The Humane Society Wants to Ban Reptiles

the Humane Society of the United States is all about animal welfare and responsible pet keeping their site is filled with tons of pages all about actually teaching people on how to properly care for animals to make sure that they're happy and healthy for example you've got cats there's page on dogs lots of stuff on dogs even things like aquarium fish the list goes on they have these for ferrets guinea pigs rabbits gerbils horses hamsters mice and snakes wait where's where's the snakes oh okay here they are they're listed under the dangerous species tab hanging out with big cats primates and bears and that's what they get categorized with dohsa categorize under the wildlife section on the same page as the pets they're sharing the page or things like elephants dolphins bobcats chimpanzees now I want to cover two things with the Humane Society firstly they think large snakes like pythons and anacondas and Boas should be completely banned and then secondly we can talk about why they think every reptile should be banned they have a lovely video that we can watch through but first we can talk about why large snakes should be completely illegal okay so let's check out the main page with snakes so so many people seem to be afraid of snakes too some experts speculate this is a predisposition inherited from our distant primate ancestors these incredible creatures fare best when left alone in the natural environment not as pets and then they have a whole page dedicated to dangerous exotic pets snakes allowing private possession of these dangerous reptiles threatens public safety environmental health and the welfare of animals themselves right next to that you see an image but it says most pet snakes are kept in tanks too small they can't even stretch out they're showing his hank in a pet store it looks like pet smart or something most reptile keepers don't support stores like Petsmart and Petco and different things because they do have terrible husbandry but then on the next little image page it says this boa constrictor died of injuries incurred from either abandon or neglect after being found at a Long Island intersection for some reason that contributes to why they should be illegal but we'll get on to that later so they said the majority of reptile owners keep their pets for less than a one-year I don't know how true that is there's no sources backing that up we could just assume it is true we'll get on to that and a bit more later they said some animals died due to poor care while others including unwanted snakes may be intentionally released outdoors or escaped from poorly secured cages requiring specialized in expertise and care many captive constrictor snakes end up suffering from starvation dehydration parasites respiratory infections and much other stuff now just to warn you I'm gonna be comparing snakes to dogs quite a bit I always use dogs as an example because every organization loves dogs and everybody loves dogs I'm not saying I don't like dogs more of a cat person but I use dogs in an example because they're not going anywhere and they are like universally loved by everyone and they're known that they make a good pet and one of the times I click on your page I get this pop-up on the exact face that we're talking about it says ready for a second chance more than 300 the animals saved from cruelty and neglect helped them now so dogs under this neglect and abuse should get a second chance as what they're saying and we need to educate people on dogs on how to care for them properly and get rid of all this cruelty and neglect and stuff that's where their entire organization is basically about but then look at neglected snakes and snakes under cruelty and bad care well they should just be illegal I'm not exactly sure what the difference is between these a threat to public safety is the next thing on here since 1990 12 people have died from constrictor snake related incidents in the United States obviously you want as few deaths from as few animals as possible but 12 since 1990 since 1990 I counted there's been 432 deaths by dogs these are domesticated dogs that were talking about which resulted in 432 deaths over the same span of time where there were 10 constrictor or 12 constructor related deaths forces there's an average of 20 deaths per year that's about 540 deaths by horses in the span of the 400 something dogs and the 12 constrictors now every death that can be avoided needs to be avoided in some way if it's possible however you can't be a hypocrite about it with how they are on the humane society you don't have to say snakes are legal dogs are legal horses are illegal because they all result in deaths or you can say let's just keep them all and try to educate people and get it as safe as possible but instead you're just randomly picking some that aren't even nearly as dangerous based on the statistics to just make illegal for some reason by the way the deaths by dogs are very brutal and unexpected and confusing you can look at the list and it actually has a little description for every death from a dog again I don't want dogs to be illegal I think they should all be kept as pets now some of the outcomes from the snakes that kill these few people they are very sad and sad to hear about and it's very unfortunate that they happened and they have this whole documented list of things that have happened with snakes trying to help support their claim that they should not be allowed some of them are just ridiculous 2007 in Massachusetts a teenager making a teenager making money started screaming at this teenager making lemonade started screaming after he was bitten on fine at two and a half foot albino python who was hiding under the dishwasher in his kitchen it's unknown where this net came from the family called the police a two and a half ago I'm biting here – yeah I think I have an image of when my ball python bit me he's like almost four feet and this is the outcome of the bite and that's worth documenting to help support the claim the snake should be illegal December 2nd 2002 in California I feel most even was bitten on the finger by a three foot boa constrictor kept in the middle school classroom so again there are actual serious cases of this where there were unfortunate outcomes with the snakes which you can also find online I'll try and link everything below but again it's kind of hypocritical to say that these should be not allowed what others can be okay here's one of the things that really aggravated me there's a whole section on snakes putting firefighters in danger you can probably guess firefighters are very important and are required to save a lot of people however they're saying that because firefighters are rescuing snakes is putting them in danger you can see like there are different houses that might have caught on fire and there were snakes in that I had to be rescued so they went in rescue the snakes themselves Gotham on the enclosures and all this stuff maybe a couple of them escaped because there's a fire and stuff is burning and apparently that's a valid reason as to why snakes are just so bad to be kept as pets especially the large ones however I just looked up something about firefighters and dogs and there are articles and paragraphs and paragraphs and paragraphs of the dangers of dogs and firefighters there's all the stuff that they that a lot of them go through where they have to look out for the signs of dogs like beware of dog signs before going into houses or going over fences doesn't fill in spotting the dogs and looking for them than if you do warning signs from the dogs if they might attack you then how to avoid the attacks had to defend the text and what to do if you or someone else is being mauled by a dog while you're trying to do the thing again just want to say the dogs most of the time they're fine but you can't say that snakes are putting firefighters in danger because they're going in saving them it's a very much less severe than the dangers of dogs being in the backyard when a firefighters trying to get over and save people or a house so we could go on about the information they have on the site they have with other weird things that you can look at yourself and be just as confused by as I am but now I want to move on to a video they have on why all reptiles should be illegal and banned from the pet trade entirely so now I'm at the computer where we can watch a video they have on why all reptiles should be illegal to keep or basically bend and not allowed anywhere now keep in mind this isn't eleven and a half minute video I trimmed it down a ton so if you want to see the full context of anything it's all linked in the description the video has 99 likes and 500 dislikes but I just want that as a disclaimer if it looks like because I did actually chop this up so that it wouldn't take forever most reptiles that are sold as pets in the United States and globally have been captured from the wild either in another country or even here domestically wild caught animals are so severely compromised health-wise stress wise parasite loads so a huge chunk of this video is about wild cat animals being sold in pet stores now this video is a bit old but it's still posted it's still getting views so I think it's so important however I'm guessing the age on this video just isn't quite as updated because the majority pretty much like every reptile in stores like Petco and Petsmart are actually captive bred however this is still not OK which we've talked about a lot or I've talked about a lot on this channel the far majority I'd say 90 plus percent of reptile keepers do not like and do not support these big pet stores like Petco and Petsmart which are the ones that they're talking about another big change like that it's basically their entire argument the fact that the main people that sell them are not good sellers I can't remember if I mentioned it before or not but this is a lot like the video I did on PETA where basically they just don't know very much about the actual reptile trade because there are so many other places to get reptiles and amphibian not just these big stores that we do not support the let's move on when they bring the reptile home if he's already in a compromised position if he's not well it's just gonna get worse because the information you will have gotten from the pet store I will almost guarantee it's not the correct information for doing the best that you can for them for the animal that you bought I 100% agree with this look it's kind of like 90 percent agree with this I also did a video on this topic and it's a very well-known thing that pet stores off do not give the wrong do not give the right information mainly for two reasons one the employees just don't know the information and two they're more interested in the sale then actually the proper care for that animal this is something really popular that you see in these big pet chains and even some smaller places and maybe a couple of private breeders and different things like that so yes it is important to note when the info is sometimes and pretty much often incorrect in these pet stores but we'll probably get more into this later well reptiles in fact are very difficult to care for we are keeping in this country over 600 different species of reptiles as pets now of course we know the troubles that people experience even keeping dogs and cats as pets properly and that's just two species imagine trying to keep over 600 different species each one with their own particular dietary requirements temperature requirements humidity requirements other habitat requirements it's very complex and different keepers aren't keeping 600 species you're just gonna have one or a few you don't need all of the information on all 600 species and even pet stores are not going to sell all 600 species this seems kind of irrelevant for most of these species your average person could not possibly duplicate the conditions that are needed the conditions in the wild essentially which are needed to keep this animal alive in captivity basically she said no one can keep these animals healthy I guess there's one comment on this video that I think kind of sums up this entire thing I said reptiles are hard to care for most reptiles are captive born now this is a propaganda film filled with false information so definitely some animals are way harder to keep but there's literally no evidence backing the fact that people can't keep these animals safe and healthy and happy in captivity those are reasons the thousands and thousands and thousands of reptiles and amphibians over the past decades have completely outlived their natural lifespans in captivity this is literally just completely made-up doesn't make any sense and it's not helping their case and not helping the look our view on reptile keeping because it literally makes no sense the transmission of Salmonella from reptiles poses a substantial threat to human health and most at risk our children they just they worry because they have the potential to carry it just like a chicken has the potential for a rule of thumb is washing hands before and after holding any yeah yeah that's overall pretty accurate the rule of thumb is washing your hands before and after you handle animals because any and all animals can carry all types of bacteria but what's the Humane Society's argument for this so the patch-up should be saying yes all reptiles carry salmonella yes you have to be very careful that's basically what she just said they have the potential to carry it just like a chicken health protection basically all animals will carry bacteria and diseases and things even humans and it is known that salmonella specifically will one it can be avoided by washing him this is why new regulations have come in to help aid this issue for example Turtles under four inches cannot be sold to help fix this the risk and dangers are not very much higher than any other animal that you would have around the house or other people around Lanning sees firsthand what happens when pet reptiles do not get proper care and she blames it more on ignorant than intent this is very much the case with a lot of species of animals they are purposefully neglected or abused like look at how their dogs and cats and plenty of other species it's less often with reptiles I'm sure it does happen unfortunately but I've never really heard of it let's see their example of spreading false information and causing ignorant in people but without that special lighting reptiles get a crippling bone disease austin is our worst case currently of metabolic bone disease the past like 15 seconds our perfect representation of just how dumb and lazy and inaccurate a ton of the stuff on the humane society is about the topics when it comes to reptiles and amphibians the person they were asking about the evb was holding a Blue Tongue skink and giving that info on a Blue Tongue skink they were showing metabolic bone disease and a green iguana and Blue Tongue skink is not a green iguana kind of like that PhD lady just said over 600 different species each one with their own particular dietary requirements temperature requirements humidity requirements other habitat requirements in other words some animals need some things other animals don't need those things or they need different things as I'm Blue Tongue skink as we've talked about on the channel they don't require you to be but it's beneficial this is just a lack of information so the Humane Society is spreading misinformation by defaming proper information as misinformation what I don't know what how to do is how to get to people before they've made the purchase decision it seems that that people make the decision to get a reptile fairly casually and with very little research and information gathering and I think if there was more of that done there would be less animals purchased I think just knowledge would change a lot of people's mind so the first thing in Malthus is I don't think this happens quite as often as we think it does because you don't hear the tons of times that people do have the right info and do raise the animals properly however this is a correct statement as she said that's why we educate people on the subject that's why this channel and many other channels exist that's why there's so much information online trying to give people the correct husbandry and correct information on this the same thing happens with bunnies and rodents and dogs and cats and all these other things where people just aren't educated and aren't ready for the animal the Humane Society educates the people on all of these except for reptiles so basically they've got all this nice laid out info for all these animals that we talked about earlier but when it comes to reptiles just make them illegal there is no way that we can provide a good life for them my personal opinion the way to stop it is to stop bringing them in period the lady from the sanctuary just contradicted herself I think just knowledge would change a lot of people's mind and then you said the way to stop it is to stop bringing them in period that doesn't make any sense I thought we just educate them because they are tend to be kind of ignorant some people tend to be kind of ignorant with these and then you said the only thing we can do is keep them away and banned them let me finish it off with there is no reason to have a reptile as a pet period yeah I think we should say the same about dogs there's no reason to have a dog wait why should we keep dogs maybe because they help people psychologically with different sort of problems or issues or things that they're going through maybe because they live way longer and way healthier in captivity when under the proper care maybe because people are really passionate and interested in the subject and know that they can give these animals the proper husbandry that they need well all these things by all means fit dogs and many other animals but the hell so if it snakes perfectly and other reptiles and amphibians I dedicated a whole video to 100 reasons snakes to make great pets some of the reasons are just kind of dumb and for fun but the farm majority of them are completely valid reasons as to why snakes are good pets so there's a very common theme with these animal welfare organizations with PETA and the Humane Society and the dodo and many others can someone please just find me an actual good animal welfare thing that actually follows logical sense and is fair about all the animals and doesn't just ignore one group for who knows why if so I would love to know about them but that was a video and then before the video that was stuff on who I pet snakes should be illegal and then why every reptile should be illegal even though there's a lot of accuracy with it and false information with it and stuff that kind of just ruins it for everyone when it really doesn't need to happen if you'd like more information on reptiles this channel is dedicated to it so you can watch the other videos there's tons of other channels and actual good resources you can find make sure you check out use ark or u.s. ark or United States Association for reptile keeping for actual logical information on the subject that promotes responsible keeping so now unfortunately I have to add the Humane Society a site that or a organization that I want supported I have to throw it into the pile with PETA and some others I only know how to finish it it's just kind of irritating and depressing but this is something we have to deal with but hopefully everything made sense feel free to ask other questions or leave more comments on it that'll be it for this video I'm Alex and thanks for watching

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  2. when she was talking about the impulse buying yes that is a vdry serious issue but i personnally have impulse brought animals but there are many keepers who CAN impulse buy i have 8 years experience and in one rescue case of two axolotls i was forced to impulse buy but i had the time and i did heavy research and ordered everything i needed.

  3. one think what the f*ck do they think they could do. say they ban them what are they going to do with the 100nds of millions possibly billions of exotic animals? they cant keep that mamy theyd have worst care than keepers bevause there "terrible". they cant release them that would cause all kinds of problems

  4. Snakes can kill you but not horses huh? Knowing the horse world for all my life, this is the most dangerous sport and creature you can get because they can actually kill you accidently.

  5. The Humane society of the United States is a dangerous and communist party organization. They fund democrats political campaigns and the humane society pays them a lot to make new laws against pet owners large constrictor snakes.

  6. Good Video! I subscribed! I agree animal rights activists are wannabe dictators. I despise animal rights organizations.

  7. Reptiles need to be seriously capped tho. You cant have a million people breeding billions of venomous snakes year round, or all the idiots that caused the problem in the FL Everglades and wiped out the indigenous populations.

  8. kind of sucks that we've come so far with dog and cat and even fish care, but reptiles are treated the way we used to treat puppies

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    This is an outrage! Ban all snakes, turtles, tortoises, lizards…. what am I forgetting here? If it has scales and breathes air ban the bastard!

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  11. snake bites are avoidable for the most part. Sometimes you startle a snake and get bit. I’ve been bit by 2 different dogs who were kept by people who were using them as “guard dogs”. My cousin loves reptiles and amphibians and she has a turtle she’s kept sense he was a tiny baby and she takes damn good care of him.

    PETA doesn’t know anything and they out right lie most of the time. they don’t care about the truth as long as they can push their agenda. I would say the humane society cares about the truth but doesn’t always know what they’re talking about.

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    Alex goes all in and roasts all these ppl like a pro man lol, he has much more logical reasons and arguments against it. You killed it! Everyone should watch this.

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  20. 4:41 Check the ratio of deaths to pets. One major reason for fewer constrictor-caused deaths than dog-caused deaths is that there are far more dogs than constrictors.

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