The Left’s Socialism Push Just Went Nuclear

you know this thing about socialism I
got a play just a briefest clip I’ve Stephen Colbert talking about socialism
and the reason I say this is Stephen I don’t mean to just pick on him he is
representative of an entire class of Hollywood elites and intellectual elites
who think this way who think this way and the Stephen Colbert can come on and
preach to people every day with this level of thought this level of dopiness
is an amazing thing it really is a I wish I wish there was some way to stop
it without violating our core beliefs in free speech but there’s not I mean we
have to aloud but we have to call it out listen to this literally go door to door
to get free candy from the neighbors because the kids don’t have it and the
neighbors do that socialism that’s socialism the kids going door to door
saying trick-or-treat and the neighbors have candy and they give the candy to
the kids and that’s socialism with one exception in socialism the kids have
guns and the neighbors don’t want to give the candy but they have to that’s
the difference that is the whole difference the fact the fact that
Stephen Colbert could stand in front of his audience with millions and say that
to them is insane and the fact that only Donald Trump really calls them out the
way they need to be called out is is just amazing I mean listen here’s a Wall
Street Journal just talking about some of the things that they’re proposing
Medicare for all sounds great this is Bernie Sanders plan it’s been endorsed
by 16 other senators and would replace all private health insurance in the US
with a federally administered single-payer health care program
government would decide what care to deliver which drugs to pay for and how
much to pay doctors and hospitals private insurance would be banned and
remember when this first they first started talking about this and we
started talking about death panels and they started saying no no no there won’t
be death panels they’ll just be a panel that decides when you die but it won’t
be a death panel it’ll just be a panel of death you know I mean that’s what
it’ll be but of course there is and of course you get fewer drugs you get less
research you you know you people who are young you get old and suddenly those
pills aren’t there that’ll keep you from getting dementia you won’t know why
it’ll be because of that the green New Deal
this is Alexandria occasional cortex put out
our plan for this this idea is endorsed by 40 House Democrats several Democratic
presidential candidates would require that the u.s. be carbon neutral within
10 years it’s just like I was kidding around on Knowles’s show they want to
they want to be progressive because I want to progress to the fact to the
point where we’re all living in the jungle with tattoos and rings in our
ears and nose and face you know that’s that’s not progress how on earth eleven
percent of US energy eleven percent of US energy is non carbon how on earth in
ten years are you gonna get to ninety more percent eighty nine more percent
and as Cortes Ocasio Cortes imagines it all of this would be planned by a select
committee for a green new deal this is so this that’s the Soviet Union that’s
the Soviet Union people there was wonderful people going back to this idea
that people are good that people are wise that people can control things and
make them better instead of this wonderful system capitalism and free
market capitalism and freedom where each one of us out of our own self-interest
bargains our way to a better world why does that work because each one of us
wants to get ahead and in order to make a free and open deal that’s non forced
that is not people little kids with guns going around saying trick-or-treat or
die you know dad like hand over the candy or die which is what socialism is
that in each in each agreement in a free-market system both parties benefit
if you didn’t think it was worth handing over your X number of dollars to get
your phone or to get your TV you wouldn’t do it and if the TV people
didn’t think it was worth giving you the TV to get your money they wouldn’t do it
everybody benefits when the choices are made for free it’s all about ideas and
underlying these ideas there’s a lot of things underlying it but one of them is
the idea that people are good that if the government could just run the
corporation’s they could do it better than corporate people acting out of
self-interest because they don’t have self-interest alexandria occasional
cortex she doesn’t have self-interest she’s good she’s good no one is good not
one and that’s the problem listen that’s the problem with racism is
not the fact that you think other people are bad other people are bad it’s that
you just as bad that’s the problem with
racism but the it’s also the problem with leftism because basically you’re
saying there is someone around more fair more just better who can make the
decisions better than a system that pits us against each other each of us looking
out for our self-interest can’t be done why because there is no person like that
when Jesus comes back he can run the government until that day I want to be

  1. Thing is dems can say ANYTHING they want because No One ever challenges them and they never have to explain themseles. In rare instances when they are actually called out they just say Opps! My bad.

  2. The funny thing is that most of the former communist countries are free market and capitalist (Russia, China, Vietnam). The commissars know the value of capitalism, they just want a piece of the pie.

  3. Willingly giving of what you have is charity, the government taking from you to give to somebody is theft and that is socialism.

  4. Everyone interest isn't rational so by definition people won't act in self interest. A person can't self diagnose themselves or the market so they will have to depend on someone else to make that decision so it will not be everyone making individual desicion in a capitalism society because people can't know everything to make an informed decision on our own self interest so the premise of capitalism in relation to individuals and decision making is FALSE. Capitalism markets only act after the catastrophe has strikes and only seeks short term benefits even in the face of long term catastrophic effects.

  5. The Left is for anyone who hates success but can't create their own. For those that deflect their own toxic ideas and racism onto others to smoke screen themselves, and for those that hate America while living here. Fuck them all. They have no power anymore. They're done. There's never been a time for a third party to rise more than now.

  6. He's talking like we don't already have a death panels. If you you can't pay for your medication or a life-saving procedure, you die, it happens all over the country every year.

  7. Is he seriously pushing that "big pharma needs our money for research" myth? The majority of big pharma's profits go to advertising and marketing, most breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals come from independent institutes and university laboratories. Reducing the prices of medication would not affect research at all.

  8. Socialism can work, If every single person is a good person.
    Ugly reality : They aren't
    These leftists live in a ideological world that is great and all the unicorns fart fairy dust onto the universe.
    They refuse to see reality because selling rainbows is easier.

  9. Except it is not socialism because the kids more than likely have someone at their house handing out candy as well. It is more of an inter communal trade than socialism.

  10. They'll paint rainbows and unicorns on the walls of their prisons, to hide the blood stained bullet holes from all who wanted to be free

  11. How does Steven reconcile the families that don’t give candy? Should they have the freedom to not participate or should they be required by law? He is mistaking Community participation with Socialism.

  12. So… if Stephen Colbert likes socialism, and I show up at his house and ask him for money, he'll happily give me a bucket-full? Because socialism, right?

  13. It’s beyond disgusting that there are millions of people who listen to Colbert’s bullshit and actually take him seriously. You should be ashamed of yourself Hollywood!

  14. His “audience” of millions are low IQ droolers…they represent a percent or so of our population…so…thankfully, they’re the tiny tail of the bell curve.

  15. Colbert left out the part that the govt isn’t forcing me to give out candy under threat of force, fines, and imprisonment, which will be enforced by men with the same guns he is against me having.
    Colbert, it’s charity when I voluntarily give kids candy on Halloween.

  16. Dude, get a grip! He says this while waiting on his SS check 😂 and looking for his Medicare card. Eisenhower, a republican, had marginal tax rates at 91%. He today would be called a socialist. FDR today would be called a socialist. You know, the most popular president in US history. You know, elected 4 times. You can't pick and choose what socialism you like and don't like! You sell snake oil for our oligarchy. SS is socialism, or what some people call capitalist social program. Lol
    Public education, which I'm sure you used, socialism. Wall Street, bank, and auto industry bail outs. Socialism! Should I go on? It seems the rich like petroleum companies loves socialism. Oil subsidies!
    Go away!

  17. I used to think Colbert was the funniest guy on late night TV, and I’d heard him say some great things about Christianity, then he moved to CBS and put politics before comedy and forgot he was a Christian or something…

  18. Who wants do dismantle the most socialist program in the USA (it even has word "social" in the name):

    Social Security !

  19. If capitalism is so great privatise, police,fire department and the military? Full on capitalism or full on socialism, is not what either side are saying. These are straw men arguments.

  20. Carbon is good for the environment

  21. Trick Or Treat is a voluntary exchange. If I don't want to give those greedy little brats anything, I don't have to.

    If it was socialistic, then I wouldn't have a choice but to give them the candy. If I don't I could either get kidnapped and imprisoned, or shot on the spot.

  22. People giving candy freely to children of their own free will is called CHARITY.

    People being forced to give out candy involuntarily is SOCIALISM.

  23. Tsk, tsk. Poor Stephen Colbert. Halloween is not socialism. Handing out candy to children for Halloween is called a tradition of charity. Please learn the difference between socialism and charity. Hint: only one involves the government.

  24. Where the hell do these idiots think we are going to get the energy? Especially if you don’t want to use nuclear energy 😂😂

  25. When one side does not accept the outcome of an election (Democrats in 1860, 2000, 2016) Civil War GENERALLY ensues.

    NYC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami, St Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, LA, San Francisco, and Seattle would be liberal enclaves and immediately surrounded. Who would do the actual fighting for the Democrats? Billionaires? Welfare recipients? Women who hate men? Abortion doctors? IRS agents and other government employees? Satanic drag queens? LBGT? The 'hoods might hold out for a while, but the gangsta's would never leave the cities.

  26. It took generations for our ancestors to give us 1st world status. The Leftists can demolish this in less than a generation and have us living as a 3rd world country. The world already has plenty of 3rd world countries. Why don't the leftist go to these countries and see how life is there before wrecking America?

  27. The Nazis had great ideas for the government, and it all went smoothly…..till it didn't. Then when the jig was up, all the leader Nazis were executed after Nuremberg. Some committed suicide. So when you start to push for this radical new way (which it's not) of doing government, remember, when it all goes kaput….the citizenry don't just let the culprits walk away with blood on their hands…they want some of that blood back.

  28. Sorry but you are wrong. Ex KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov was right. They need to be locked up. They are crazy and will get us all killed. They need to be prosecuted for being traitors to the constitution and Bill of Rights.

  29. Socialism is null and void upon receipt. We don't live in a democracy and the collective has zero authority over the individual.

  30. Crazy eyes Cortez should read the bible, period. (Psalms 53:1-3) "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good. {2} God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God. {3} Every one of them is gone back: they are altogether become filthy; there is none that doeth good, no, not one." The reason we all need a Saviour in Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

  31. I recall as a child in the 60's, my mother telling me that by it's purest ideal, communism sounds great. Yet run by man it would always fail. Only when Christ returns and leads the world can such pure ideals be manifest without greed. Ever since I have little to no faith in Communism nor it's weaker cousin Socialism now matter how pretty they paint it until the second coming.

  32. Hollywood in a nutshell: I really support socialism for the good of all people, why can’t you? Now excuse me while I get rich off of the very same capitalist system I say is bad.

  33. What a load of rubbish, christ another idiot along the lines of Shapiro, Rubin, Carlson, Hannity, etc… what do you guys actually believe in… leaving the world in a better place for our children? clearly not. Aside from being united in your collective self interest and being a bunch of rascist, sexist fools it’s clear there’s a lack of values there (blame the parents for that) have a look at the meaning of the word integrity and then start applying it to yourself.

  34. It’s a strategy. They are going off the charts radical Left so the compromise will still be far Left. Too many gutless RINOs that will cave.

  35. Colbert is so stuffed, it's amazing anyone can listen to this. Here comes the preacher in gray. In Socialism, everyone has their ration of candy (or whatever the approved thing you're trained to like may be), and there's no treat. There's a bowl in the corner and the elite counts out the doggie treats you've earned for conforming. Colbert is BS.

  36. Lenin did nothing wrong. The Russians, (who have a great sense of irony,) used to say, when their clothes didn't fit, that Gosplan was creating the new Soviet man. Note to Factory Number 5: next year you will make 5 million left shoes.

  37. Yup, with Halloween most people, not everyone participates in the giving or the getting, choose to give out candy to trick or treaters, they aren't forced to do so, there is, in fact, no law that says you have to give out candy to anyone, it's voluntary, socialism is state-mandated and legalized theft of property.

  38. "Carbon neutral" in 10 yrs. okay… I have one question for Cortez then, when exactly do I get my flying "car" with a self-sufficient Arc-reactor like energy source? For that matter when do the Transporters and Replicators become available to the public?

  39. Thomas Sowell made that distinction in 'Conflict of Visions' The constrained vs unconstrained visions. More and more, it seems to all come down to that.

  40. America tried socialism once, before it was ever called such a thing. It was called Jamestown, VA. Then, after seeing what an utter disaster was and that everyone was starving, John Smith of Elizabeth Warren fame came out and said one day, 'How about we do this private property thing?' and they prospered. Funny enough, with people being given private property and being allowed to do what they wanted with their own stuff, they were more willing and able to share their bounties, unlike proto-socialism, where everyone was given the same amount of grains and shit and nobody worked because the extra work anyone would do would be wasted. These people need forced lobotomies…or super late term abortions, if you fancy.

  41. Lol, it’s quite sillt hearing about american conservatives talking about socialism. Like there’s the GOP and Venezuela …and nothing in between?

  42. Miss Witherspoon is a decent woman she doesn't want to spread her legs and people don't want you to pimp her out I'm so glad Jeffreys people rats you all out we see that you're the real sex perverts this Weatherspoon should not be spreading her legs for you Kemp's I'm so glad Jeff's people rachol out

  43. Stephen Colbert is conflating socialism with charity. You ever notice that some houses don't give out candy? That's because not everyone is forced to give it out. If it were socialism, every house would have to give their candy away without a choice. Charity, in this circumstance, is willfully giving away something you own to someone else. Socialism is being forced to give away your hard earned property to someone else. That is why socialism is theft.

  44. Wow, openly saying on US TV "socialism rocks! look at these socialist kids, how cute they are!" — just wow! I wonder who won the Cold War?

    Andrew points out socialist stanza "people are good" but misses the "people are smart" fallacy! Friedrich Hayek so cleanly showed that market and system of prices are way too complex systems to be ever centrally planned. It's impossible. Only very simple and weak economies can be centrally planned. A complex economy, with many different products, many different factors can be managed only by a distributed system — by the market system of prices.

    Cortez' appropriation of other people's stuff is brilliant: not only she wants to run her political schemes on other people's money, she goes further and already grabs future ideas of other people for the benefit of her campaign — "somewhere in future 10 years somebody else will pay for things and also somebody else will invent things, which we'll use as our own merit in our propaganda". Brilliant!

  45. Has this man never heard of private charity before? Are these people seriously so souless and brainwashed that they can't conceive that a person would willingly give their posessions to others without government coercion? 😮

    ….but it's so hard up here in Spanish Harlem when you think differently ! Logically !
    …Never thought my life would take this turn….

  47. Colbert seems to forget that the FREE candy offer is for one day out of the year only. What do you do for the other 364 days of the year? For those that want socialism, especially these wealthy Democrats, let them go do it themselves on an island somewhere.

  48. Halloween hides a secret heart.
    Inside every tradition is a lesson.
    Halloween teaches one of the most important lessons the West ever learned.
    Winter is coming.
    Capitalists ,snug in their homes, with so many provisions that they can afford to hand out FOOD to tiny threatening communist thugs who hide in cowardly masks .
    The costumes used to represent the fate of the unprepared.
    Forced to beg and threaten the commies go door to door as the dead, or a person consumed by Satan, or an unknown terror.
    Relying on the generosity of the capitalist who had the foresight to plan.
    This holiday has Nothing to do with the worship of the dead, or religion, *NOTHING*.
    This holiday is the celebration of our discovering how to plan ahead and what happens to those who don’t.
    This is the fable of the creation of the West.
    We send our unaccompanied children in to the dark to experience this lesson, to be handed a charity that won’t last the winter, to beg from strangers, with all the related freedoms and dangers involved, and to learn to retaliate if they feel cheated.
    Chaotically running from place to place to get “enough”.
    My generation learned the hidden lesson ,we matured and outgrew the night naturally and became the planers, the givers of charity.
    Today, it continues into adulthood as each person forgets the lesson and continues to demand free valueless crap, confident the doors will always open to their threats.
    The lesson is forgotten.
    Winter is coming.
    And death sweeps in on bitter winds.
    Halloween has become corrupted, like Christmas, to mean something else, but it’s hidden heart still beats for those who want to hear.

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