The last of CPM's Indian communists

ah see the last Indian communists they used to be a platoon full of Indians in the communist party of Malaya at its height of popularity now only one man remains this is his story it so nasty in a messy but another good now I know myself pretty lucky to see the monster I'm not owning it Lois yeah but hi-yah hi-yah hi-yah – yeah yeah yeah yeah oh ma bless senator person I know that I have no regret at all joining this revolution I think I have achieved the main aim to get rid of the British and free Malaya said this frail-looking man canna kW and Yoko Kanno over Anatole Rua kita animilitia keep talkin fire be a silver dollar company can poke more vanilla yeah ma so I gotta lawmen Ricky's yes then we will talk American mukadodo settle on Korea and Malaysia what you do what I do but one should not judge him by his frail body he is 70 years old this year he is still fit and wakes up at 4 a.m. daily to tap his rubber trees he is married to a Thai Communist comrade she has been war with me and they have a daughter was married to a Thai and settled in the same peace village I have led a very dangerous life but it has been exciting communism has and is my way of living my friends are all my ex comrades Abdullah and Surya Nia like my parents they took me under their wings from the very beginning he said he gets emotional when asked about being labeled as a terrorist that's wrong how about the other side the British they have committed atrocities in couples and blamed us for that enough of this pc2 upon omean back i two more and come from a low-income pole yes i polka what autonomy that's all i'm coming to be teased of abu scheme the part of the guidance of a papa papa it dictates it is about your papa was a needy hey commish oh honey I'm good young hasn't got a llama big kisses to our uncle Babu so had a possible he stress in his soft voice that he still believed in communism for me my struggle with MCP was Noble I'm a patriot along with my comrades please revise the history he said

  1. @MANBOS4872 …sikit2 masuk politik.x tau beza ke ? anwar,dr m najib ke kalau tak merdeka mana nak datang nama2 tu? topiknya aku mula kesan ada individu malaysia yang mudah sangat simpati dengan komunis nih.bahaya! tak kira samada tua atau muda komunis ideologi masih melekat dalam otak mereka.Komunis tidak menerima keputusan majoriti!

  2. @Garubolas

    Malays were duped by UMNOputras to become stupid and ignorant to keep them in power

  3. iamthe7thwalrus, U are right, wt all due respect also, i think u also need get yr fact straight. Yes, been around condemning videos what's right for PR , But not right for BN.

    I really assess the real situation and my opinion still wt the current Gov. I'm not blind, but clearly seeing that the act of PR is beyond our expectation, n much lead unhealthy to race unity here.

    regretted to all who's is take advance in word of 'freedom, democracy, and many more…

  4. With due Respect I do Salute you , Mr Asi..!!
    But Communism are doom only few countries survived with Communisn. Namely China, Vietnam, Cuba and the rest Doom with Russia, the lead founder itself .
    In M'sia PKM only brought miseries and bad dreams and nightmare's too.

    I respect their struggle's against British colonisation.
    But the era of today, are very contrast of the yester years..!!
    So there fore ..Thank you Mr.Asi..the unsung heroes but not yet fogotten..!!

  5. MANBOS, i can't help but say this.
    with all due respect, i think you need to get your facts straight.
    you have been going around videos condemning what's right, disregarding democracy and law.
    you are merely towing the line blindly. umno is perverted. bn is twisted.
    they have taken control over the three limbs of this country leaving no room for justice and freedom.
    they have impeded the rakyat's practice of fundamental rights.
    it's time you wake up and assess the real situation here.

  6. Komunis tetap komunis, ,,Sejak bila Komunis jdi pejuang sejati? Nie mesti byk baca buku teks yg Anwar tulis..

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