The Importance Of Peter Kropotkin | An Introduction To Anarchist Communism

hello I feel that there isn't enough information on the internet on someone I feel is one of the most important people in history Peter Kropotkin in this video I'm going to explain why Peter Kropotkin is so important to me and why I feel that not only other leftist should read its literature but also liberals who are looking for a basis to begin learning leftist theory so let's begin with a quick background Peter Kropotkin was born in the Russian Empire in 1842 in an aristocratic family he went to military school became an officer in Siberia then went on many geological expeditions across Russia and Siberia while doing this he would read the works of anarchist pierre-joseph Proudhon which among many other great thinkers would lead him to declare himself as an anarchist in 1872 he then would go on to join working unions in Switzerland only to find that he did not quite agree with their version of working class socialism so he would give lectured on anarchism to the workers there see he continued his activism in Russia but it was soon to get him arrested in 1876 this santa-claus ass motherfucker broke out of prison and fled to England where he would soon go on to work on his literature which we will be going over Kropotkin has written many books and templates but there are two that I would like to go over which are the conquest of thread and mutual aid a factor in evolution let's start with the bread book this work Illustrated how capitalist tends to maintain poverty so that workers stay in their place of class struggle forever manipulating them into perpetual wage slavery though contrary to popular McCarthy's belief Kropotkin was not against work he said if all the men and women in the countryside had their daily bread sure and their daily needs already satisfied who would work for our capitalists at the wage of half a crown a thing Ralph the commodities of women produce in a day sell in the market for a crown or more so kind of like Carl Marge he saw that the working class had a lot of potential to achieve great strides and innovation but it would never truly tap into because the fruits of one's labor was always handed to the business a capitalist can make you work a set amount of hours when your job is to bake 20 loaves of bread an hour but at the end of each working day the capitalist would award you with one slice of bread while he gets to keep the third ply so it's keeping his best shift enough to keep showing up to work the next day while your boss makes a profit he says what does our Baron do to enrich himself he looked out for the peasants the poor peasants if every peasant farmer had a piece of land free from rent and taxes if he had in addition the tools and the stock necessary for farm laborer who would plow the lands of the Baron everyone would look after his own but there are thousands of destitute persons ruined by Wars drought and petulant they have neither horse nor plow he continues to explain that capitalism makes work unpleasant even someone like a merchant with set sail to China would primarily do so for the adventure since at the time such a voyage was much more of a commitment than working in a streamline factory working towards fattening a landlord's pocket he says look at these sailors happy to be hired for a long voyage after weeks and month of waiting all their lives long they have gone to sea and ships and they will sail in others still until they have perished in the lathe this is where he would go on to theorize what we know as an Turkish communism a branch of anarchist philosophy that proposed a decentralized economic system that drives on the voluntary cooperation and mutual aid this actually gets much more elaborate in his other book mutual aid a factor in evolution which is a scientific account that not only demonstrates that the anarchist communist style of organization already exists in many animal societies but it also debunks the concept of social Darwinism ok allow me to build a little context before diving into why mutual aid is just as important as the bread book since Charles Darwin's many biological discoveries many clergies have since tried to disprove the theory of evolution but what's worse if that people have tried to twist and alter the moral meaning behind the concept of survival of the fittest for a quick recap as to what that is survival of the fittest takes the idea that a life-form in natural environment cannot survive due to an inability to adapt and to live and to pass on their genes it was Herbert Spencer who would go on to suggest that the same rule applied to people groups giving people in privileged positions such as colonists white supremacist and imperialist a pseudo scientific validation to conquer other people land and to violently enslave them this led to the same white supremacist to believe that since quote only the strongest can survive and that the white man will inevitably pass their genes to create the homogeneous master race the floor nurses teachers too must erase a pile I I didn't up your space not to laughter if your range is very soldier I'll I'll I ended up Doris Banneker Popkin on the other hand debunked this concept firstly it's important to understand that both human and animal societies have thrived successfully to survive because they understand that individually we are weak singular small and easy for prey to capture and devour but United we bring together a pool of multiple intelligence skills know-how and range for problem-solving he scoffs Spencer by saying as a thousands of weak bodied and infirmed poets scientists inventors and reformers together with other thousands of so-called cool and weak minded enthusiasts were not the most precious weapons used by humanity in the struggle for existence by intellectual and moral arms which Darwin himself emphasized in those same chapter and Descent of Man he would then fight Darwin's own words those community which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members would flourish best and rear the greatest number of offspring this can be found in Darwin's The Descent of Man in page 160 so this would essentially drive home the point that in order for any species to survive along enough the path their genes the struggle for existence must be shared and mutually respected and cooperated this has been observed between answering bees as well as crows barbarians medieval society savages modern civilization and much more but what does all of this have to do with Spencer's interpretation of Stalin's theory of evolution because yeah it may not be Darwin's original idea but how did Kropotkin debunk the idea that white people are the fittest of all peoples well Darwin's theory takes into account that an animal that is unable to pass through genes cannot adapt to the natural environment but Kropotkin states that capitalism which supports the patriarchal white supremacist power structures is not a natural environment and is artificial this means that this system can and ultimately should be destroyed he says we are afraid of not going far enough of carrying out a procreation on to smaller scale to be lasting we would not have the revolutionary impulse arrested in mid-career to exhaust itself at half measure which would content no one and while producing tremendous confusion and society and stopping as customary activity would have no vital power would merely spread general discontent and inevitably prepare the way for the triumph of reaction hmm sounds similar percent yes are so the moral of the story comrades is that you not only have a moral obligation to resist fascism and not be a races asshole but you also have a scientific obligation to resist fascism and not be a race an asshole and that goes for you liberals as well because I know damn well that a bunch of you want bill and I to run for president in year 2020 Jenai since evolution teaches that man is evolving and growing smarter over time how can you explain the numerous evidences of man's high intelligence in the past hang on there's no evidence that men humans are getting smarter pushing – but there's one last thing I should mention before I go and that is it is important to understand that you are not fighting on behalf of anti-fascism to protect the name ante 5 or NR Co communism but because you unconditionally care about other people sympathetic each person struggle for existence whether greater or smaller than yours while the rest of the country seems to either remain largely apathetic or maintain a complete disregard for the autonomous rights of other peoples for a silly delusional dream that is fueled by hate lies and pseudoscience and the fact that they are willing to kill in the name of that hatred and fictional delusion is what rightfully classifies them as terrorists in the crucial Danner because they saved our lives actually we would have been completely crushed and I'll never forget that anti-fascist action is a humble work and it is to be remained that way it is what Kropotkin would have wanted that's all for today please sure to rate this video and share amongst your friends for that they too can be armed with knowledge peace

  1. If you are interested in knowledge (as you claim) then you should change this video which associates the Orthodox Patriachs with creationism (i.e., anti-evolution). It is not true that the Orthodox Church interprets the Genesis account of creation as "literal" or "historical" (in fact it has always been regarded as a mythological text, which, by the way, is a genre that tells the truth in symbolic form) and thus would have no reason to attack evolution by natural selection, etc. I should also point out that many great Orthodox writers have been or are sympathetic to anarachism (including D B Hart, Notre Dame Uni).

  2. I doubt we should really be striving for looking out only for our own. That's almost what we have in the capitalist society due to the rat race. Everyone should be able not only to look after his own, but for all others.

  3. Don't forget about:

    Fields, Factories and Workshops: or Industry Combined with Agriculture and Brain Work with Manual Work

    Where Kropotkin outlines the economic vision of anarcho-communism, egalitarian coopeartive communites based on local organisation and local production without the need of a central government that strive for self-sufficiency, with the production of a community's own goods and food it makes import and export unnecessary.

  4. White americans and Western Europeans will become a minority in their own country Within one generation, the birth rate in every white country is below replacement level while there is non stop immigration from societies with much higher birth rates. So much for the White male patriarchy… They don't even have the power to stop becoming a minority within their own lifetime. The leftist socialists have a lot of concern for the people of other races, but when whites become a minority they will not receive the same consideration they have given.. the leftist rhetoric will not change even when whites become a minority because there is no actual end goal, the left will forever continue to blame any problems on anyone but themselves. Asians earn more than whites in the US on average. In 50 years leftists will be talking about the Asian male patriarchy lol. culture and IQ matters. socialism and Central planning eventually go downhill because, the government does not create wealth, the government collects wealth from the productivity of the economy. You can't pass laws that turn Mexico into Japan, because writing laws that everyone should have a house and car doesn't actually produce houses and cars. If the government controlled production we would still be using Motorola Razrs. 10 years ago Nokia was the top cell phone company today it is Apple and Samsung because the people chose. Central planning has no need for technological progress because there is no incentive. It is only white countries who's cities are being taken over by Third World immigrants. Japan will still be Japanese in 100 years, the Middle East is 99% Muslim, they are not interested in diversity. All other countries want to preserve their society and culture. If white people don't want to become a minority in their own countries then they are white supremacists.. A government that wants to make you a minority in your own country does not represent your interests.. And is why the right will continue to grow. Countless generations of our grandparents would be what today is considered conservative. It is only the modern easy life that allows Western people to put others people's interests ahead of their Own. Europeans or white people are less than 15% of the world's population, and on top of that they are set to become a minority in their own countries in a few decades. The third world population continues to explode with high birth rates, there is no way for Europe and the US to even make a small dent in the third world's Problems by bringing in immigrants.. look at the rest of Latin America, that is the future.

  5. "The Conquest of Bread" in it's entirety is available on my channel as an audio-book. Along with a bread conquering tutorial. Feel free to check it out 🙂

  6. Kropotkin's two works on ethical philosophy – Anarchist Morality and Ethics: Origin and Development – aren't read nearly as much, but are just as worth checking out. Just as Mutual Aid tried to give an evolutionary naturalist account of animal/human organisation, those works try to give an evolutionary naturalist basis to ethics.

    He traces concepts of right and wrong from animal origins, to early humanity, all the way to then then-modern day of the early 20th century, coming up with an ethical system closely resembling what would now be called consequentialism, with a bit of virtue ethics mixed in.

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