The Grumpy Guide To Class - Part Two

and think about a house where we lived catchment area and that sort of thing I don't paint in middle class are the most unhappy class I just think they're the best of moaning moaning middle classes as if no smart plan is to admit to being middle class but play up your working-class roots boast that you had to break the ice in your outside blue get some credibility their way pretend you were brought up in a paper bag preferably in the north you get a room full of people you say what classic and most people would say most ordinary people would say working-class it's a badge of honor isn't it see inverted snobbery it's the kind of Oh No yeah yeah I've made a few quid I've got a nice house kids got private school but you know what me dad used to work shifts even though we're quite obviously all terribly middle-class these days there are still people that will become ridiculously boring about the fact that their working class or that they come from somewhere in North North England for child we used to live in this tiny old tumbledown house with great big holes in the roof house you were looking live in a house we used to live in one room all 26 of us no furniture half the floor was missing we're all huddled together in one corner for fear of falling you were lucky to have a room we used to live in the corridor oh we used to dream a living in a collie door we were always consider ourselves working-class posh that was what we were you know we had pot noodle but we had on a plate we're not cheap bodies in triangles got the big issue delivered that was that was how we worked I do come from a very working-class background and it's not you know that there's no scandal in our family there was never a time when some debt to sell the family silver so it's not like I worried that nothing's been passed down there was nothing to pass down the only passed out in our family was a propensity problem wait around the jowls I would suppose but you know I love a buttered sausage kit Java yep Eddie child 11 hi I'm a cheesy I don't I equate really knightly lottery tickets please whether the single biggest difference I would imagine between the working class and the middle class when it comes to money is you know the working class would spend the last quit on a scratch card because that might make the middle class and the middle class the last thing they would do is buy a scratch card cuz that would make them work in class now that being working class is so fashionable and the port of the better it's quite hard to define what working class actually is the old days it was easy they went to work in a factory in identical flat caps they came home to their tea and lived in black and white cobbled streets how quaint easier still all you had to do to find out whether someone was working class was to ask what their father did what does your daddy do my father is a diffident a doctor what is your daddy do he's a machine were under sir he says officer chauffeur yes he's a solicitor sir he's postman sir he's last month a lightermen sir he's a plasterer sir but now plasterers earn more from solicitors and plumbers earn more in a day than middle managers earn in a week trade as it used to be called is suddenly a new posh it used to be really easily understandable what class were in buy your job if you're a bricklayer you were working-class if you're a doctor you were middle-class if you worked in finance or you were an explorer or a basket weaver then Hugh were upper-class but now it's been completely turned upside down used to be that if somebody said they were say a carpenter or a gardener that almost by definition meant they were working cars but I mean now maybe I'm talking specifically about North London but I mean half the cars say called gardeners I mean are actually the sort of Theon Toby something or other I mean they're always sort of psycho youngest son of some aristocratic the children of the middle class goes University and do media studies and then if they're lucky they get a job as a runner for a TV company earning 120 quid a week if they're lucky and having to make the tea whereas the ones who goes a plumbing school and learn how to do something useful are only fifty grand a year forget people's jobs defining their class now better to look at someone's postcode to place them in a class category exactly where you live and what sort of house or flat or loft or apartment you live in is critical the class clues are all there if you know where to look it's so much more complicated than upper middle and lower it's more a 1 B 1 C 1 C 2 apparently and then you have a look at what's inside someone's house to do an accurate class reading I think possibly the c1 furnishing is more akin to a b c – perhaps tend to go in for a shiny kind of furniture years Furniture Mart and China dogs on the mantelpiece escape of ducks in flight on the wall artificial flowers – the plastic flowers listening I never make rash judgments about people's houses based on their furniture at all ok so your house is the big giveaway and what you put in your house and how you arrange it all is critical glass wise first big class dilemma what to do with your windows nothing clearly keeping daylight out and everything to do with social state of sabath lee do you have shutters or do you have net curtains those are the v-ray the defining my new shine out of the new class les society if you have lot heavily patterned carpets commoners muck unless their rugs in which case it's fine the further up the income scale you go solid colored carpets or seagrass matting they used to be a floor covering rule amongst certain kinds of upper middle class people that would must show what they meant was fitted carpets terrible put a carpet what carpets a nap I think an absolute rule of thumb is you cannot have anything in a house pretending to be something else so for example if you want lino in your kitchen that's fine but you don't have lino with a tile pattern on so what is it lino or is it pretend tiles mustn't have anything that's pretending to be something else but you can get clever with floors take an ordinary floor class it up back Ricky said have to cover up the Herod sign this to Volga get a gym bag posh school scarf some riding stuff green wellies now it's a marvelous tough corner shelves tricky videos V bear books be good banging loads of doesn't matter if you have read half of makes you look clever if your walls are painted white with a hint of sisal and right over in the far corner is one chair posh or possibly wanker I talk about of course the exception to this is the are any rule which is a good rule to cite if you find you've dropped a class clangor claim your garden gnomes or flying ducks are ironic but you have to tell people you're being ironic otherwise it doesn't work people just think you have no taste what anybody Jamie the jukebox in their house oh no that's kind of 70s ironic no that just makes you look at Alvin Stardust the irony rule doesn't work with names of course your position on the class scale is scarily visible because it gives away your birth class for all to see I think we all know a post-christian name and we get it it's peers and peregrin upper-class names that will always be upper class will be Sebastian Arabella Susannah Fiona Tarquin Tabitha Sebastian or they have nicknames Mindy Bunty Nemo it just is fun you know because the thing was is that uh when I was very very very little we had a nanny and she didn't know how to pronounce my name say we just you know I'm getting wah wah posh name Zenda no don't they Hugo my low growl a middle class names and an E Katie Phoebe Emily Josh and Tom and Jack working-class names will often sort of land with a thud Jade ah or their place names Chelsea Kylie Wayne snobbish us surely not we pretend the class doesn't matter to us that it's a pointlessly outdated badge system but we're all guilty of class consciousness be honest my mother was actually hysterical probably the biggest snob I've ever known and I remember when I was about 15 she said to me you can marry outside your nationality marry outside your religion but for God's sake don't marry outside your class but should you wish to be the class police what are the sort of interrogation techniques you need to learn there's a lot of feeling around people do without exactly saying what sort of house to live in um and what do you do what and how much money were what she live well what's her father do and if you live there do you know the exes whereabouts in Battersea um oh just off near the bridge does it take you very long to get to work from there anywhere where do you work is it a Georgian house is it a Joe now is it is it as George Nass or is its Terrace it's quite a long way from the city for instance and it from Enfield which end of the terrace is it that end by the garage how is it at the weekend or do it are you there at the weekend meaning have you got a house in the country

  1. In the US, we give the impression that we are obsessed with race but actually that is camouflage for our true obsession which is class. People pretend that we have a classless society but nothing is farther from the truth.

  2. I don't know who is more pathetic, the upper class twits or the hoi poloi who so bitterly resent the upper class twits. Even when they're joking they aren't really……And by the way it's not class as in ass, it's clarse as in arse…..only the British care about this.

  3. Funny as hell, class really is a load of bullshit, I was privately educated I dont feel any more intelligent that anyone else I was a complete dunce at school, not academically gifted I just didnt give shit and still dont , never aspired to be any class, I am me and that's that, I treat the people I meet as they treat me dont care where they live or how they dress or what they do or where they were educated. I am happy not being class driven ,I have many good friends from all backgrounds who like me for being me, never bought into our class system its very restrictive and depressing. life is hard enough without pigeonholing your life and status .In my experience people who say they are middle class are working class with pretensions they are ashamed of their humble backgrounds and best avoided because they are disingenuous and untrustworthy and they would screw you over as soon as your back is turned.

  4. In the U.S. poor people waste plenty of money on scratch off and other lottery tickets. Middle class and rich people don't waste money like this. They know more about managing money, and that's why they're doing better financially – generally speaking.

  5. In Canada we had a lot of war brides who were so pretentious. It was comical in a country so humble. Most of the time we had a good chuckle at there expense. Class isn't a big deal snymore.

  6. 5:00 the snotty little snob of a woman jeering at ‘china dogs on the mantelpiece’.
    Little did she know that ‘mantelpiece’ is a terribly non-U word.
    Real upper class people say ‘chimneypiece’ or ‘overmantel’.
    She may as well have said that she had a lovely ‘couch’ in her ‘lounge’.

  7. So let's see….Its not enough that the entire society is driven by a desire to work hard enough to earn enough money to never have to work…..but we also have to keep one eye on whose coming up behind us and the other eye on how far ahead the other guy is. Question: What happens if the average Joe stops caring so much about his place in the rat ra e compared to everybody else? Aren't the Real winners at this game the people who market what we need to have to validate our illusions?

  8. Is speaking with a middle-class accent thought pretentious if you're from the working class? Curious from a Yank's perspective.

  9. It is ALL ABOUT – E-G-O

    Humans have largely overlooked the subject of Parenting/Teaching Balance:
    Human Ego Mindedness – which can be quite Adolescent – as it is the Lower Mind and requires some fostering to ensure the Emotional Development reaches Maturity.
    Many miss Teaching the Value of "Conscious Application of Thought with a Standard of Ethics to achieve Mature Mindedness" – "the Higher Mind" – among the Upper Class it is noticable, and largely the Upper Middle Class seem to be absent on this subject" as they are preoccupied by material statement Ownership's and Social Climbing.

    It is worth noting that the Owners of MS News Media and the Central Bamks are aware of this – as they play straight to it for manipulating the Public – it the Psychology of Advertising applied to Commentary News to steer opinion, gain viewers, profit from Produced Subjects that evoke opinion emotional – especially Political Subjects.

    Bait the Ego – gain the reaction. There's Profit in Prejudice…

    USA – "Sociologist/Journalist"

  10. Don't get me started on the middle class and the ''snowflake'' attitude they bring into society to ease their concionces

  11. Love it lol 😂 net curtains were very working class ! The curtains were washed every week to keep white ! Apparently if not the neighbours would assume the house was filthy with no pride ! Do you call the room lounge or front room or sitting room etc 😀so so British !!

  12. The true elite are the ones who actually live by doing something and actually thinking. There are very few of them left in Britain or the USA. Once upon time, there were people in the USA who set up and verified the integrated electronic circuit machines. Now that's mostly done in the Far East.

  13. what a crock of absolute shit, pure snobbery, I have never judged someone by their job or what their father did for a job, in my life, but then again I'm not shallow or insecure, and that's what snobbery is, insecure people making themselves feel better.

  14. I didn't realise names were so class-loaded.  I don't think they used to be, when looking through old records all classes use the same names, Elizabeth, Susannah, Rebecca, Mary, Joseph, Jacob…..whether they are workhouse inmates or aristocrats.

  15. are you hearing the democraps here ,this is the english version of the democraps that turned there nose up to the president of America the best president we have ever had so what he never went to fekin yale or or ??? he has a businessman brain that is is what it needs to really run a country

  16. Lady Marjorie: I wonder what sort of people they are? Hudson: Oh, middle class m'lady but quite respectable.

  17. Wayne and Waynetta Slob weren't working class; they didn't work! They would be referred to now as the Underclass lol

  18. And this was class system is one of the things that America wanted to wad up and throw away, but sadly, we blew it.

  19. Working, middle or upper class, the British all aspire to live in old (looking) houses. This doc is proof. A contemporary design house is hard to find/sell in Britain.

  20. ive worked all my life doing various jobs, i consider myself working class and wear it as a badge of honour even though i live in a middle class neighbourhood and have a few bob, i get the best of both worlds.

  21. Sod classes. Judge people on how nice they are. I've met rich scum and poor scum. The only difference is their money as their thought patterns are similar.

  22. I think I went from a middle class family who like to pretend they are posh, when they aren't, to I guess maybe working class? My husband is an aged carer and i'm a part time student and plan to go into research part time due to my disabilities. Anyone else dropped class? I'm curious if it's just some snobby middle classers like my parents who never cease to make you feel bad about it, as if you have disgraced yourself.

  23. Don't be fooled by the interior, or indeed exterior (to a lesser extent), of houses belonging to people who have been posted overseas for a time in the military. People think my parents are rolling in it when they visit their house because they have furniture that would cost a fortune if they bought it here. They bought it cheap as hell in Malaysia, and the same goes for everyone else who was posted there.

  24. If you  work for a living you are working class. it doesn't matter if you are lower middle or upper . some people like to pretend that the type of job is significant or the amount they  earn is important. its not

  25. I am so glad that American greed caused the recent British economic meltdown. Fuck them and long live Angela Merkel. 

  26. I have been a political refugee but went to Cambridge and read law and then into the City and off to UN. I have more than 300 books at home including some written by obscure German Philosopher. I have a received pronunciation -what was the BBC English.  Question which class do I belong to?

  27. Why must we endlessly be shown monty fucking python as an example of 'class comedy'? What would they know about other classes apart from their privalage of messing about in Cambridge with their posh mates. We need change and we need it now.

  28. I am so glad these fuckers have been reduced to what they are today – the beggars of Europe on par with Greece and Cyprus.

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