The Hearts Center—A Community of Divine Love

The Hearts Center community and movement is a community of divine love founded upon divine principles, values and the sacred opportunity to engage heaven with earth; the ascended masters with their initiates, their disciples, the holy brethren and sisters who walk the Earth to serve God and one another, and who love God and one another with all of their hearts, minds, strength and souls. As we engage with heaven, with the ascended hosts— the ascended masters, divine beings, cosmic beings— and enlist their support, their light, their attainment to help us upon Earth in fulfilling our reason for being, through this sacred engagement betwixt heaven and earth, there is the release of light, the release of divine radiation, ascended-master instruction, truth, wisdom. And this is what we do and what we provide as a platform for you—the individual initiate, disciple, heartfriend— to engage with us in a loving, cooperative way. These broadcast services are our statement to the universe of what we desire—peace upon Earth, unity, harmony, brother/sisterhood and love perfusing the cosmos through our hearts in this heartstreaming activity. Every broadcast service is a collective heartstreaming activity. The love from our hearts streams forth through our individual hearts and our collective flowfield that we’ve co-created with God. And the majesty and the miracle of it always brings uplift and support to us, encouragement and a little enlightening spirit to us. And hopefully our day will go better, we’ll feel brighter, more cheery and buoyed up so that we can do our work—our creative work with God—better, more harmoniously. The Hearts Center community and movement has no official membership. The only key to membership— if you would like to call it that— is an open heart and mind, an honest desire to be of service through collaborating with others of like mind and heart, and using what you receive to glorify God and magnify the Lord within your life and within the world. Your motives must be pure and honest and true. We have many opportunities through our website, including Meru University, a modern-day mystery school— not so mysterious any longer. We have many courses that you can take, and each of these provides an impetus for Self-realization, enlightenment and liberation. The purpose of Meru University is to empower, enlighten and inspire. We have, in addition to Meru University and our daily free three-hour broadcasts, our 24/7 radio program, where the word goes forth— prayers, decrees, songs, invocations, ascended-master releases, talk-show sharings from the past, and divine music, discourses and darshans. And this 24/7 opportunity is so easy to engage in—just click on the little arrow on the home page on the left and listen. And then when you’re done or you desire to turn it off, click again. We also have a compendium of over 5,400 ascended-master releases called HeartStreams, which are free for your listening enjoyment. Many are videos and many are also transcribed. We have inspirational sharings in our Heartfriend Wisdom series—dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of them, from over the last thirteen-plus years. We have wonderful YouTube videos, almost a thousand, which are free for you to watch and listen to and watch again and again at your leisure. And we have many inspirational sharings, through our Creative Arts team, of magnificent visuals that they have  co-created of the Aquarian Golden-Crystal Age that we all desire to see manifest upon Earth. We have many guided meditations and sharings from heartfriends, who bring their wisdom directly to you on your mobile phone, tablet, home computer or any electrical device that will receive them. We also have a wonderful online store and a physical store here in Livingston, Montana, called the Alchemy Exchange, where we provide many resources for your enlightenment and enjoyment—our books, our DVDs, our CDs, lots of music, crystals, orgonites, inspirational cards, statuary, framed prints and wonderful images by Marius Michael George. There is so much to share with you. If you’re here physically in Livingston, we have a huge selection of used spiritual books of all kinds. Stop in and see what we offer. Thank you for engaging with us in this collective spiritual work for the ascension of planet Earth, the enlightenment of all mankind and the liberation of every soul. Yes, our souls are precious. Our souls are what we are about —our soul expansion, our soul liberation and the love that will facilitate it, the enlightenment and living in harmony with all of our precious brothers and sisters around the world. Thank you.

  1. I'm very grateful to you and the center. Thank you! I look forward to your videos every day 💝🌻⭐🌻. Do you have a place for visitors to come and stay for a visit?

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