The Museum of Capitalism

the reason of capitalism looks back on capitalism from our future perspective in which capitalism no longer exists machine that when cranked emits pennies at the exact rate of minimum wage in Auckland and 2017 years to twelve dot eighty six cents per hour so if you were to continue cranking it for an hour you would get exactly that amount it's a way of sort of giving people the experience of noon wage these are some banners bearing the logos of bankrupt banks each of these banks either went bankrupt er was acquired or sort of dissolved in some way during the Great Recession this is a fire pit that's been filled with bricks made using credit card offers that are similar to what Preppers and sort of survivalists used to make bricks that they can burn when there's nothing left to burn after a catastrophe the treadmill has video of garment workers and when the user operates the treadmill it actually speeds up the pace at which the worker those you working and the screens when they're not being used have various enticements to to work and to use the treadmill the money museum has forms of currency from around the world including you know coinage and paper bills but also more kind of anthropological and pertaining to these as currency trail I think the hope is that being able to step into a museum and you know walk around the exhibits see the artifacts is something that will help people to come to terms with capitalism and maybe see ways that it could be either improved or advanced beyond

  1. Capitalism means that the profits that you make working mostly go to YOU. If I were to make 50,000 salary in a year, I would keep about 35,000 of it; the other 15 thousands goes to taxes. With that 35,000, I get to make decisions for myself that I think best fit me. My car, house, etc. If I were to live in a socialist nation, and I make 50,000 a year, I'd keep 5,000 of it AT MOST. The other 90% would go to the government, where they would only make generalized decisions for the public. These decisions may not best suite me, but I don't have any say. That's the advantage of capitalism. If you're in DEEP poverty in a capitalistic society, you shouldn't be. That's not the governments fault, that's your fault for not putting for effort into keeping yourself alive. You only have to blame yourself

  2. Look at a world map that shows GDP per capita. Notice that western, capitalistic societies earn on average more than socialist societies.

  3. What to expect from commie California? They wear mass murderers on T-shirts and call them revolutionaries.

  4. capitalist society is based upon the exploitation of labor. A small minority owns everything; the working masses own nothing. The capitalists command. The workers obey. The capitalists exploit. The workers are exploited. The very essence of capitalist society is found in this merciless and ever-increasing exploitation.Capitalist production is a practical instrument for the extraction of surplus value.

  5. Hey, where are the apple phones? The cars? The laptops? The air conditioners? The fast food? The medical advancements? The refrigerators? The space ships? The food? The water? The……..

  6. No museum of socialism. No building is large enough for the corpses of the starved, the murdered, and the killed in action.

  7. "Minimum Wage Machine"

    ??????You do realize the minimum wage is a policy of Government, its not a function of capitalism

  8. An amazing video, it shows the true nature of our society and how the powers that be value our society, and how the simple fact that they care more about profits then the human race.

  9. What a sad and pathetic museum. It's really unappreciative of all the advancements and good that has been brought up from capitalism, the amount of people lifted from abject poverty every year, and so on. This video is pretty delusional and one sided.

    This is coming from someone who's FULLY AWARE of that fact that capitalism as we know it will soon come to an end due to AI and Automation (Which have only gotten as far as they have BECAUSE of capitalism). I'm sick of people on both sides bitching about the other from angle of pure ignorance.

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