The Met x MIT – a digital renaissance | Microsoft In Culture

>>For us it’s
important to understand the Met is not just a place
that you visit. It’s really a great service to
an audience all around the world.>>We believe we have
one objective that can inspire every single person in the planet. How can we reduce
the distance between each of those people and the object
will inspire them?>>In February 2017, the museum
made the decision to release all the images and data of
our public domain artwork, free of any copyright restriction.>>We are photographing all of our two million objects
that the Met houses. Our task is really to
share our collection, to disseminate our knowledge
to as many people as possible.>>Now, we want to answer
a question, using AI technologies, what can people build on that?>>We put together
teams from the Met, Microsoft, MIT and we have
a hackathon happening.>>We can create experiences around art that really
have never been seen before because the technology we have today has never been
available before. I’m helping mentor students
and teams that are building applications with the Microsoft
technology as a platform. It’s incredible to see what
people are able to do.>>Artificial intelligence finds patterns that the human eye
doesn’t capture and we start actually learning about ourselves better than we
probably knew already.>>One way that we
preserve culture is give people tools to create
new things with it, and to spread those creations
across the globe.>>As a museum experience starts becoming more
than just a visit to a museum and looking at the space of what we can
do in a virtual world, the more people become
aware actually what’s in a met is relevant to me. Ultimately, it’s those ideas we want people to take away with them. It’s the connections to culture, the connections to history

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