1. Communism most of the time involves a totalitarian government and a lack of civil rights to all citizens.
    One way to get rich, learn about the stock market. Only available to Capitalist societies, this allows citizens to invest in other citizen's homegrown businesses and make money. Learn about it, when I was a teenager I made 300-400 dollars a day off of it.

  2. I think a problem arises when using statistics as the core of an argument. What is 70% of reality? What is 30% of truth? And 30.333% of truth? How far are statistics willing to go to succinctly identify inequality? The counter-argument always has its statistics, just as sourced and enigmatic. I'd rather wander blindly into personal experience and poetic device. In that case, watch: Je Vous Salue, Sarajevo by Godard.

  3. who cares how much someone makes…. its not your life and they dont get that out of nothing (unless they're in the government) , they have to earn it somehow and how about we worry about ourselves intead of giving things to people around the world that hate us when we dont have the money!

  4. 1:21 So let me get this straight… the pet food we provide to our pets equal half of what could be used to feed the poor and give them healthcare around the world.

    Critical thinking; 300 million Americans to 700 million Europeans (3 to 7 ratio) and it's a 50/50 on our dog food. We are rich SOB's here in the states. And I do mean rich under capitalism (both rich and "poor").

  5. 1 mill Canadians live below poverty line – BECAUSE of socialism !
    Capitalism would FIX it , you dolts !!!!

    Canada is NOT a capitalist country you f*ckers !
    I'm unsubscribing because of this moronic shit video

  6. Actually researching the Equal Money System exposes it for the long debunked Marxist dogma that it is, so how is the fucked up world helped by fucking it up more?

  7. omfg! im a proud capitalist, i hear a lot of stupid communist arguments, but this dont have anything to do about our western ideology. Do you really think that the thirld worlds policy is the real capitalism that we in the west have? Do you really think that poor communist states was better of than those who call shemselves capitalists? Look at China ant Taiwan, north and south korea and also south and north vietnam! Poor nations with real markedeconomy are better of beacause of this system.

  8. @Houshalter – Everyone is Equal in this World, whether you like it or not. We have been duped and have duped ourselves into Accepting a Money-System, where 1 % has 80 % of the Money. How is that remotely reasonable? – The Equal Money System is about using Common Sense and Actually Standing up for What is Best For All – In Practicality and not in Diluted Ideas. So – everyone is Equal, no one can be Forced or be a Follower.

  9. @Houshalter – Seriously look at the conditions in the world – people with jobs that requires nothing of them, get's the most pay – the most dangerous and hard jobs get's the most sucky pay – Is Equal Money for All really that challenging to Consider? Even for someone as smart as you? – There is nothing in the Equal Money System that promotes oppression or violence – thus you are super-imposing yourself into what you read and clearly proves that no one is Free in this World.

  10. @Houshalter – You have obviously not investigated the Equal Money System – but instead rely on conspiracy theories and fear to direct you. The Equal Money System is based on Everyone in this World taking Self-Responsibility for the Whole – because we SEE that the World is Fucked up and that if no one does anything, no one will. Will you?

  11. Thanks for sharing this david. You should make some more videos cause these are important issues – For the End of Abuse and Suffering Support The Equal Money System! I am 1 vote for World Equality!

  12. it's funny how you left out the hundreds of billions of dollars that go to waste whenever social programs are implemented. that money has a direct purpose to feed and help the poor, and a lot of the time it ends up the hands of corrupt bureaucrats.

  13. Capitalism can only work where it exists, and to the extent that it does.

    Capitalism will only hurt places where it does not exist.

  14. @venomousfish: How does the scientist make medicine while he starves to death? How is food produced for him when their are no farmers to produce it? Money did not come before trade, it developed as a way to improve trade. The scientist no longer needs to seek a farmer to produce food for him on the promise of medicine, he can do it for "money" knowing that later he can trade it for food. And the farmer will produce food because he can get money to buy food and housing for his family.

  15. Please watch my video. It's about earth changes. People changes too…. (slight images on "the downfall of imperium"

  16. @daragazzo The IMF and the World Bank are as capitalistic as they get. Their sole purpose is to give loans to developing countries at very high interest rates. The growth of big economies in the last few decades has been fueled by debt, huge reduction in work wages by shifting their production facilities to Asia thus reducing employment capabilities in their own countries, and unprecedented exploitation of less powerful economies. Well now, you do not have to be a genius to make money that way.

  17. @daragazzo Without capitalism = no growth? This couldn't be further from the truth. Capitlism just forces growth, e.g no work = no money = no food. Have you considered the fact that people might work together for the benefit of their fellow man? I can't see anything absurd about a scientist devolping a medicine, not for monetary gain, but to cure people that are sick.

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