1. I listen to this song nearly every night, I look forward to hearing it every time because it's only song to help me fall asleep.

  2. One man's meat eh . . ? Wistful old buffers like me can easily empathise with someone's desperate decision to leave their beloved homeland for what might be a last chance of prosperity, which is the essence of this lyric. No-nonsense Anth however (somewhere down this page), just doesn't feel it, and assures us that this song is a 'fey' and 'ineffectual' plagiarisation of Neil Young's simple chord structure. I happen to like both, and it was the vulnerable sentiment of 'Only love can break your heart' which drew me to it in the first place. Others might even call it 'fey', but so what?

  3. This is Neil Young's 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart', robbed, and made utterly ineffectual with some fey nonsense. Give it a rest.

  4. I seem to remember Nick Hemming (no relation) being interviewed by Andrew Collins as a prospective pop star as a kind of gimmick on his comedy programme on the radio. I wonder if anybody then could guess how good he would become?

  5. wow . . . I wish one day all the young people of the world starts to embrace true musicianship instead of worshipping the endless stream of singersongwriters, "producers" DJ's and all the other talentless stuff that keeps creeping around on this commercialized planet.

    Simply put, I love this. You guys have a great talent for soulful music

  6. There is no GOD, but there is a sense of wonder that has nothing to do with organised religion. It is creations like this that should make people rejoice in what humanity is capable of and inspire us to make a difference to the world we live in. Not just so that humans can go on creating things like this but to ensure we still have a world that our great, great, grandchildren can find to wonder at.

  7. Just saw these guys at Moseley folk festival and was lucky enough to see them at an intimate gig with just 15 people there. Very good music much enjoyed

  8. Real people playing real instruments? It'll never catch on.
    Lovely song beautifully played. Thanks for uploading

  9. Just saw them at guildford cathedral, where they were supporting Laura Marling. So so so so so amazing!

  10. Great ! Shame on me I only discovered this band on the radio last weekend. Very emotional song. Thanks to Neil Youngs Only love could brake your heart I could remember some parts of the melody. Genious ! Chords anyone ?

  11. I have just discovered this song on Dermot o Leary's Saturday Sessions album and I can't stop listening to it, it's beautiful.

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