1. There is actually one good thing about NYT. I don't have to feel bad about wasting paper when I use NYT for lining the rabbit cage or when changing the oil. The paper has already been wasted

  2. AOC is a pig. Commie pinko. Oops. Guess reverted to her way. Were in trouble if we dont stick together we re strong. Divided we fall.a house divided will fall. JESUS CHRIST said that…..

  3. Dear Greg, Your endless blunders, smug delivery and excessive use of laugh tracks may have dwarfed your chances of that Andy Warhol Fifteen. Try harder.

  4. I love Greg Gutfeld and his team!

    I realize that the video is intended to be funny, and I love it, as I do most, if not all, of the show's videos. I don't know however, how any reflection on the legacy of communism, whether humorous, or solemn, could fail to mention, the millions upon millions of deaths/murders, that are directly attributable, to its legacy.

    It's utterly appalling, to see people cheering for politicians and lay people, whose goal, is to transform America into a socialist country. The very same lunacy, is happening in other Western countries. These people have to be, amongst the stupidest, that exist on the planet, nowadays.

  5. Apparently, Karl Marx had an aversion to bathing or personal hygiene which is why he had a vile odour and his body was covered in painful boils.

    Plus, Karl Marx was totally inept with money his entire life and he relied heavily on begging and nagging his wealthy CAPITALIST uncle who was the co-founder of Philips for constant financial handouts.

    Isn't it hilarious how Socialists, Marxists, and Communists never walk the talk and yet they expect the rest of us to adopt their absurd totalitarian anti-capitalist doctrines while they shun having to take personal responsibility for one's troubles in life?

  6. Wow. Communism is the greatest failed social theory in history, and the big, intellectual New York times has the temerity to proclaim he was right.

  7. Marx the Jew is laughing as the Zionist have taken over the west. He won with cultural Marxism. Americans have been so dumbed down. Now the want to build a wall so that they can’t escape. Founding fathers would have started shooting zionists a long time ago. No they get promotions

  8. This is the equivalent of a gay domme saying 'no homo' to all his slaves after he cums in their asses.

  9. I swear, I don't understand why people want to turn the US socialist, they have so many options of socialist countries to live in. Buy a ticket and go, what's the problem? What are you waiting for? And why are the celebrities still in the USA, I thought they wanted to fly away? Oh wait, that's right, it's not about ideology, it's about dividing and conquering the steward of individual liberty on the planet so we can turn the world into a captive, gullible market of socialist morons who think having toilet paper is a success.

  10. Wow, where was Hitler's happy birthday? Did we forget that he was a big time socialist? Nazi Party A.K.A.

  11. Did this moron read anything in the article aside the headline? The entire article is how he pretold the lose of jobs in factories to machines.. oh wait what am i thinking. This is the conspiracy station who supports the robbing of all your factory jobs so they can turn around and blame immigrants for stealing their jobs. My bad

  12. Fook this guy, he basically created a social disease. He was probally joking about comunism, no one can be really serious about it. Can we unmwelt communists brains?

  13. Welcome to the New World Order and no true freedom or inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A totalitarian socialistic cashless system.

  14. Karl Marx was a philosopher not a politician. He was actually a very smart man and an intellectual of his time. The political ideology attached to Marxism hasn’t worked- but he himself was an extremely intelligent man

  15. The paper forgot to mention – the more than a 100 million dead victims of the great failed socialist experiment!

  16. I love Greg's sarcasm. He is right: if there is no humor, there is no possible way for society to function.

  17. 80 MILLION starved to death and executed in the name of Communism….isnt that enough reason to despise it…but hey, were talking about the left here !

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