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Greetings, and welcome to Earthling
Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is Toy Story 3, brought
to you by corporate powerhouse Disney, which as you all know, survived its planet of origin
and now owns a 51% share of the known universe. Toy Story 3 is a story about toys, a race
of living, breathing creatures that were enslaved by the humans for their own amusement. In
Earth’s heyday, toys such as Woody, Female Woody, Buzz Aldrin, and all these different
horses were considered second class citizens in a materialistic society that judged beings
based only on their pragmatic usefulness. “Let’s see how much we’re going for on Ebay” When the film begins, the toys are owned by
Andy, a ruthless overlord who labels them with his name effectively smothering their
individual will. He keeps his subjects suspended in a perpetual state of oppression, ignoring them to heed the beck and call of his master: the cell phone. A Samsung Galaxy Note from the looks of it. Andy must further cement control over his
dominion by going to college, and since his toys don’t have the test scores to go with
him, he sentences them to the attic. The toys undergo an existential crisis, uncertain about
the sort of “afterlife” that awaits them up there. “Oh I hate all this uncertainty.”
“Woah, woah, woah…” And their anxiety is justified.
Three words: spi-der- webs. That’s why I always make my wife get the Galaxmas decorations. Ever the die-hard loyalist, Woody preaches eternal devotion to Andy. A classic case of Sherlock Holmes Syndrome. “This job isn’t about getting played with. It’s about…”
“Being there for Andy we know.” But it’s no use The other toys escape to a daycare
facility called Sunnyside, a name that makes sense if you remember that Earth had only
one sun. Sunnyside seems nice at first, but turns out to be a socialist nightmare. Here
the toys are no longer private property. Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear takes it upon himself to rule this socialist utopia with a fuzzy
fist, for as he says, the toys are “without owners”. “No owners means no heartbreak.” But he is a malevolent dictator,
subjecting his citizens to torture at the hands of ruthless toddlers in order to crush
their spirits. He maintains power with a secret police force, brainwashing, and a monkey who
is clearly on meth. Lotso’s walking stick doubles as a gavel, a symbol of order, and his strawberry scent strikes fear into the batteries of all who cross him.
The toys try to sneak out unnoticed, but when Lotso confronts them, they figure why not
stage a libertarian coup. “Authority should be derived from the consent of the governed. Not from the threat of force.” It works, and the big baby throws Lotso in the trash– the very place he said toys were destined to go. He drops his gavel-walking stick, suggesting
his reign of tyranny is over. But that ending would be too easy, so Lotso
drags everyone else into the trash with him, and they are hauled off to a volcano. Here
salvation comes in the form of a giant claw, operated by a trio of racist caricatures. “The clllaaawwww” This is what’s known as “deus ex
machina,” an Ancient Greek term for a machine that descends from the sky to put Gods on
the stage, and I don’t just mean god of the stage Neil Patrick Harris. In 21st century
parlance, the expression was used to indicate a plot device that immediately and conveniently
solves an unsolvable problem. Toy Story 3’s deus ex machina is both a literal machine
descending from the sky and a plot device that conveniently saves the day. Despite being
critically and commercially successful, the boys at Pixar could always find time for an obscure
inside joke. At the end of the film, Ken and Barbie usher
in a “groovy” utopia, perhaps indicating that a time will come when the toy race will
no longer be oppressed, and can exist in harmony with all the Earth’s creatures. In the meantime,
Woody and his friends are content to live under Bonnie’s benevolent rule. That is,
until she goes to college too and they have to do the whole thing over again. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid.
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  1. I'm jealous, you live in a time when Marvel can still make movies, and you don't even have to deal with DC playing 'me too'.

  2. why have you fallen so far that you have to put red circles and arrows in the thumbnail. you don't have to wisecrack, we already know that you make good content

  3. Man, Garyx looks funny with those tiny, fake eyebrows. And what's with that character name? Mark? Totally unbelievable.

  4. "and a monkey who is clearly on meth"

    LMAOOOOO I was so serious and anticipated for more smart stuff and then you say something like that.

  5. Please do:
    1. Ratatouille : The Other/Ubermench- Mediocre Herd(?)
    2. Astro Boy : Dystopian(?), Kantian v Utilitarian/Consequal morality(?)
    3. The Angry Bird Movie : Imperialism/Orientalism(?)

  6. I remember that my friends told me that the bear and the system that he ran was supposed to represent the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin's rule . For example, the police who would kill anyone who didn't engage in communist behavior( big baby that went after other toys) or the government watching their every move ( big clapping monkey on crack watching video footage of the toys),ETC

  7. Oh, Nooooooooo! Your name is Mark? Whaaaaat? My brain is going to blow up!!
    It can't be true. Oh, no mr. You must be some kind of machine that looks like my platonic love Mr. Garyx Wormuloid. This must be what is going on here. Your lack of eyebrows betray your self "Mark"

  8. The crane is possibly refering to the coming Alien deception being propagated upon the sheeple of the planet socialism aka earth

  9. wwwwwwoooaaa…the host of Earthling Cinema is TOTALLY BANGIN IN REAL LIFE DDAAAMMMNNNN!!!!! You wana go on a date yo?

  10. "Ignoring them to heave the beckoning call of his master… The cellphone. Seems like a Samsung galaxy note from the looks of it… " 😂

  11. I was listening to this in class and my headphones came out when he said and a monkey who's clerly on meth and everyone looked at me

  12. Toy Story 3 really is a socialists nightmare. It's a movie that shows what happens when you let the state have too much power

  13. it’s funny because half of the shit I didn’t pick up on when I was younger, like how lotso is basically Stalin’s ussr and how the secret police brainwash people. the fuk Pixar?

  14. The way he is describing Sunnyside makes it sound like the Soviet Union. Think about it, he "maintains power with a secret police force.' That sounds suspiciously like what the KGB did for Stalin. Lotso also brainwashes the toys, that sounds like what Stalin did to the soviet Union. Finally he allows stops people from leaving and if they do than he sends them to a prison.

  15. Anyone notice that toy story three was about the holocaust. Think about it. If you don’t understand PM me and I’ll explain it.

  16. As a Disney fan
    I think the holocaust meaning might be true as we started the toys of Andy represent s the polish uprising meanwhile lotso represent Hitler and controlled buzz represent ussr

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