The Importance of Personal Responsibility

and brace like do something positive you know make something of yourself and whatever level of ability you have you know some people have a low IQ or have or not a strong or whatever whatever realm you live in you can make something of your life that's what that that's what I'm about and if you if that's what you want in life then the system that makes that possible as a system of freedom is the system that is not gonna place our official barriers in your pursuit of life and as long as you're not hurting other people you do what you do and you know what you're gonna fail sometimes failure is part of life and when you fail you can go to your neighbor and ask for help and if you've been a nice guy they will help you and if you've been a rocking guy they might not help you that's part of that's part of the personal responsibility question here right and you know take responsibility for your own life live it don't expect other people to be forced to help you you don't ever wait to pull a gun on your neighbor and demand they help somehow that gun goes away when we vote to take money from our neighbors to help us know if this is a great point right if something's a mall for an individual to do its Amal for the group to do it's a point iron man make great so if stealing is wrong then stealing is wrong it doesn't matter how many times we vote on it doesn't matter how many people vote on it it's still stealing it's still taking using force taking something away from me that belongs to me so if we can just adopt that simple principle right and if we can if we can understand and people can accept that person responsibility you know that that's the hope I have politically you know in the for the future

  1. личная ответственность?
    я вас умоляю..
    в расее 90% населения- РАБЫ
    вы не понимаете этого…
    или понимаете… но сказать не можете прямо)

  2. It's immoral for myself to be taxed to pay for the military and all this anti-dissident/"terrorist" activity, I believe, when these entities are not performing any beneficial or helpful function for me.

    The welfare thing is a problem, sure. But let's not forget not only the bigger problems as described above, but also that as a proven fact, Walmart not only receives taxpayer money from local municipalities to build stores (which they often abandon and pocket the money), they actually assist their slave-wage employees to get welfare.

    I would love to see the ARI do a video like this: a list of shame for "wesley mooch" type american big businesses and corporations.

    Pretty strange don't you think, for a diehard socialist to list Rand as his favorite philosopher? That's me.

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