The Hypocrisy of Hip-Hop | Angry Foreigner Analysis of Rap

so Kanye West came out in support of red pill black this Obama and posted a picture of his mega of course people lost their minds at which point rapper chance back coming in saying that black people don't have to be Democrats now not only is that true but it's especially true for rappers it's funny how rap music is supposed to be left-wing one it's actually the most capitalist thing that there is that a point where it becomes a caricature rap culture is supposed to be all oh the underdog fight the power the people man stick it to the man man but an extra allottee big rappers make their fame talking about money bitches hoes and armed robbery to achieve all these things and yeah I know there's underground rappers with substance yada yada yada I don't give a shit I'm not talking about some obscure guy most people never heard of but I'm talking about the biggest most famous rapper Kanye made a brilliant point about this in his new song ye versus the people at one point the lyrics go I know everybody's emotional but is it better if I rap about the crack cuz that's cultural brilliant point why are people judging coming aid for supporting Trump when other rappers are promoting hard drugs violence adultery and grief how are you gonna complain about racism when rappers are bragging about shooting black people a lot of time they sing about pimping out women which is technically making money off of slavery oh the irony and slave labor really is one of the most capitalist things there is rap music is permeated with the idea that material possessions are desirable because they elevate your social status the idea that wealth is equal to success which it is success is being good to your loved ones being happy and leading a life that you're proud but apparently I'm a filthy commie so what do I know hip-hop culture is hyper materialist and not only that but a lot of rappers have the same mentality as the Wall Street assholes who caused the financial crisis the morality of rap is to screw people over as much as you possibly can bribe and even kill people throw your morality away oh so you can make money so you can buy shit that you don't even need nobody needs spinning rent now of course there's exceptions to this but the point is that this is a common theme that you find in rap music and stereotypes exist for a reason therefore it is absurd that there's such a huge stigma around Republican rappers or black people who like Trump there is nothing left wing about hip-hop I'm pretty sure that Karl Marx would have hated rap there is no Robin Hood theme in rap it's not about robbing the rich and giving to the poor it's about robbing anyone especially the poor and then just buying nice shit for yourself both marks and angles coined the phrase rag Paula Terry referring to working-class devoid of class consciousness such as for example criminals put simply underclass that preys on working-class parasites acting out of socially ignorant self-interest and I quote the rag proletariat was easily bribed by reactionary forces and could be used to combat the true proletariat and its efforts to bring about the end of bourgeois society without a clear class consciousness the rag proletariat could not play a positive role in society instead it exploited Society for its own end and was in turn exploited as a tool of destruction and reaction put simply you're not a victim just because you're poor and it's insane how global this gangsta stereotype is here in Sweden as well as many other countries in Europe we have immigrants often Arabs thinking that they're black and they try to act like gang bangers from Compton male gangster right and they all both left which is absurd because they act like the most corrupt of capitalists they will stoop to any low to elevate their financial status and they all love the movie Scarface which is just weird because when you think about it the movie Scarface isn't about a true socialist who takes all the millions that he makes and gives back to the community and spends it on schools hospitals and homeless shelters no Scarface buy is a huge match expensive suit bodyguards and gun so you can get bigger and badder and rich he gouges his society to raise himself it is unbridled capitalism Without Borders that ends up eating us up the movie ends with him because that's where greed gets you it makes you dead inside and out so all of these dumb G kids who idolize Scarface haven't even watched to the end of it is not supposed to be a role model also Scarface clearly wants to bang his own system you really whips that pussy like Kunta Kinte there's some really incestuous honoured culture shit going on there that's super weird and belongs in the Middle East which probably explains why so many immigrants are into this point being Scarface is a tragic failure when all he cares about is money and power he ends up losing everything that's actually valuable in life he pushes his family away and even kills his best friend when he finds out that he's involved with his sister which is a big no-no because Scarface wants that sister pussy for himself you feel me sister pussy Oh pussy for that sister juice feeling if you feel that the only woman who understands you is your sister yes kinda girls do the moral point of Scarface is that chasing materialism at the expense of morality leads to decay and basing respect in life on owning other people through fear and violence wanting to rule the whole world only leads you to self-destruction it's not an idea as Jordan Peterson would have said Scarface really needed to clean his room this is not a secure person we're talking about someone with that much excessive need to control others is fundamentally insecure and seeks affirmation through fear a Scarface is a walking penis complex shallow and misses the point with life completely there is no emphasis on virtues only things and paper bills and it's the same thing with rap when you don't have a clear-cut identity often as the result of broken family environments abstract manifestations of power will become what you're drawn to and gaining power at any price will be your new identity so you end up robbing people just to be someone because it's easier to exercise power over others than yourself it's easier others than yourself and addressing your personal inadequacies and here's the thing at least with my country nobody in Sweden Rob's people because they can't afford food they do it because they want to be cool hello listen a little good to fistic fan you can towards being out robbing people so you can buy fancy clothes and go party oh how left-wing that is can you believe the modern left actually describes this type of scum as victims call marks wouldn't because they have the same mentality as the 1% in Sweden we got immigrant gangs firing off shots in front of Children and Families because they're fighting over drugged hurt and shopkeepers who are trying to provide value to their community are constantly terrorized by this rag polit area yet the left wants to argue that the perpetrators are actually victims ok well then the Wall Street fat cats are victims too there's no real difference in mentality between gangbangers and corrupt politicians and business both are selling out the people and fucking up lives so they can profit in their own pocket the moral message of rap is exchanging morals for money sound familiar let's take the notion that you shouldn't be a snitch well maybe that's why your life is shit maybe you should be a snitch because that means you have a clear idea of right and wrong and care about your community maybe protecting victims it's better than protecting perpetrators and the latter is something that the modern Left excels in nowadays it's funny how you don't see leftist hating on Arabs playing gangsters yelling at them you burgeois swine class traitor so left has no problem beating up right-wingers over opinions but they won't say shit about the import robbing people so he can buy a BMW really thought-out world you there the left has no reason to exist anymore because you're not even looking out for your own ideology point being just because your or doesn't mean you're a victim marks realize this and improving your own life standard should not come at any cost especially not that the expense of other peope so when you rap about killing niggas and pimping hos you're not acting for the good of the community in fact you are one of the biggest enemies to the black community you learn about solidarity with the people you're about solidarity with criminal scum which is why it's completely absurd that the left would support a movement like black lives matter I'm not saying that police brutality doesn't exist but the biggest problem that black community faces is not cops it's blacks killing other blacks well I can't do the statistics brah at the same time famous people aren't responsible for raising your kids nobody should be considered an ideal just because a lot of people know who they are and they got money don't raise your kids with TVs and smartphones and maybe they'll do better and make sure they got both a father and a mother because otherwise there's higher risk of going to jail and teenage pregnancies there is actual research on this children need both parents and feminism is so retarded it makes women think that they should have children without men in Sweden or even getting its tax-funded well congratulations on trying to create the generation of fuck pop and here's the thing I understand – a lot of rap but that doesn't mean that I take it too seriously and idolize it it doesn't affect my morality or identity that's the real issue I understand the concept of rap it is vile and vicious precisely because that is the living environment of many people in the ghetto so when the rapper makes a song about some horrible shit it's because he's reflecting his admire the same time rappers have this really interesting conflict we're presenting your environment through music ends up glorifying because often there's a lot of oh I'm a big bad nigger cuz I got a gun and not too much of be good to your fellow man and go to school it's funny how one legendary rapper like Big L will make a song with Dee's lyrics telling people not to choose the criminal life because it will catch up on you in very bad ways some he'll make another song about giving women aids because he don't and most of the songs are nihilists nigga like that it really doesn't matter how good your intentions are on the art you create ultimately just promotes shallowness and materialism you can't do common-sense quotas where you have one song with a good message and then ten insane ones and then be like oh I took my responsibility it's a really twisted thing that rappers get caught up and where their music both glorifies and condemns the criminal lifestyle it just never really goes anywhere they just cast out all personal responsibility and then blame white Republicans when it's white Democrats getting black people hooked on shitty schools and food stamps for that reason I just love this comment on the Kanye song Democrats ain't been this mad since Lincoln freed their slaves at the end of the day I think that Kanye West and Candace Owens made some really good points for the black community don't focus on your past focus on your future the truth is that the left wants to strap black people to this idea that they are victims that's what it comes down to they do not want black people focus on their futures they want black people focus on their past they like black people to be government dependent they don't like to see black people that are free thinkers and our independent racism is a dated concept it's not an actual thing that even means anything you know it's something that was used to hold people back in the past but now it has been so many Leafs and breaking of the rules that it's like it's played out guarantee you what you're seeing happening is victim mentality versus Victorian mentality victim mentality is not cool I don't know why people like being oppressed so weirdest thing I've ever heard I love oppression we're oppressed 400 years of slavery Jim Crow which by the way none of you guys live to your grandparents didn't it's embarrassing that you utilize you utilize their history you utilize their history and you come in here with more emotion than ever have when they were living through it

  1. I know there's many substantial rappers out there, and I know many capitalists reject consumerism. But the video applies to mainstream rap generally and argues from a classically left perspective. I'm not a communist personally but if you're gonna be left-wing, then why not be it for real?

    And I don't think anyone can argue Kanye is speaking out of thin air with the following verse: ”I know everybody emotional. Is it better if I rap about crack? Huh? 'Cause it's cultural? Or how about I'ma shoot you, or fuck your bitch? Or how about all this Gucci, 'cause I'm fuckin' rich?”

    Does that sound left-wing to you? Or does it sound like a typical Wall Street attitude minus the guns? I don't care if Immortal Technique raps about the government because he's a fringe artist, we're talking about hip hip culture generally. And hip hop has a huge problem with shitty moral values.

    As for Sweden, here's a perfect summation of our so called ”victim” immigrants. Convict interviewed says: ”In 7-8th grade many people need money to party, but you can't afford nice clothes. So you start selling drugs, doing burglaries or robbing to afford.”

    Yeah, you're not rag-proletariat at all. You're totally a victim. Can you believe the left stands up for people like that?

  2. The enemy is behind the barbican, the enemy covets a global throne and only nations can stop them. Godspeed.

  3. Lumpenproletarianism is the truest form of leftism. All they really need to do is slightly shift there target to the bourgeoisie. Marx’s disdained for the lumpen is proof of his bourgeois elite nature. The lumpen is the group with the least amount of rights, meaning they should be the ones to be set free through illegalism and mutual aid Syndicates.

  4. I agree with your point vis-a-vis mainstream rap, but there are rappers who do rap about serious social issues, though they may get less media attention (perhaps precisely for this reason). For instance check out Danny Brown (yes, he admittedly raps about drugs, but does not glorify them) or Dead Prez (left wing). There are many others, who rap about poverty, inequality, the perils of materialism, working in slave-like conditions, but you generally won't find them on MTV or most music charts.

  5. lol the irony that Scarface is not understood by rappers and wannabe immigrants . Note Scarface is not Islamic or African so never related to them directly. They were the ones loosing out to him in the movie as he was top in organised crime in his area when he takes over.

  6. Viktig video. Mindre viktigt är hur sjukt snygg Candace Owens är i vissa perspektiv och klipp, om än fascinerande.

  7. Lol. You know nothing bout Hip-hop dont speak about it. Hip-Hip spit rhymes to uplift their people, rap spit rhymes that are mostly illeagle.

  8. Here's something you may find interesting. Note the conditions in which this population of Native Americans reside…perhaps you may find the conditions to be the fault of the Lakota Sioux as well.
    Of course the ppl should be able to develop resources out of nothing, as should all racial minorities. Happy viewing!

  9. The two examples you've chosen as ppl with the correct perspective on racial issues are typical of the choice of most white, right leaning political commentators. K.West reputedly has diagnosed mental illness of some type and Candace (don't know her name) is unknown in most African American communties. Neither is renowned for achievments in areas of relevance to social problems.
    A musical performer and a would be reporter….lol! Media icons often commentate expressing a particular political view and are often used for same. This is the standard methodolgy employed by left-leaning political pundits in the USA.
    Asking that any group of ppl renounce their history and replace it with some concept of racial ambiguity developed externally is fanciful on your part.
    Your points regarding the exploitative elements of rap/hiphop are valuable. The appeal of this "art form" becomes morally clouded when the emphasis on the material is stressed in a manner which is conflictual with the value of human life.
    You are keenly observant and enjoyable to listen to, albeit we disagree on several issues. I'll keep watching.

  10. Have you ever considered the huge profits realized by the "music" industry? The moral and physical deaths resulting hold no interest for the producers/distributors of these messages. The concepts sell, unfortunately.

  11. Pröva sätta tungspetsen under framtänderna, på T;et i ord som others ;mother osv. Tips från engelska-läraren ..

  12. 2pac talked about helping the poor, and criticized Trump for being greedy. Rap is not Republican, being successful has nothing to do with political parties.

  13. >Critiques rap music but people in his comment section are using rappers to base their argument.
    >Says Kanye West isn't a bad guy yet it's black people who made him popular to begin with.
    >Says hip-hop promotes slavery then uses a hip-hop artist to validate his argument.

    🙂 Shit video.

  14. Tja!

    Du har en god poäng om hip-hop. Tittar man på exempelvis 2pac som anses vara någon sorts Messias inom hip-hop så är han "a voice of the black community" i ena låten, men en thug life nigga i nästa. Däremot i just fallet med Big L och med andra rappare så ska man inte ta allt så seriöst. Sen tror jag du misstolkade texten lite, han menade det inte som att han skulle sprida AIDS med flit utan mer att han har legat med hela NYC. Nu är ju inte det nödvändigtvis ett bättre meddelande att skicka till sina unga fans visserligen.

    Som ett stort fan av hip-hop kan jag bara säga att min generella tolkning är att det i första hand handlar om att ha ett bra flow och gripande texter sen 90-talet. Denna utveckling började väl någonstans mellan NWA & 2Pac, där ett positivt meddelande inte var på prioritetslistan längre. Det har sen dess handlat mer om att berätta historier som väcker känslor. Att beskylla hip-hop för gangsterkulturen i svarta områden är brist på kunskap. Jag kanske missuppfattade något, men det är vad jag tolkar att du försöker göra här. Rätta mig gärna om jag har fel.

    Den svarta gangsterkulturen i USA är ett svar på rasismen & våldet svarta fick utstå under 1900-talet från amerikanska poliser. Titta på det första, och största, afroamerikanska gänget. Crips. De bildades 1969, ca 10 år innan Hip-Hop ens var en underground grej i NYC. Svart gangsterkultur skiljer sig inte särskilt mycket från exempelvis Hells Angels. Unga, utsatta män som har en trasig uppväxt och kanske få vänner. De hittar för första gången en gemenskap i ett gäng. Sen att HA går omkring i lädervästar, silversmycken och bär kniv istället för att gå omkring i vita T-shirts, guldsmycken och bära pistol är en petitess.

    Kan rekommendera att läsa Tookies wiki. Sen förstår jag att du inte kanske gillar hip-hop, men skulle vara kul att höra din åsikt om Kendrick Lamar. Om inget annat kanske du orkar läsa hans lyrics från TPAB och/eller GKMC på

  15. Slavery is Capitalist? Have you ever looked at the definition of capitalism? It the very least it is free exchange of goods and services, free meaning non coerced. How do you say that coercion (slavery) is capitalism when its a polar opposite? I know that you grew up in a socialist country, but I would ask you to debate or read Capitalist materials before bashing the system.

  16. This is not entirely true and is very black and white narrative. Tupac was a lot more about spreading uplifting messages but he wasn't a angel as he had a plenty of dark rap too. What is my point? This new rap is more about capitalism and is very tightly associated with social media creating a much more shallow sense of identity where material posessions overule deep meaningful rap as it isn't viewed as cool. Not being viewed as cool is equivalent of being a pussy and that wont grab attention as that is not what most guys are about.

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