1. How can the public stage another socialist revolution? I feel like the socialists minded ppl are largely small pockets spread out, and none of them want to take real action like they did 100 years ago

  2. There was mass famine and millions starved to death in Mao's China.
    I'm a socialist, please don't lie about some of these monster's.

  3. it's almost ludicrous coming from a capitalist country how fast growth is under socialism. Just amazing when the people don't have dead weight around their neck even under tremendous threats abroad.

  4. Also, I believe many of the former Yugoslav republics are wanting a return to socialism. Makes sense too because the Balkans were light years better back then as opposed to today (Along with the rest of central/east Europe for that matter).

  5. The life expectancy was less than 35 years in czarist russia 1913. I think it was about 32 years or so. In the 20s the bolsheviks brought it to around 40 by implementing hygene campaigns. Shortly after it grew very fastly after healthcare became free.

  6. What do you think about western medias claim, that the north korean media claimed in the 2014 elections, that the front for reunification of the fatherland (National front of the DPRK) got 100% of the votes and there were no 'No' votes (so against the national front). I dont think this is true for a couple of reasons. It sounds like the 0815 'Norh Korea is evil' bullshit. what do you think about it? Do you know something about the 2014 Peoples Assembly election?

  7. You are aware Castro was a dictator, people lived under fear and oppression and he had death squads against gays, drug use and anyone who disagreed with him, his kill count was around 78 thousand lives. He also controlled peoples freedom of speech and expression?

    "Authorities jailed hundreds of prisoners of conscience solely for peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression, association and assembly in a campaign of “ruthless suppression”, she said. “The state of freedom of expression in Cuba, where activists continue to face arrest and harassment for speaking out against the government, is Fidel Castro’s darkest legacy.”

    I'm aware the media have lead people to believe that he lead some sort of Utopia and they say the same about Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. yet it's far from the truth.

    By all means, if you wish to live in that system, I implore you to immigrate there and see for yourself.

  8. But we have 1 problem.?To many ppl are still brainwashed by capitalism.And if you live in america you get the front row seat.This country is full of retarded christian free market fans.Not that it ever works but this is their mindset.And it will never be fixed.

  9. Question: Is a one-party state a necessary criterion of Marxism-Leninism?

    I just need to know out of curiosity; Wikipedia is obviously not the place to look.

  10. You should make a video on Marxist-feminism in the current status quo. I think it would be interesting to see a response video against a liberal feminist vid (like pro femininity, pro makeup) with a communist female.

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