians though, it is also false teachers etc. infiltrating the churches.

    At the time He spoke this to me, I had not seen any of it.. but from that point forward, I started to see trickles of New Age /pagan stuff in the church.. individuals teaching pagan doctrine. Then the prosperity teachers. Then they started saying we are all little gods.. then suddenly it came in like a FLOOD.

    I believe He has given us a reprieve through a flawed man (President Trump) who has a heart that wants to do good, but the enemy is also in the midst of things, trying to continue to corrupt what God is doing.

    We need repentance among God's people, we need PREACHING THE GOSPEL AND SHARING OUR TESTIMONIES WITH OUR NEIGHBORS, FAMILY, FRIENDS ETC., we need to be PRAYING for ALL who are in authority, praying for and teaching our children , and to prepare them for the propaganda before they are subjected to it, to teach them what they need to know continually. Parents have abrogated their responsibilities, and abandoned their obligation to teach their children and to lead them to Jesus. They have left it up to the schools and government, and have not stayed involved with helping their children navigate and understand the obstacles and false teaching before, during and after they were subjected to it.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 / Psalm 85:8/

  4. JMJ ✝. Amen 🙏! Thanks for posting these five vids which are filled with the Truth of the Holy Ghost 🕊!

  5. Pastor, I am so impressed with you Naked Communist series. Le me know if you have more concerning this topic. Thanks

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