The history of Anarchism in 8 minutes [Re-Upload]

what is anarchism this is probably interpretation truth is it's not if you picked up a copy of Webster you probably think it's this to be without rulers true fears its anarchism is a formal deeply long rooted political thought but what it basically comes down to is the abolition of all unjustified hierarchy the root of this tree go back a long long time as far I can some people's minds as primitive society some say the Greeks had anarchism some say the Chinese have anarchism but make things simple which is gonna be speeding right over here it's the French Revolution and people are pissed off and it's the auditorium skinny-ass but this video isn't about him because he doesn't exist this situation however was where anarchism in the modern established form finally began a lot of people during this era were thinking about stuff like why the poor poor and the rich rich what's with this new bushwhack class that's coming about some these people were really influential and interesting let's just check them out some were really influential but we'll go interesting and some are just speaks but there was this one guy Pierre Joseph Pradhan we've got the illegitimate love child of Brier blessed and Chris Hedges and he's an anti hierarchy it's but that's too many syllables so he mixes around the letters goes up to his imaginary friend and says I am an analyst and that was really edgy at the time because until this point hanneke has always been known as anyway in what is property he gives the outline of private property that's capitalism to form around which private property rests and the state from which property is sustained and he doesn't like this and says the property is theft by which you meant some property and that makes everybody really pissed off except for Karl Marx's tomb to get along really well then they don't but Marx is still cool kiss few private property is bad because the owner gets far more of his fair share of control over everything like an entire factory he barely uses burning an entire state of land that he never touches except for prancing around with a pony but everyone else needs certain things to survive needs but they don't of course órale Quora file coolpix so they need to work the owner's order to buy those things and pay the landlord in order to live on the land look at all these things together but now piers anarchism advocated something minor by today's comparison of it mutually owned property that means that the workers owned the factories and the community owns the houses and they still get to sell and distribute stuff to each other in a market this is also known as mutualism the choice Annika stone adhere to today but most considerate pretty cool enter Mikhail Bakunin who basically is Brian Blessed and he's also an anarchist but he doesn't like mutuality have much so he starts up his own school collectivism which is basically a system of money without accumulation so nobody can get as rich as Bill Gates Michael goes to Leon and tries to uh tries it but he failed but Labor's some hipster at least copied his ideas led a successful uprising in Paris during the franco-prussian war and for about two months everything was pretty darn cool and the bloody week happen oh boy Bakunin lays down the groundwork for syndicalism and in the 70s he along with other theorists with similar views established anarchism as a trademark name during the first International workingmen's association max came out the marks itself called for a few years and fing goes fairly quiet but then another white guy comes along Peter Kropotkin he lifted the cow's ideology and fought you up mate wellbeing for all and he wants to popularize another school abort everyone's he wants to create society the Marx envisioned but using anarchists tactics and he writes plenty of books there's a bit of a fetish for science and he also supported the pressure well one but let's not get too much into that at this time it's the Golden Age of the American labor movement and you suddenly got even more guys kicking the state's ass and they're demanding eight hour days welfare benefits retirement programs minimum wage and suddenly aim of them get Gordon hang a later people gone to call this day made a enter Emma Goldman and she's pretty damn killed and she helps run lead the masses and doesn't really like the suffragettes that much has techno Lana cos it's 1917 now and America renters world will one despite saying they wouldn't and Emma screams don't sign up resulting in her in prison for two years in exile to a native Russia unless we answer the era of revolution in Europe yes everyone is having revolutions whenever oh did we mention the Russia's having one too well that time the Bolsheviks taking power but over in Ukraine there was a young peasant boy called Nestor Makhno who wore a really funny hat will he help band together a group of peasants under platform ISM made a really cool flag and that the army to defend an area that became known as the free territory of Ukraine with the help of a really cool machine gun carriage and together the black army destroyed the white army with a little help from the Red Army always well for a few days after that but then let in says some 300,000 troops in the black army is destroyed Mac no flees to Romania and France then dies back in America Lucia Parsons continues to kick some ass and scare some police officers a Boston the big boss and executed and no Ito gets strangled in asleep oh my you have an occupied Korea for quite some time but did you also know the Brean anarchists fought back and made their own little shim main autonomous zone to combat imperialism well they did and well sadly not much is known about these guys due to the lack of diaspora and translated documents and brutal repression so sorry I can't ready guys cuz this is the big one fascism is spreading all across Europe except this feign space becoming pretty damn progressive at last but some people didn't like that especially this one guy called Franco he creates a coup and begins the Spanish Civil War but wait remember this guy well it turns out he taught his ideas to get sepia Fornelli and he went to a nice little holiday in Spain after about 60 years the Basque revie's Aragon and Catalonia start building up a radical sevens in Douglas unions the biggest being this one they cease to hold Barcelona and credit worker's paradise resorts and healthcare improve living standards improved production improved literacy improved alcoholism Goes Down and hundreds of people slot to Catalonia to help and support including Emma Goldman a George Orwell who later went on to write Animal Farm in 1980 wait a minute George Orwell was a socialist Sollux well to Spain right wrong some fascist guys you may have heard our fun Franco and eventually kills more wealthy person and there sends the era of revolution in Europe so for a long time Anika's and goes pretty darn quiet and world war two re-energizes national pride in the victorious nations not to mention all the free stuff they're getting a few fairies do you make a problem is still like Chomsky the mild and butch in the eccentric Punk makes its mark and hipster anarchism begins there are still some social democratic worker movements but they all get crushed by their neoliberal reforms of the 1980s but it's not all doom in Germany the squad Aluna founds the famous black bloc tactic what's this another revolution yes finally the Mexicans are getting one too welcome to chip ass Mexico things are pretty bad in chip ass with poverty really widespread but for a while a small group of anarchists who followed news saffet ISM want some more freedom the name themself as a Cadiz – army of national liberation named out to this guy and together they lead the semi revolution or Abel defender themselves after two weeks of fighting the authorities say fuck you and a ceasefire is too quick they've also got this really sick looking guy with a pipe sadly a year later the army said actually fuck you and chase them up into the mountains where they remain today together they now help provide coffee for anarchists across the world finally if you haven't noticed shoots kicking off the Middle East and if the many groups in Syria one of them is called the PKK the Marxist Leninist institution led by this guy called Auckland the CA doesn't like Auckland in 1999 they have him captured and sent to a little island by the sea but he reads book gym while he's there and he thinks she's got style so he hierarchically tells the rest of the PKK to go Anika's mo yeah The Situation's pretty easy but nonetheless they all agree with a bunch of other ideologies they fend off Islamic state and design a new conferral eyes autonomous society nowadays known simply as Road Chava and a bunch of peeps hit the web make youtube videos explaining anarchism over and there's all those stuff more than I didn't mention but we'll leave it at the end hello everyone hope you enjoy the video I intend on making more like these in the future so if you like that kind of stuff then hit the subscribe button for more I'm also on Twitter at bad mouse 101 and if you want to ask me a question then please do so on ask if em that's all for today folks so thank you for watching and bye for now


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