The Naked Communist #4

he goes on to say therefore unity with Christ internally exalts comforts and trials makes the heart open to love people not because our pride or thirst for fame but because of Christ I don't know when you think about that's written by high school students that's pretty incredible matter of fact during that same period of time he wrote another one entitled thoughts of a young man before choosing a profession and here's what he says religion teaches us the ideal to whom we will aspire we all aspire he has sacrificed himself for all mankind who we dare to do will dare to deny such assertions if we have chosen a profession at which we may give our best to mankind then we won't falter under its burden because it is a sacrifice for all so here he is saying that the basis of jobs the basis of work is to pattern ourselves after the one who sacrifice for others and you can see how he was widely influenced by a matter of fact when he graduated his diploma actually contained this falling category under religious knowledge the school wrote of him talking about Marx now his knowledge of Christian teachings and principles is clear and properly based he also knows the history of the Christian Church to a great extent now that's really remarkable when you consider the fact a few short months after I graduated from high school he started Tynan a college now right about this time was when Darwin's book became very prominent and of course it dropped into his lap and Marx read it well as a result of it he was devastated in his faith during this exact same time the the classes that he was taken in College the liberal professor who himself was a pastor a very very liberal pastor who did not believe in the inspiration in the scripture did not believe in in the fundamentals of the faith and yet was a reverend taught that the Bible's full of allegories and myths he contradicts itself etc etc and week after week after week after week of this type of training and bombardment of his faith Karl Marx became an agnostic and as a result his bitterness against the Bible his bitterness against Christianity and his upbringing caused him to develop a movement that ladies and gentlemen has killed more people than any movement in history I want you to consider this because a short time before he died he wrote this poem thus heaven I forfeited I know it full well my soul once true to God is chosen for hell sadly he died in desperation he wrote his co-author on the 25th of March 83 1883 and says how purple is an empty life is but how desired here was a man who used to be a young man in church and he would pray and read his Bible every day of his life he was devoted and yet what happened folks the church dropped the ball when I think about this I think of the fact that Marxism and socialism has made it around the world due in part to the failure of the church to continue to influence young thinkers that's why we must watch our trends and see if we are answering the questions that are being asked or if we're just doing our own thing and hope people will join us and I I can't help but notice and you all forgive me because I'm not really youth are somewhere else tonight they are pastors shaking his head I am here to say folks as I travel around I am seeing more and more churches with less and less youth and when you think most of these kids that do come are coming because their parents come but they're telling us now that somewhere around 82 to 87 percent of kids that graduate from our fundamental Bible believing churches 82 to 87 percent of them after going to college will never again come back to church because many of them are going out into a world that are literally attacking them for their faith in Christ we're losing them and the reason why I'm saying all this tonight is because I'm wondering how many Carl's are we losing today while we play the pin the tail on the Antichrist game because that's what the you know a lot of prophecy things we'll get into they'll get into their version of who they think the Antichrist is and I've been around long enough it was Ronald Wilson Reagan because he had six letters and that each of his name's it was John F Kennedy cuz he had a deadly wound to the head and he's gonna somehow emerge out of this I mean just in today it's Barack Hussein Obama because you know Barack means lightning and lightning say I saw Satan fall from evidence lightning and all that it's just amazing what people will go with all this stuff and they'll try to find all the stuff and all the while they're trying to figure out who the Antichrist who cares because if the church is going to be what it's supposed to be you're not even gonna be around here when the dude shows up we're supposed to be doing the work of holding back this spirit of Antichrist until we get taken all the way and then go for it but you know here we are folks we must be serious about our mission and that is to reach the Lost while we have time and that's why Jesus says I must work while it's yet day for the night comes when no man can work I saw as we were getting set up tonight there was a guy at her cutting the grass and of course it rained today that wasn't convenient so he couldn't come earlier was getting dark so I had to come because you couldn't you can't cut grass tomorrow it's dark it's night you can't cut the grass but you got to get the grass cut cuz y'all gonna have a picnic so you got to work while you can because the times are gonna come you can't work so you got to squeeze in what you can but you know what's happened to us we've lost our ability to really believe that Jesus really is the answer because if we really believe he's the answer then surely we would tell our neighbor we would show our fellow worker or the person that we go to school with but you know what the Bible says history will repeat itself what they did before they're gonna do again and just like the children of Israel who loved the Lord turn their back on the Lord and started saying we want to do it the other way we want to be like those other nations God says I don't want you to be like those other nations yeah but we want to be like those other nations they kept rejecting God's Way kept rejecting God's Way kept rejecting God's Way cuz okay you don't want my truth well then you can have the world's lies there's a way that seems right to a man but the way there I was in the death in there of the way of death so you know what you don't you don't want okay I'll give you what you want you have what you want so we have today folks we have this dilemma we find it in judges the Bible says the children of Israel did evil get inside of the Lord they serve baliya master off of God's Syria the gods of Zion the gods of Moab the cause of the children Ammon gods of the Philistines and forsook the Lord and served not him and so the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel and he sold into the hands of the Philistines in the hands of the children of Haman and that year they've accent oppressed the children of Israel 18 years all the children of Israel that we're on the other side of Jordan in the land that AM Rights which is in Gilead moreover the children of ammon passed over against Jordan to fight against Judah against Benzema gainst the house that Ephraim so that Israel was sore distressed it seemed like everywhere they turned these people had problems because they had forsaken God no matter which way they turned to the government for help no if they turn over here for help nohow everywhere they turned their idols and everything else they ended up and dead-end street and the children of Israel cried in to the Lord saying we have sinned against the book because we have forsaken our God and also cerbai Liam but what's God's response the Lord said the children of Israel did not I deliver you from the Egyptians and from the amorite sand for the children a man from the Philistines and there's Eidolons also the Amalekites in the mall nights and did oppress you and you cry to me and I delivered you out of their hand I got you out of this mess God

  1. God gave them the leader that many chose, not all of us. a bit more than half our nation wants righteousness and truth.
    God gave us a reprieve in Donald Trump because of our prayers and much repentance. But don't return to foolishness, bc if you do,
    they will be in control again. 2 Chronicles 7:14

  2. I completely agree that our job is to hold back the spirit of antichrist as long as we are here, to reach the lost, to proclaim the gospel, to share our testimonies, to build up the faith, to give the reasons for our faith, to strengthen people to understand WHY they believe, to teach our children! To pray for those in authority, for our communities, etc., and to keep working to destroy the works of satan.. of which socialism/communism is one!

  3. that second writing you pointed to of Marx has the seeds of communism within it. already he is looking at the world as though it is the duty of all men to get involved in "giving our best to mankind" … That is not the goal of the gospels. Our profession should be secondary to proclaiming Jesus Christ, not getting involved in social works. His view was clearly either becoming distorted, or it was distorted all along and he only pretended to be a Christian. How many do we see in our own time, who proclaim Jesus, presumably have biblical beliefs, only to suddenly find they are promoting pagan practices in the guise of Christian practice, and/or suddenly promoting things that are completely in opposition to the gospel? It has been happening, and only God knows if these ppl were led astray, or if they were infiltrators all along. The bible is clear that there would be false teachers among us, some of whom would SECRETLY introduce false doctrines. Marx was a tool of satan.. whether he began that way or not, only God knows. And btw, New agers, who determined to USE Christianity/religion to further their goals , specifically desired to infiltrate Christianity to introduce false doctrines, pagan /occult practices etc. Their "Christ" and their "god" is not the Christ or the God of the bible, but they use biblical terms, phrases , and scriptures for their own goals to pervert the gospel and to lead mankind astray

    On one hand, you make it sound like Communism came out of christianity, albeit liberal 'Christianity'.. but the thing is, that liberal Christianity is not Chrsitianity at all, it is a counterfeit, an infiltration of the enemy to try to destroy Christianity from within

    I do agree with you though, that Christians have dropped the ball. Especially once we delegated our responsibility to teach our children to strangers, and then to the government!

  4. Lenin, Marx, Trotsky, Engels, Brezhnev and Khrushchev were Jews. Stalin were jeweorgian. Charles Darwin parents weren't Christians but secreat Jews/Unitarians who believe that mainline Christianity does not adhere to strict monotheism but that they do by maintaining that Jesus was a great man and a prophet of God, perhaps even a supernatural being, but not God himself. They believe Jesus did not claim to be God and that his teachings did not suggest the existence of a triune God. Unitarians believe in the moral authority but not necessarily the divinity of Jesus. Their theology is thus opposed to the trinitarian theology of other Christian denominations.

  5. Communism and Zionism was originated by the Jewish Rabbi Moses Hess.  He developed these ideology to halt the tied of German Jews converting to Christianity.  Hess mentored Karl Marx.  This segment on Marx, is exactly why Hess invented Communism — to keep Jews like Marx from converting to Christianity.

    What needs to be understood are the Jewish faith linkage to Marxism and their war against Christianity.

  6. The title you gave "The Anti-Christ Game" is intriguing, I understand why you came up with it, even though it is Not a game; in truth, anti-christ – IS anyone who teaches that there was no need for the Savior who IS Jesus the Christ, the very Son of God and His Atonement.

  7. Well it was a good series up until he starts bashing Darwin.  Darwin did not create communism nor would he have supported it since it can only exist in an artificially created parasitic environment.  Here's the deal; science is supposed to give us the answer to how we came to be here; religion is supposed to give us the answer to why we are here.  Scientists need to stay out of religion and theologians need to stay out of science.

  8. This is so true. I for one left the church for over 20 years, I got sick of churches looking out for money and money alone. They do not care about the soul any longer. I have turned back to God but not going to church unless I see change. It is just way too exhausting and devastating seeing the behavior!

  9. viewing more into this video I'm having problems how the minister is using this book to promote his religious views.

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