The KEY Differences Between Hinduism And Abrahamic Religions

  1. So you believe Hinduism is the only right path, i beg to differ so we are on the same boat, you say Hinduism in the only true secular…. and preaching religious hate. Irony. I see inferiority, fear and hypocrisy in you. Open minded full of cow dungs.

  2. 0:52 islam doesnt wish to destroy anybody , it is in quran to respect every religion. You pride yourself on getting your facts so for once learn the ideals of other religions and then make a statement.

  3. wow, you are very smart. Mr Sham Sharma. you took a different angle in convincing people. Yours is a religious show.

  4. Don't get offended brothers. Vedas mein bhi likha hai ke ishwar ki koi pratima nhi but still u do murti poja if hindu means who follows teaching of Vedas then according to this u are not true Hindus.

  5. Tmhare God bhi kaise hai God ki definition mein kahi nhi suit hote tmhare raam. For example raam kaisa bhagwan hai jiski biwi ko ravan kidnap karne wala hai aur usse kch pata nhi god ko to agla pichla sab pata hona chahiye. Theek hai chalo kidnap hogayi seeta kitne saal lage usse wapis Lane mein. Agar raam God hai to wo akele hi leke aasakta tha but isse Bandaro ki zaroorat padi 😂(sorry for this laugh)
    Second tmhara shiv. Khud ke bete ganesh ki garadan uda di iss hisab se sab se pehla terrorist wo hi hua 😂sab chutiyapa hai bhai tmhare pass.

  6. Hey,there are a majority of people in Islam and Christian who are secular and want peace .more over there is only one big religion in this whole world and that is humanity .And you know what we all have the same origin and it is scientifically proven.Never fight or argue in the name of religion .live in peace as brothers!!!

  7. All religions are designed to control the people . Christianity only served the church , Hinduism only served the people of higher cast . There is no " INFERIORITY COMPLEX" is any Hindu I know. It's an idea which this person is trying to push on you. There is no religion other than HUMANITY. Creating such issues only causes death to the poor( on all sides) while the rich watches from far above and smiles because they know ( but will never tell you) once they have the power and money nothing matters after that.
    Spread peace and love .
    PS – religion = shit

  8. bhai pllzz vedio hindi main banaya kro ……apke bhut se viewr samajh ni pate main to english samajh leta hu … jo ni samajhte uske bare main v socho ap accha vedio banate ho jai hindu

  9. U focus only on islam and Christianity, and
    Mix Judaism in ur culture.
    But Judaism is also a abrahmic religion.

  10. Abrahamic religion is clearly man made fake selfish concept….Sanathana dharma is ultimate, yes we are part of god, not slaves of god like in abrahamic religion…

  11. Being African American I can relate to this abstractly. Having your history systematically dismantled by the Abrahamic religions and seeing their hypocrisy at point blank range. There are beliefs the druids held stating that, the God of Abraham was actually the demiurge/ Evil and its all a huge trick. Many of the ancient alien "theories" say the same thing about the Annunaki. Ultimately it is just the Vatican and bankers using Christianity to control the minds of the West to systematically keep the brown cultures under their thumb.

  12. you speak the truth! a lot have suffered under abrahamic religions! wold love to see peace back in the mid east and the world for that matter.

  13. When Hindu child go to Christian school. Because parents think "English speaking school Mai jayega toh English bolna seekhaga.
    Society mai naam hoga ki English bolta hai."
    But they don't understand that they are also making them to believe that Jesus is the only good and other religion is shit that's the reason everyone is living behind the rich knowledge culture and willing wearing cross believing it's the good thing

  14. To answer your question I believe the reason Hindus suffer from inferiority complex is because for millenniums they have been kept divided by none other than their own Brahmin superiors' stronghold on the shastras n vedas.
    Brahmin s were the intermediary between the ruler( often not Hindu n Definitely not Brahmin) and the larger population. They did not want to loose this special previlege and hence guarded the knowledge of shastras from becoming common, kept the larger mass of hindus divided for what better way to power than divide and rule . ( divide and rule was devised by brahmins way prior than the brits). Divide and rule was always easy in India because of inherent diversity of caste color language micro culture.
    If the Brahmins had not been self centered and made the shastras easy public knowledge , India and Hinduism would have been something else today. It all begins with greed.
    However ,I do not envy the Brahmins today. Poor fellows and generations are continuing to pay the price with all this reservation nonsense.
    Muslims ruled over us for centuries,levied the jizya over majority population , had special previleges and yet they are the lesser lot today ? Seriously?
    Your presentation is a great service to Hindus and hopefully Sikhs who have started to consider themselves exclusive to Hindus. You rightly say that a lot of Sikh ideas and values find their source from the vedas and hindu ideology. Strangely this fact too is objectionable to some Sikhs today. The Sikhs' idea of bedding with Islam on the basis of monotheism is going to bring an end to their being. Their definition of monotheism is confused.
    Islamic ideology does not allow difference of opinion. Period! Incidentally I happen to be a Sikh by birth.

  15. I did not know the Hindu philosophy was so accepting of differences. I thought that was more the province of Buddhism. I believe neither in the resurrection nor reincarnation. What I just said infuriates most fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, and some Jews. Sounds like Hindus are not so eager to nail someone to a cross! If this is the case, may the Hindu help the rest of us get along! They are hope for the world, not a promise for the hereafter. Hindus, listen to this guy!!

  16. Hinduism is not unified in itself. It is fragmented by the varna caste system which has its roots in the Vedic Scriptures. Before trying to call out other religions, have the guts to sort the problems within your own.

  17. Nafrat faila rahe ho. Apne views ke liye. Shaitaan ho tum. Aadhi research kar ke ganwaaro ko bhadka rahe ho. Nakli accent maar ke koi intelligent nahi ban jaata

  18. Why do you care? We're all the same at core. You're born Hindu this time, Christian next time, Atheist last time. You're white, black, asian. Your male, female, young, old, wise, dumb. You're all at once and not aware at all times. Make peace and accept your place as current incarnation of an never ending being. You're wonderful, don't feel inferior.

  19. you never can chllenge islam . islam destroye paganism . islam delete idolism . islam the only true religion that will dominate the world
    and it's also the fastest growing religion

  20. You should know that in Islam ,Christianity and Jews there is the same signs of end times the coming of anti-christ and after that the coming of Christ and Islam has 8 more signs and in Islam we believe mohammed was a prophet and Christ was also a prophet and Mohammed was the last prophet

  21. Hindus understand the value of human and thair emotions better than any other faith…
    that maybe one of the reason🙂

  22. The Sham Sharma Show
    There was no long 1000 year war against Muslims and Hindus. Muslim empires employed hundreds of thousands of Hindus in the imperial administration of the empire and many more Hindus joined the armies of the Muslim empires. Sometimes Muslim empires allied with other Hindu kingdoms to fight other Hindu and Muslim empires.

    Also, all the people you’ve listed as fighting to preserve Hindu civilization eventually had all their territory brought under Muslim rule…by the help of other Hindus and Muslims. Muslims ruled almost every inch of India, even the Deep South.

    Islam is an integral part of India’s (country and subcontinent’s) cultural and religious tradition. Islam has truly made its mark on India’s historical legacy, its landscape, pop culture, language. There is no denying this.

  23. "what Hindus care about is mutual respect" yeah that's why a Hindu man didn't rape and kill a little girl, yeah totally sure, yeah

  24. We can easily see who is creatin' barriers but noo its fine because y're hindu ! A religion which is just known in india vs the religions has spread world-wide

  25. Never trust jews. They have a lot of verses to kill us. Islam and others are the same. Hinduism is very scientific. Take my words I was an atheist. Subscribe my channel

  26. I am a westerner, born in a region predominately white, where differences were marked by economics. In the culture I was born to there is this need to be superior in some way. To be superior means someone else must be inferior. To disguise differences, westerners rely upon conforming though that doesn't always work as there will always be a way to judge another as inferior. The terrible need to be superior is bottomless, and it is also unsustainable. It wreaks havoc on the psyche of the person who requires the feelings of superiority over another as it does to the one they overpower. I think that more and more westerners are growing aware of this. Programs like yours help open eyes and promote deeper questions. I am very grateful for this episode particularly.

  27. I do not believe Hindus have inferiority complex, rather they are more patient and tolerant to change and differences in opinion. Hindus are driven by a thirst for knowledge, be it religious, spiritual, philosophical or scientific. They're more open to ideas of change in culture because they realize that times are changing, so are values and people. Hindus like to understand a belief thoroughly before passing a judgement or projecting their faith on others. And for the most important part, they believe that each individual receives punishment or reward for his deeds within his lifetime and our thus self satisfied and less likely to indoctrinate people with conflicting opinions in a quest to make Hinduism universally accepted and practiced.

  28. To, @shamsharma show
    I don't believe that all the religions are different. I am proud to be Hindu but I don't say Muslims and Christians are different from us. What's my opinion is that the scriptures of Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) were largely altered or misused by some selfish individuals. I don't think that they are different from us. We are all same.

  29. Agree with some aspects of the video. Not all . But since you asked why Hindus have an inferiority complex? Well personally for me it's the caste system. For a religion that claims to be so accepting of other cultures we don't treat our own as equals. All the thing about the British being the mainreqsin for it is bs . They may have worsened it but the disgusting hierarchy actually takes root in the Manusmriti itself.
    I'm an athesist btw. But as a former Hindu I appreciate that I'm allowed to do that and not executed for it.
    But like if it was just the British who introduced it and before that it was just jatis and varnas we should have gotten rid of it by now. Would like to know your thoughts on this. Because I sincerely believe that we need to fix this. It will not only give Hindus freedom from an inferiority complex but also give us a moral high ground to legitimately continue to point fingers at others where they're wrong. Just saying.
    Also this is my main reason for becoming an atheist.

  30. So nice to hear about Hinduism. All I've heard is the screwed up ideas twisted by the new age hijacking the parts they want to further their agenda, giving Hinduism a bad name. But that's what happens when ignorant desperate white people rejecting their Abrahamic religions do when they get a hold of other's cultures to grasp at meaning. Cherry picking and destruction of meaning.
    Thank you!

  31. Well Christianity have not dropped out of anywhere it is the accomplished of prohesies fulfilled. . Stop spreading venom.

  32. Christianity and Islam were spread by conquests. The ideology of these two primitive cults- convert and go to heaven or suffer in hell fires! Hinduism permits 100% independent thinking and logic. Hindus realize all religions are man-made, and one can be good and productive without rigid adherence to rituals. Do not fall victims to Jesus myth, which is now actively being marketed in India!

  33. I can put out arguments against each of the points stated in the video. I'm tempted to but i won't, because arguing against hinduism almost always becomes a distraction from what should be at the core of the argument, which is examining the truth claim that hinduism is true. I'm sorry if hindus experience a kind of inferiority complex because of their environment. And I understand that most hindus are coming at this from a standpoint of being wronged against, but as the owner of this video also chose to use doctrinal standpoints to pursue his point, I must also point out that the question at the core of the argument should and always has been about finding the truth.

    According to many hindus, "truth" is the self-realization of the "ultimate reality". But this truth, they say, is not something grounded in some basic historical or scientific data. Instead, one has to claim it on the authority of one's own personal experience of the ultimate. So, if you cannot historically verify your belief of hinduism, or even verify any sort of truth in what it teaches about God and his existence, except by means of "experiencing it", how can you actually know for sure that you have "realized" the ultimate truth and are not maybe deceiving yourself to think that? I mean, isn't saying that one can freely choose to personally experience it only begging the question even more? experience is a means to knowing truth, that's for sure but is it the definitive means to knowing truth? i don't think so. So, in the end, Hinduism may have come up with a complex and a beautiful system of thought, but i don't think that it has any actual grounds to claim that it is true. And i also find that there are convincing arguments against the truth of hinduism. It seems to me that hinduism is a belief about what truth is. But the question of whether they know actual truth is unverifiable and unsolvable. In summary, a quote comes to mind:

    "Truth does not accommodate belief. Belief has to accommodate truth. No one has made a proposition true simply by believing it. Now maybe their belief in it caused them to act and bring something about that made the proposition true. But merely believing does not make propositions true."

  34. Only Hinduism have power to change tha world
    Make all is equal
    But high class kings and politican dont want this change

  35. I keep hearing that Hindus won’t get offended if you don’t believe in God. A man on FB curse me out and told me he wish I would suffer because I said I didn’t believe in God. I don’t get it.

  36. May be Hindus care for others' ideology and thinking… And they don't want to lose the relationships… because of the ideologies.

  37. If hindus say all religions are equal then it is certainly not due to inferiority complex. It is because hindus are magnanimous and open hearted. That is what makes us different from others.

  38. Hinduism a religion not only way of life. see the video:
    U will say brother vedas dharm meaning is not religion, but i want to say only one thing. Vedas is written in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is language and language always change year by year. Today hindi Bengali and many language came from hindi. And the meaning also change. In vedas dharm mean duty and in gita its meaning is grace or mercy. But one thing to say word can be use in many meaning.

  39. Why do you always want sikhs to accept their Hindu roots ?
    What gain do you get out of that ? Shouldn't we respect fine nuances between dharmic religions ?
    After all if you can accept one God in three forms of Brahma visnu Mahesh then surely you can accept plurality in dharmic religions

  40. Lumping up Christianity with Islam. Son you are so ignorant. Christians want love and harmony between all mankind. Islam revolves around muslims only, be it charity or anything else. You street shitters should be ashamed of yourself to draw such parallels.

  41. कृष अपने स्नान के दौरान लड़कियों के कपड़े चुराता है और नग्न अवस्था में घूमता है लेकिन यीशु बहुत ही नम्र, सत्यवादी, विनम्र और प्यार करने वाले शिक्षक थे और साथ ही भगवान के पैगंबर और मेमने थे। जब वह सच्चा परमेश्वर का पुत्र है तो यीशु कैसे झूठ बोल सकता है? आपको बाइबल पढ़ना चाहिए, यह पुरुषों द्वारा लिखा गया ईश्वर का सच्चा शब्द है लेकिन ईश्वर की पवित्र आत्मा से प्रेरित है।

  42. “Know, “Nothing” existed before “Allah”. The Majestic Name (Ism) “Allah” itself is not God in itself in Islam. It is the Majestic Word. The venerable al-Husayn b. Ali taught what we refer to by the Majestic Name “Allah” is a Majestic Word. This Majestic Word is different from God’s Own Self. Whoever worshiped the Name, not the meaning, became a misbeliever and, in fact, worshiped nothing. Whoever worshiped the Name and its meaning jointly, he became a polytheist worshiping two gods. Whoever worshiped the meaning of the Word “Allah”, in reality has truly worshiped Allah. This Majestic Word refers to identifying the All Power which is the Nameless, Formless All Indescribable, All Existing so we can worship it with gratitude. The venerable Ja’far al-Sadiq approved referral to what we identify with the Majestic Word “Allah” as a “Thing” “unlike other things”. This “Thing” has no beginning and no end and It just is. From “It”, the All Nameless Indescribable All Power, came forth everything and all, including the Word “Allah”, referred to as “The Godhead” in English. This Nameless Indescribable All Power named Itself “Allah”, meaning that Indescribable “Thing” which is solely worthy of all worship, after “It” brought forth existence by Its Sublime Will. “It” can be described in a way we can understand Majesty as the Indescribable “All Nothing”. Everything that is – came forth from within this Majestic “All Nothing”. Everything returns to the “All Nothing”. We came from the All Nothing we refer to as al-ilah, “Allah” Most Majestic, and shall be returned to the Indescribable Nameless All Nothing. All Nothing is the Real. Allahu Haqq. From “inside” the All Nothing all existed and came forth. “To Allah we belong and to Allah is our return”. “It”, the “All Nothing” we call by the Majestic Word “Allah”, is what holds everything together and yet apart, also preventing it from colliding. “It” holds the oceans apart, “It” holds gravity, in “It’s” Power is the existence and functioning of everything and all to its very subatomic level and beyond description. Nothing of everything exists but that it contains the (Power of) All Nothing in it from within which everything came forth. The All Nothing created everything and everything came forth from the All Nothing. Nothing of everything exists but that it is controlled by the All Nothing. The All Nothing created everything and everything came forth from the All Nothing. The All Nothing exists in everything now here forever always and “It” just “Is” دَائِم – Da’iman abadan, or “Perpetually Continual Forever”.”

  43. I personnaly never really saw any inferiority complex in hindus. The video was very interesting tho. I need to say tho, at some point, i was thinking … this guy is accusing every of thinking they are the best and only valid religion, and at the same time, he's pretty much saying why 'hinduism' is the only that is better because it doesnt say it's better then others 🙂 I think thats funny !

  44. Abrahamic religions have destroyed and decimated more than 1/3rd of the world population. Absolutely toxic. Proud to be a Chinese Buddhist. Interestingly Hinduism has its roots in Proto-Indo-European faith, and is closely related to Greek, Slavic, Baltic, Norse and Roman traditional faith. Dyaus Pita ("Sky father" in Hinduism) is related to the Roman "Jupiter" and Greek "Zeus Pater". In fact, the Polish word for knowledge is "Wiedza" which is cognate with the Hindu sacred text – the Vedas. Christianity has completely poisoned Europe and many Europeans still blindly believe that Christianity is their traditional faith. Far-Right European nationalist groups openly advocate for conservative Christianity but they fail to see that the very religion they believe in is closely related to Islam and Judaism, two of the most hated Semitic religions in Europe.

  45. Bro i am always amazed by your videos. As a hindu i know nothing and yes i don't even care anything regarding religion but you have taught me good lessons. Keep rocking bro. We must awake for ourself not to defend others but only for ourself.

  46. So you worship any person, good or bad, it just doesn't matter. That's how you honorate cows or other animals. Ridiculous!!!

  47. Hinduism believe that all God is one they don't have particular face they stay within u n me.So it teaches to respect each other😊.It's not just a religion it's a key of peaceful and happy life

  48. In Hinduism Idol worshipping is strictly prohibited. And at the root all religions are the same. As Swami Vivekananda said, religions are like river. Each and every river will lead to the sea (god).

    "There is no image of him. He is unborned and He should be worshipped" (Yajurveda, Chapter 32, Verse 3)

    "god is bodyless and pure" (Yajurveda, Chapter 40, Verse 8)

    "They are entering darkness, those who worship the natural things(like air, water, fire etc.), they are sinking more in darkness who worship created things." (Yajurveda, Chapter 40, Verse 9) .

    "Say this, all one God in many names" (Rigveda, Book 1, Hymn 164, Verse 46)
    "Do not worship anyone besides him alone, praise him alone" (Rigveda, Book 8, Hymn 1, Verse 1)

    "Praise him would matchless and alone" (Rigveda, Book 6, Hymn 45, Verse 16)
    Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires, they worship demigods" (Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 7, Verse 20) 
    "There is no likeness of him" (Svetasvatara Upanishad, Chapter 4, Verse 19) 

    "His form cannot be seen, No one can see him with the eyes" (Svetasvatara Upanishad, Chapter 4, Verse 20) 
    God is one and only, not a second" (Chandogya Upanishad, Chapter 6, Section 2, Verse 1)

    "Of him (God), there is no parents, no Lord" (Svetasvatara Upanishad, Chapter 6, Verse 9)
    "There is only one god, Not a second one, not at all, not at all, not in a least bit" (Brahma Sutra)

  49. As an American I’m not an expert on Hinduism but from what I do know, it’s beautiful, uplifting and loving. I live in a Christian culture but I just don’t buy the idea of eternal hell. Reincarnation makes more sense to me. I also love Hindu goddess ‘ because a divine Mother feels more loving than a judgements, angry God

  50. The life on Earth/hell does not accept any stagnant ruling system. No "sharia" (way of living) of any kind is forever binding except for when it is the law of the land/state.

  51. Thank you for an interesting video. I am surprised to learn that Hindus today may suffer from an inferiority complex. As a non-Hindu, western guy brought up in the Roman Catholic tradition, my general studies of Hinduism and its attendant parts; Jyotish, Yoga, the Bhagavad Gita and meditation etc to name but some, has opened my eyes to a culture that is sophisticated, ancient, yet very alive and that is rooted in the lands of the Hindus. I contrast that with the Abrahamic traditions that have huge followings around the world, yet many, many of the faithful do not have an ancestral connection and continuity with the big 3 monotheist faiths. There's also little to no space for women in the Abrahamic faiths, in contrast to the array of female deities in Hinduism, e.g. Lakshmi and Kali etc.

  52. True that Hindus should be proud of their religion and their oldest heritage on this planet..

    But, please don't label English pronunciation onto Hindi words as well..!!

    It is Sanatan Dharm and not "Sanatana Dharma"

    If English can't pronounce our words, then that's not our problem..

    But, kindly don't change the pronunciation to suit them..!

    Words are also part of the culture…

  53. Sarva dev namaskaram keshavam prati gacchati
    (Pray any god, your prayer reaches the divine)
    Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti
    (The truth is one, the scholars tell it in different ways)
    Vasudhaiva kutumbakam
    (The whole world is a family)

  54. In this era we are into primitive age because 9million handwritten books were burnt by Baktiyar Khilji at Nalanda #theshamsharmashow

  55. Some people saying Hinduism is not a relegion ,yes you are right Hinduism is not a relegion it's dharma ,correct yourself Hinduism is a dharma and there is a big difference in relegion and dharma ,relegion is just a group of people following a faith or ideology but Dharma is a fully scientific followed faith ,eternal and accepted everywhere and universal, Sanatan Dharma is roots of all relegion ,if you have any offence with my point then search the oldest relegion in the world you will find Hinduism on Wikipedia ,i am sure you will find proofs

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