The March of History: Mises vs. Marx – The Definitive Capitalism vs. Socialism Rap Battle

You see? It’s a revolution. Capitalism’s days are numbered. Then there goes our freedom. If Socialism wins, America loses. We have nothing to lose but our chains. And our civilization. Learn some history. Private property and free markets built modern day society. Yeah and modern society is the problem. Two for March of History. Thank you. Enjoy the show boys. Look at this theater. Look at all of this plenty. THIS is Capitalism! So Capitalism’s diabetes? Got it. Your whole world is coming apart. I pity you. America is once again at ideological war. After decades of post-war consensus, the great debate between Capitalism and Socialism has captured the public square. And no two men have more fervently fought this battle than Socialist philosopher Karl Marx, and classical liberal economist Ludwig von Mises. Marx vs Mises. Mises vs Marx. The March of History continues… Workers of the world, assemble It’s time for the ruling classes to tremble
I’m the people’s hero the MVP M A R X, yeah you know me Let’s go back to when men were free we hunted and gathered communally But get ready cause here comes the twist A villain appears called a Capitalist He puts the proletariat (that’s us) in chains Exploits our labor and pockets the gains Through slick ads he tricks lads and ladies in kind Selling fake needs he poisons our hearts and minds He rots our soul through alienation Pursuing limitless accumulation He works us into an early grave Through debt steals back the money we save Greed is the gospel Profit (God) The rich get richer through graft and fraud The poor get poorer but YOU don’t care Doesn’t that sound laissez unfair? Two hundred years I’ve been singing this song now my chorus is 99 percent strong The revolution’s here, it’s time to repent your moment is over, your capital’s spent This is history’s lesson You think he’s right I’m guessin’? All we want is progression without bourgeois oppression So we look for the truth As we tighten our boots Who’s right, who’s wrong? Left, right, left, now the march is on Guten Tag, Marx, nice to meet ya. My name’s Ludwig: call me “Teacher” The master of markets, the Austrian boss, You don’t like profits? Well let’s talk loss The problem with your plan is nobody wins Except Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh Lenin, Mugabe — remember Berlin? They built a wall to keep their people in Your theories have a rotten foundation Built on control, not cooperation Centralized power completely corrupts Real people suffer, violence erupts Your system depends on the very same people you decry as greedy, bourgeois and evil If we’re not fit to run our own lives why would you expect our votes to be wise? If you really want to help people rise up Unleash the free market: lift their lives up It was Capitalism not a Socialist plan saved billions in India, China, Japan Everyone has a unique purpose and plan no one solution can serve the whole land Each individual has their own voice The heart of my theory is freedom and choice This is history’s lesson The market’s a blessing (Yeah, right!) Let’s pursue our expression Living free from aggression So we look for the truth With the freedom to choose Who’s right, who’s wrong? Left, right, left now the march is on Free Marketeers love to play this game Mao kills millions, Marx gets blamed It’s deceptive, dishonest, plain unfair Did I drive the tanks at Tiananmen Square? Man, I’m a humanist You can check my receipts But you gotta break eggs if you wanna eat Don’t like violence? Admit defeat Then I’ll call this revolution complete Till then, let’s get a few things straight I’m not shaping the future, I’m embracing our fate My utopian forebears weren’t that specific but this analysis is highly scientific Every social system has governing laws Capitalism? Doomed, because the system generated it’s own fatal flaws by uniting workers in a common cause Thanks to you, we have all the wealth we need to seize control and eradicate greed The people are rejecting your bourgeois lies Real Marxism has never been tried Equality is the core of my creed from this one’s ability to that one’s need Our healthcare, finance and industry let’s collectivize and set ourselves free Your standard refrain “oh that’s not the real thing” The most common verse all your followers sing The closer we get to your ideal system further we go down the road to serfdom The empirical record can’t be denied your ideas don’t work, but they just won’t die (ATTENTION!) This is not breaking news Jevons and Menger lit that fuse Now here comes the bomb via Von Bohm-Bawerk He blew up your system, exposed the core quirk The heart of your theory is exploitation of surplus value, that’s a bogus equation You can’t explain value by measuring the cost of labor That theory of value has lost favor Value is subjective by every measure One man’s trash is another man’s treasure There’s no exploitation if two people arrange voluntary exchange Man, that’s not deranged That bourgeois transaction you diss with a scoff creates benefit for both so we’re both better off Here’s the real problem, the crucial equation Without private markets there’s no calculation to coordinate courses, allocate resources incentivize choices, because it lacks prices What crops should I grow? Where should this factory go? How should I pick a J.O.(B)? How would your planners ever know? Your “theory” is a bundle of confusion Socialism got crushed by the marginal revolution This is history’s lesson All we want is progression Let’s pursue our expression Livin free from aggression So we look for the truth As we tighten our boots Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Left, right, left, now the march is on. We’re all better off, are you kidding me Mises? My immiseration thesis tears you to pieces Your economy grows, but not our wages You call that progress? I think it’s outrageous In 1820 everyone was poor until Capitalism kicked down the door Real wage growth, not stagnation saved 80% of the world from starvation You kicked down the door but you locked us out That’s what your “free market” is all about Here’s what you do: on your next shopping spree pick up this book by my boy Tommy P. The pie can get bigger, it’s not zero sum free markets have lifted the lowest incomes
If you really want to help out the poorest nations encourage peace, trade and immigration The Earth is boiling and your solution is more production, more pollution? More cheap trinkets in bigger malls more fossil fuels, more aerosols? Wait, what? For a problem this big we need total control A green New Deal to save the North Pole We can’t gamble the future on anarchy greed’s not a plan, it’s insanity! Your story’s bombastic, your rhetoric’s strong There’s only one problem… your theory’s wrong! The wealthiest countries do the most to conserve Hava-haven’t you heard of the Kuznets curve? Only wealthy societies can afford to go green if you want a better world, see the unseen Even carbon will bend to creative destruction With entrepreneurship in the means of production This is history’s lesson The market’s a blessing All we want is progression Living free from aggression So we look for the truth With the freedom to choose Who’s right, who’s wrong? Left, right, left now the march is on I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again The long march of history will come to an end Hegel was close, but too a priori Watch me break down my dialectical story Proletariat, bourgoisie Them versus us, you versus me Slave, master, lord and serf New class battles, same old turf We have what we need to throw the chains off us Organize the economy like the post office The state takes over but that’s not the whole plan watch it wither away and leave Socialist man Our goal is true fairness, outcomes that are equal Capitalism? (Over) Here’s a Socialist sequel Revolution’s coming, prepare for the fight Workers of the world, U-U-U-U-Unite Nothing is determined, you’re so fatalistic A grand theory of history Be realistic! Your failed predictions? A distraction Here’s some questions that guide human action Where are we going? What’s the right course? What will motivate us,? Incentives or force? Here’s what you miss from commanding heights each person’s gifts and individual rights Across every continent, culture and creed People have flourished only when freed To find passion, profit, charity and love Through the shake of a hand, not a boot from above Socialism’s record isn’t hard to parse First it was tragedy, now it’s a farce Let’s unite people from every nation In peace, exchange and cooperation Wow. Yeah. I told you Marx was right. No way. It’s Mises all the way. The free market brings the goods. Yeah it brings the goods alright. A heaping pile of inequality and strife. Try peace and prosperity. Yeah I am. I am trying that. You are? Yeah. Okay because it doesn’t look like it. Did you watch this? Yeah. Half of it was good.

  1. Just exceptional, literally a master piece. Congrats AIER and John Papola (Emergent Order) for creating this amazing video.

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  3. "o socialismo é uma alternativa ao capitalismo assim como cianeto é uma alternativa a água" – Mises

    esse vídeo ta genial demaiss

  4. The radicals of our world dream of a world free from coercion. Those who CALL themselves radicals… inevitably return to Pharoah, force, and the rule of the "wise-and-anointed."

  5. For those who want to learn more about Mises and the Austrian school:

  6. Be sure to note that we've added subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese!

  7. Hayek vs Keynes was a masterpiece, but I've got annoyed by a few things:

    1. The autotune at the hook. Ditch it.

    2. Mises got all the main arguments right, amazing work. Bastiat, menger, Hayek, etc. Great references. Marx, though, lacked deepness. A lot of dumb points like green new deal. I feel he should be more theoretical. Marx was more entertaining than enlightening, unlike Hayek or keynes

  8. I've seen it and i've made a react in Portuguese (editing now) lol
    I would like to produce the beat for the next battle. Invite me.

  9. 7:30 Marxism and environment? Thats rich. The most polluted places on earth were created by the Soviet Union. That includes lakes so deadly that you die just by getting near it.

  10. Marx persist in the public opinion because of ignorance, no one actually read all the shit he wrote, not even the majority of left supporters. Marx was a moron, his thoughts are a fiasco and the average postmodernist citizen is just fucking lame. All this would be funny if it wouldn't be so sad. This ideology and its variation, a damn tragedy.

  11. MASTERPIECE. The first time I heard it I was not completely convinced, but after hearing it 2-3 times… NO DOUBTS, IT'S A MASTERPIECE.

    P.S. It would be cool to create some more of these battles, you propose which battle and WE THE PEOPLE can fund it.

  12. After all those years of waiting, THANK YOU for making this!!! ᜋᜍᜋᜒᜅ᜔ ᜐᜎᜋᜆ᜔!!! 謝謝你!!!ども有り難う具材ます!!! Ευχαριστώ σε!!! Спасибо!!! תודה רבה!!!

  13. I'm as capitalist as it comes, but I'm pretty sure that this Marx is more of a college student's impression of Marx than what actual marxists believe in, for starters none of them say marxism wasn't tried, they all love the USSR, Maoist China and East Germany

  14. Who was Karl Marx:

    Who was Ludwig Von Mises:

    And watch all the playlist of Extra Videos of these "March of History" here:

  15. Didn't Peter Boettke just say Marx would have called Bernie Sanders "Petty Bourgeois" on Papola's podcast today? Why is Marx being conflated with Democrats?

  16. Right there in the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels have an entire section on "Reactionary Socialism"

    For Marx and Engels, basically all socialism was was regressive (see Marx's comments about Communism being driven by "avarice" in the 1844 manuscripts – publicly available!)

    Why would you start Marx's verse with a complete reactionary mischaracterization? Is this the "Steelman" that Papola claimed he was going to do on his podcast?

  17. The next line mentions the capitalist as a villain.

    Is this what Marx thought?

    From the first preface to Capital

    "To prevent possible misunderstanding, a word. I paint the capitalist and the landlord in no sense couleur de rose [i.e., seen through rose-tinted glasses]. But here individuals are dealt with only in so far as they are the personifications of economic categories, embodiments of particular class-relations and class-interests. My standpoint, from which the evolution of the economic formation of society is viewed as a process of natural history, can less than any other make the individual responsible for relations whose creature he socially remains, however much he may subjectively raise himself above them."

    Von mises makes the same point in a different setting in his text Bureaucracy when talking about government bureaucrats. 

    Who did research for this video? You guys have plenty of money and time to just honestly read the texts.

  18. It is not the capitalist that alienates the worker.

    Its also not alienation but rather estrangement. Estrangement is from everybody, including the capitalist.

    Selling is alienation. There is nothing wrong with. You have the right to dispense with your property.

    Even selling your labor to someone hires you, Marx has zero problem with.

    Rather, Marx was interested in what he called "Estranged labor." – Entfremdung Arbeit.

    Labor is a relation – it is the first property (Locke!). So it is not the alientation of labor (which would be merely the "mixing" of labor) but rather an estranged relationship, one that dominates the producer. It is Locke upside down.

    The capitalist is then the product of labor **already estranged to itself.** The personification of capital, which is not machines or money but a contradiction of labor to itself, which takes the form of "estrangement" or coming from without. A misrecognition of ourselves to ourselves.

    "Through estranged, alienated labor, then, the worker produces the relationship to this labor of a man alien to labor and standing outside it. The relationship of the worker to labor creates the relation to it of the capitalist (or whatever one chooses to call the master of labor). Private property is thus the product, the result, the necessary consequence, of alienated labor, of the external relation of the worker to nature and to himself."

    In other words, for Marx, capitalism is society dominating itself. Social Domination. NOT THE CAPITALISTS DOMINATING THE WORKER.

  19. If the rich got richer through "graft and fraud,"

    then there would be no need for socialism.

    You would only need the appropriate execution of contracts.

    Thus, the issue is not fraud.

    Marx is also not about the poor. Rather, it is a question of the freedom of humanity. Its not bleeding-heartism.

  20. Well, thanks to this video, socialists may know who Mises was and the ideas he defended. Since I'm sure that not even they knew his name and who he was before.
    The first who refuted Marx's ideas was Böhm von Bawerk, then Menger, then Mises, and finally Hayek finished burying Marx's ideas. But unfortunately no one found out about this and they still believe that Marx's ideas are correct.
    Long live freedom.

  21. “Socialism is the renunciation of rational economy. (…) Everything brought forward in favor of Socialism during the last hundred years, in thousands of writings and speeches, all the blood which has been spilt by the supporters of Socialism, cannot make Socialism workable.” – Ludwig von Mises

  22. "Doesn't that sound laissez unfair?"

    Damn, Marx killed the battle there, even if the battle is totally biased towards Mises.

    This whole battle was actually funny, since Marx is one of the most influential philosophers and economists in world's history, while Mises is, well… only relevant in the internet.

  23. >living free from oppression
    Honest question, how free are you when you live paycheck to paycheck?

    >"There is no oppression when two people make a deal and agree on it." A poor man starving to death agreeing to work for barely enough money to buy food is actually free from oppression, guys. Lmao

    >That's wasn't real Marxism

    This is clearly a straw man. When people say "that wasn't real communism" they are focusing on the semantics, and that a stateless, classless, moneyless society has never existed.

    Attacking strawmen is a terrible way to win an argument, but looking at this comment section apparently it works.

    Also sucks they made Marx out to be an idealist, despite his foundation being that of materialism and marxists constantly criticizing others for being idealist.

  24. "If you really want to help people rise up, 
    Unleash the free market: lift their lives up! 
    It was capitalism, not a socialist plan, 
    Saved billions in India, China, Japan."

  25. I say this loving your work appreciating the immense effort that went into producing this music video and the ones previous. I feel a bit torn after watching Mises vs Marx. It doesn't quite seem to bottle the lightning of the previous videos (especially the unadulterated brilliance of Keynes v Hayek round 2). I'll see if I can identify what is causing the dissonance for me:
    -The writing and wit of the lines feel weaker than the previous videos. Marx is primarily monosyllabic, individual words rhyming with other monosyllabic and individual words. Now the previous videos did use monosyllable words to end lines, but they were typically parts of longer, iconic phrases. Previous videos also featured a more creative/open rhyme scheme with more complex words. Strangely, Mises' lines don't seem to suffer the same way the bridges and Marx did. I'm not sure if the writing task was split between parties or the entire project was composed by a single entity. That being said, I will absolutely give credit where it is due, Mises' had some excellent writing.
    -Marx is portrayed more as a rabble-rouser here than an academic confident in the inevitability of his cause. A position he chastised others for taking ("revolutionary phrase-mongering" to both Jules Guesde and Paul Lafargue). He also didn't seem to have his position evolve like his presented theory (temporary socialist control into the eventual communal utopia) which would have helped to distinguish Marx from what people think of Marxism.
    –5:05 Equity might have been a more accurate choice than equality, especially given Marx's following line, "from this one's ability to that one's need".
    -Stanton felt super stiff and that affected his flow, especially compared to Crosby's, Scafuri's, and Lustick's more animated performances. His delivery felt like it was restrained or restricted by something. I'm not sure if it was director's choice, physical health on the day of the shoot, or just how he normally carries himself.
    -Both Keynes vs Hayek rounds felt more substantive, although I suspect that is probably because the two were contemporaries and exchange critiques of each others' works. It would have been nice to see some more specific and pointed attacks out of Marx.

    -The autotuned lines feel incongruous to the rest of the production. Nothing else in the series is as heavily processed as those 4 bridges.

    All this being said, I still enjoyed it, John, and I hope you go on to produce many, many more videos. Perhaps we can even get a real release of Deck the Halls with Econ Follies!

  26. Marx has a critique of Humanism (4:23) – this is the critique of Feuerbach., who deduces man from an abstract concept of Man.

    Really "Humanism" was already put to bed with Rousseau, who demonstrated the "modern concept of freedom," as Hegel put it, that Humans are Most Human when they transform what it means to be Human – Human Nature is to be Free.

  27. Marx already pointed out that Communism is driven by envy, in the exact works that Peter Boettke and Papola mentioned on today's podcast.

    "Crude communism [the manuscript has: Kommunist. – Ed.] is only the culmination of this envy and of this levelling-down proceeding from the preconceived minimum. It has a definite, limited standard. How little this annulment of private property is really an appropriation is in fact proved by the abstract negation of the entire world of culture and civilisation, the regression to the unnatural || IV ||IV| simplicity of the poor and crude man who has few needs and who has not only failed to go beyond private property, but has not yet even reached it."

    Socialism is a reflection of the crisis of modern society. It's not ethically better but rather a **question.** 

    In Socialism: Scientific and Utopian, the most well-read text of the 2nd International, Engels just calls socialism an "ideal reflex." 

    As a reflection, it bears the contradictions of capitalist society. It in fact is, as Marx puts above, property vs property. 

    Or as below, "infected by its opposite, private property." 

    This is why young Marx points out that Communism is contradictory: 

    "I am therefore not in favor of our hoisting a dogmatic banner. Quite the reverse. We must try to help the dogmatists to clarify their ideas. In particular, communism is a dogmatic abstraction and by communism I do not refer to some imagined, possible communism, but to communism as it actually exists in the teachings of Cabet, Dezamy, and Weitling, etc. This communism is itself only a particular manifestation of the humanistic principle and is infected by its opposite, private property. The abolition of private property is therefore by no means identical with communism and communism has seen other socialist theories, such as those of Fourier and Proudhon, rising up in opposition to it, not fortuitously but necessarily, because it is only a particular, one-sided realization of the principle of socialism."

    —Marx is the greatest **Critic** of Communism who ever existed, because he didn't stop at debate club sophistry but rather pursued how a contradiction might point beyond itself. Everything else is scholastic arguing. 

    The question is not one of greed vs altruism. That's in fact exactly what Marx and Engels critiqued ("True Socialism" – In the Communist Manifesto! Do you guys actually even try to study who you polemicize against?)

  28. Why is Marx recommending Thomas Piketty?

    It would be like having Murray Rothbard recommend Ronald Reagan!

    Why even do this?

    Thomas Piketty is literally anti-Marxist. Not even sort of – just is openly anti-marxist. To the New Republic in 2014, he said "I don't care for Marx." He complained that in Marx's books there is no data.

  29. Why is Marx complaining about pollution? Why is he some AOC democrat here? If you actually did the work of researching who you are trying to polemicize, you would know that Marx already mentioned that capital turns toward the reuse of refuse and has an incentive towards "environmentalism"

    ""The capitalist mode of production extends the utilisation of the excretions of production and consumption. By the former we mean the waste of industry and agriculture, slid by the latter partly the excretions produced by the natural exchange of matter in the human body and partly the form of objects that remains after their consumption. In the chemical industry, for instance, excretions of production are such by-products as are wasted in production on a smaller scale; iron filings accumulating in the manufacture of machinery and returning into the production of iron as raw material, etc. Excretions of consumption are the natural waste matter discharged by the human body, remains of clothing in the form of rags, etc. Excretions of consumption are of the greatest importance for agriculture. So far as their utilisation is concerned, there is an enormous waste of them in the capitalist economy. In London, for instance, they find no better use for the excretion of four and a half million human beings than to contaminate the Thames with it at heavy expense.

    Rising prices of raw materials naturally stimulate the utilisation of waste products.

    The general requirements for the re-employment of these excretions are: large quantities of such waste, such as are available only in large-scale production; improved machinery whereby materials, formerly useless in their prevailing form, are put into a state fit for new production; scientific progress, particularly of chemistry, which reveals the useful properties of such waste.""

  30. Marx has a critique of progressive income taxes

    "That, in fact, by the word "state" is meant the government machine, or the state insofar as it forms a special organism separated from society through division of labor, is shown by the words "the German Workers' party demands as the economic basis of the state: a single progressive income tax", etc. Taxes are the economic basis of the government machinery and of nothing else. In the state of the future, existing in Switzerland, this demand has been pretty well fulfilled. Income tax presupposes various sources of income of the various social classes, and hence capitalist society. It is, therefore, nothing remarkable that the Liverpool financial reformers — bourgeois headed by Gladstone's brother — are putting forward the same demand as the program."

    That is because inequality is the EFFECT, not the cause. It is not due to the rapaciousness of the capitalists. It actually reflects the destruction of property – of bourgeois right. That's why capital for Marx was the crisis of private property, not the problem of private property. 

    "Any distribution whatever of the means of consumption is only a consequence of the distribution of the conditions of production themselves. The latter distribution, however, is a feature of the mode of production itself. The capitalist mode of production, for example, rests on the fact that the material conditions of production are in the hands of nonworkers in the form of property in capital and land, while the masses are only owners of the personal condition of production, of labor power. If the elements of production are so distributed, then the present-day distribution of the means of consumption results automatically. If the material conditions of production are the co-operative property of the workers themselves, then there likewise results a distribution of the means of consumption different from the present one. Vulgar socialism (and from it in turn a section of the democrats) has taken over from the bourgeois economists the consideration and treatment of distribution as independent of the mode of production and hence the presentation of socialism as turning principally on distribution. After the real relation has long been made clear, why retrogress again?"

  31. Very okayish, I liked vid. but I loved Keynes v. Hayek much much more. It's not as smooth you know and if you've heard Mises original voice which you can do on youtube, that very hard german accent is missing. I have a quote for you from one of the recorded lectures of Mises. It is an answer to the question about book recomendation, and Mises says: "[…] Study, read, think-over. Do not accept what you hear. Do not believe what people once told you. Don't forget that nothing is more difficult than to think correctly".

  32. Marxists don‘t want to go back to hungering and gathering societies, though. They actually believe that communism is more productive (!) than capitalism. Still a great video!

  33. That part when Mises explains the impossibility of socialism due to the calculation problem is a true piece of art!

  34. Brilliant video! I like how Mises and Marx concede no ground to each other whatsoever. Tripp and Tyler do a great job in really animating their characters and giving them a forcefulness in their own ways. And the video doesn't gloss over the violence that Marx is calling for. Also it is just a great song.

  35. In the video Marx says that capitalists ruined the prehistorical communal societies. That is a pretty bad depiction. Feudalism plays an important role in his theory. Particularly his fallacious extrapolation, and quite ignorant extrapolation of the french revolution.

  36. The main theme of marxism critiqe in this video is a critiqe of totalitarism. So you critisize Stalin as a marxist for his political desicions that made USSR the second economy of the world, rebuilt from tzarism agrarian economy to industrial machine that in the end stopped Hitlers Germany in WW2. So you critisize socialism lack of democracy in the period of world wars and cold war after. Seems fair.
    And you also say that free market doesnt cause such problems as Great Depression that was only solved by government invasion and New Deal, or 2008 crisis and so on and so on.

  37. This is by far one of the coolest things
    AIER has made in their history.

    Sound economics through (pop)culture is one of the best ways pro-liberty minded people and proponents of the Austrian School should go.

  38. I do not know why. But to me it's funny that they're both from Jewish origin …
    It pretty much proves there is no conspiracy. You won't be able to find two Jews who agree on something …

  39. "Value is subjective by every measure, one man's trash is another man's treasure"

    Me holding my metal detector: *tears falling

  40. Half of it was good. Marx didn't even sound convincing.

    Compare that with the first Keynes and Hayek video. Keynes actually talked about his theory, which gave him a glimmer of respectability. Here, it's Mises that talks about Marx's wage theory.

    Mises, though, was great. Such joy from the actor and great lines!

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