The Green New Deal, explained

Every few years, they gather to tell us what’s
happening to our warming planet. In 2018, they had some news. “It’s very clear that half a degree matters.” This is a chart of how much the global temperature
has gone up since we discovered fossil fuels. For a long time, scientists said that we should
try to stay under this line: 1.5 degrees celsius. But that really, we’d be okay if
we ended up below this line: 2 degrees. Now they were saying, that wasn’t quite right. That we’re not safe in this zone. And that hitting this line will mean a spike
in mass migration, wildfires, deadly heat stress – and it’s going to cost us. “Trillions of dollars, millions of lives. Irreversible, forever. Changes that cannot
be undone in centuries.” That’s what happens if we get warming to
stop here. And right now, we’re on track to go way past
that. “If action is not taken, it will take the
planet into an unprecedented climate future, if we compare it to what has happened during all of human evolutionary history.” We don’t have a plan for this. So a group of American activists started
to make one. They recruited a Congresswoman and a senator
to turn it into a Congressional resolution. It’s the first step of a plan that has mostly
yet to be written. It’s called the Green New Deal. And inside, there’s something we might not
want to hear. This is the Green New Deal resolution. It’s only 14 pages. And to understand what’s in it, it’s important
to understand what’s not. “It is not a bill. It’s not legislation. It’s not a policy proposal. It’s not anything that you could pass and make law.” This is my colleague David Roberts. Dave’s written a lot about the Green New Deal. And he says the 14-page resolution is just
a first step. “The idea was, what’s our shared understanding
of the problem, and what’s necessary to solve it?” The Green New Deal contains basically two
big ideas. The first is this question of what we need
to do to solve the impending climate crisis. The Green New Deal says what climate scientists say: We need to completely stop burning fossil fuels — “as much as technologically feasible.” “So that means things like rethinking vehicles, energy efficiency standards for buildings, changing the ways we make steel and concrete.” That’s Rhiana Gunn-Wright. She’s part of the think tank that came up
with the Green New Deal. “Policy director at New Consensus.” Rhiana writes policy. And she likes to rattle off the things that moving
away from fossil fuels will entail. “Moving to electric vehicles. Make that home energy efficient. The food that you buy will be grown locally.” The Green New Deal requires building a lot of new things, the things to power the world, without
fossil fuels. And that’ll create new jobs, new industries,
an entire new economy. But Rhiana also emphasizes that this is going
to inflict a cost. “It’s going to be a massive undertaking, because
we’re asking how do we rethink the ways we use energy in our society.” A key principle of the Green New Deal is that
it’s too late to incrementally move away from fossil fuels. It has to happen quickly, and dramatically. Or as Dave puts it:
“People don’t seem to get, zero emissions means zero oil business, zero natural gas
business. No coal business, no internal combustion
engine auto business. The number “zero” means it all has to go.”” Here’s what decarbonizing will do. When we rip out fossil fuels from the economy,
people are going to lose their jobs. And that means they’ll lose their health
care and maybe their homes. But the Green New Deal also has a second part. And this part acknowledges that transitioning
Americans away from fossil fuels is a huge and difficult ask — especially at a time when so many live in
economic uncertainty. “How can we go to the American people and
say ‘I sure hope you aren’t one of the people who loses a job, because then you might
die, sick on the street. Good luck. Now will you sign my bill?'” This is the contradiction that the Green New
Deal describes. It’s the part we may not want to hear: That we need to take action, and also that
taking action will cause pain. Imagine you’re a coal worker. If the US decarbonizes, you are going to suffer. So this second part is a set of promises,
for how Americans will be protected during the transition away from fossil fuels. “Jobs guarantee, public employment, universal
healthcare, education and training.” “The basic elements of economic freedom
that ought to be promised and due to every citizen of the richest country in the world.” And these promises aren’t just for protecting
coal workers. They’re meant to keep all inequality from
getting even worse during the transition. Because think about what direction wealth,
and power, usually flow in — when new things get built. It’s the communities with the most political
clout who decide where things can and can’t be built. Wealthy corporations jump in to build those
projects. And the good jobs go to people who can afford
to get trained for them. “The folks who have the fewest barriers will
be the ones who benefit the most, and you’re just going to see a replication of the issues
that we have now.” In other words, anyone who’s historically
missed out on those benefits — especially the poor, and people of color — could end
up even worse off. So the Green New Deal says, we should rebuild
the American economy — in a way that allows opportunity to flow more fairly. “The Green New Deal is about: While
we have this chance, why don’t we think about that proactively to change it in the ways that
people have been calling for it to be changed for generations at this point.” So the first part of the Green New Deal is
a set of goals to avoid a global disaster. The second part says we should do it in a
way that helps ordinary Americans come out better on the other side. And that’s it. That’s all that’s in these 14 pages. It’s just a first step. And now, Rhiana’s job is to figure out how
to go from this 14-page resolution to an actual Green New Deal – a road map for what government
needs to do next. And their goal is that, if Democrats win power
in 2020, there’s a plan ready to execute. For now, though, the Green New Deal is just
asking our leaders to acknowledge the scale of the problems we face. “This disastrous plan …” “… would be a massive government takeover…” “… it would stifle innovation…” “… wasteful and reckless spending…” “… rather than setting realistic goals…
” “… we would go from about 94 million cows
to zero cows…” “… that resolution will not pass the Senate. Because there’s no way to pay for it…” “Desctructive, socialist, daydream.” The Green New Deal is a longshot. But right now it’s also the only plan that
acknowledges what we know is coming. “What is the world that we want? What is the country that we want? And how do we get there? And how do we get there in a way that is just, and how do we get there in a way that stabilizes the climate and heals our planet? Because if we don’t do that, then there will be
no paradigm because there will be nothing to fight for.”

  1. If you want to read about the Green New Deal in the lens of the 2020 election, I recommend this piece explaining Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposal:

    Inslee has the most ambitious climate proposals; it is, as Vox's David Roberts writes, the Green New Deal translated into policy.

    For more from the rest of the 2020 democratic field, check out the Vox policy guide:

    – Alvin

  2. What about the rest of the world? How are you gonna force the planet into such nonsense? Where is all this magical technology gonna come from?

  3. What if I don't want to go to college? What if I want to drop out of high school and start having babies? Shouldn't I make as much as those who wasted their time getting a good education and getting a high paying job?



  6. The Green New Delusion – an exaltation and promulgation of scientific illiteracy. Fossils can be effectively reduced with nuclear power and a lot of people will be employed.

  7. So basically this is just an acknowledgement which means nothing, but if I want to know the details of the plan, including cost to implement this plan and it's details and how it's gonna work also what renewables we will actually invest in and ignore, plus details of how we will transition peoples lost jobs to new jobs and if that will be in the same city as those lost jobs or will people have to move somewhere else. How jobs will be guaranteed as well….then we have to put democrats in office first and hope that they come up with a plan before the next election as well as not have the plan be influenced by the various businesses that are gonna want a piece of that money investment like the renewable energy lobbyist were able to influence Mr. Obama in getting billions of $ while others didn't…..yeah, no thank you…I want to see that detailed plan NOW!!!

  8. No details whatsoever. 1. How much does it cost 2. How are you going to give back jobs to those that will lose them through the green new deal 3. Their is no proof that Global warming is really happening

  9. You never hear these con artist talk about the Jurassic period and how the earth CO2 levels were over 1400 . Currently they are around 400ppm. You also dont here them talk about how the Sahara Desert is actually greening due to increased rainfall. But NASA has the photos right on their website lol.

  10. The temperate has increased around 1.4C since the little ice age, 400 years ago. 0.6C since the mid 1950's. The majority of this increase was when no fossil fuels were being burnt. So no I don't think it's fair to say this is a global catastrophe. Winters in the northern hempisphere in the 1990's were much warmer, now winters are much colder. So there is no real evidence of a terminal future, in the meantime a green new deal would put the economy back decades. The american people won't buy it unless you come up with something that's going to provide more evidence and a deal that isn't going to hurt people so much. As margaret thatcher once said 'socialism only works to the point when the people that are paying for it run out of money' – and you are talking trillions of dollars here

  11. I'll tell you what you come up with a significant detailed plan on how the ordinary american that will lose his job and then benefit later, how you going to pay for this (in detail) and how you are going to fund free health care and college education. Do this as promised above before the 2020 election and I'll take a look at it – over to you

  12. Sounds like something that can be accomplished in 12 years. 🤣No one is against finding alternatives and transitioning out of fossil fuels over TIME! This green new deal is reminiscent of y2k.. oh wait the end of the world didn’t happen.

  13. Fiction can be entertaining, humans have no control over the climate. It has changed since the creation of the Earth…

  14. Humm, Global Communism AKA, "Green new Deal."how many lives will be intentionally eliminated? Remember, your reading on a product that is created through Oil, Coal, and natural gas. This will be the removal of all electronic devices globally, and that is a start. All solar and wind products are made with oil and gas as well as all electric cars, batteries. Don't forget trains, roads, buses and of course our clothing. So, by reading the basis of the Green Deal, the only logical solution would be to eliminate the need for oil, gas and such. Yep you guessed it, the reduction of human population.The only green being made will be by the Oligarchs, oh excuse me; Masters who run the new World. Food for thought; maybe we all can start by consuming less, live minimalist life and not act so self important? Normally don't respond to anything online but we need to start with logic, not emotions.

  15. Is this black woman some kind of authority or is she invested in solar panels..remember solindra ? wonder how much of that money Obama got..

  16. The Green New Deal is nonsense. It is not something we can afford, it mandates socialism, and it addresses a predictions that have never proven correct in over 40 years of modelling. I'm old enough to remember that Florida and New York were supposed to be under water by now. I'm old enough to remember when 'climate change' was global warming…and before that global cooling. And I'm educated enough to know that The Green New Deal would do exactly nothing to change global climate. The Green New Deal is about changing America into a socialist 'utopia' not about changing global temperatures.

  17. Exactly how does Vox view the G.N.D. now that Saikat Chakrabarti has openly admitted it was NEVER about the environment and was only a way to break the American Economy in preparation for full Socialism.

  18. 3:15 and Dave doesn't understand that farm equipment still relies on diesel fuel because electric batteries don't produce the power required AND take a long time to charge. Meanwhile solar and wind aren't efficient enough to produce 100% of the electrical power required… so they'll still rely on coal burning… unless they stop being afraid of CLEAN nuclear ENERGY.

  19. New York and Maine launched state initiative Green New Deal. Maine wants to install 100,000 geothermal heat pumps in peoples' homes, New York launched two major off-shore wind farms. At the same time Clean Fuel Energy Corp opened a Renewable natural gas/ biomethane fueling station. Burning methane from organic waste seems one combustion engine permitted in the Green New Deal. I expect Washington state Oregon to launch their own Green New Deals.

  20. There is as much evidence that earth is cooling. Its everything to do with the Sun, not humans. Agreed we need to go to solar and get away from Fossil fuels, but no need to spend a trillion dollars of government programs. Let the free market do it.

  21. More of the climate change hoax; not looking at what part is natural vs human caused. And "it all has to go" SMH.

  22. Noone talks about the biggest poluting aspect witch is animal agriculture…it sounds like "let's change everything except our own impact".i guess working on our selves is the hardest task.

  23. That one scientist who said that we are in "unprecedented" territory for climate change during "human evolutionary history." Umm, the last ice age peaked only 18k years ago when humans were very much around – when the ocean was 300ft+ lower and humans could walk from Russia to Alaska, and most of Europe and North America were covered in an ice sheet miles thick. The Great Lakes were dredged out by retreating ice sheets when humans were farming the Indus River Valley only 12k years ago, when the ocean was rising far more rapidly than it is today (up to 3ft per year during ancient human times). His statement is patently untrue.

  24. The main problem is you cant trust the government. Also the real climate scientists that aren't being paid by the government say that…. yes people have an effect on the climate, obviously. But it's not enough to cause this issue on it's own. We do not understand the climate on this planet. It will rise and it will fall. Just like it has always done. Just look back 30,000 or 40,000 years and follow the climate charts until today. It's right there. This always happens and has been way worse. Yes it will be devastating but that's just life on earth. We cant stop it. The green deal will have zero effect on climate change. Its true. It's all there if you do the research. This coming from a liberal perspective/ Democrat. Listen to some of the climate scientists on the joe rogan show. There not being paid by the government so they tell the truth

  25. This is has a Great Leap Foward like feel to it. The massive amount of changes, complexityof the issues and unrealistic costs could lead to a large economic collapse and famine.

  26. Guess what!!? Did you know cavemen caused the ice age with all their factories, jets and cars.
    You can't change grandmother earth!! Also AOC staff said green deal has nothing to do with climate change but socialism.

  27. Remember AL Gore said the world would be over by now because of ugh climate change? Yup he was purposely wrong too. HUGE MONEY grab.

  28. Do it goes from fixing "climate change" which honestly is truly as much of America's problem cause we are on the low end if emissions in comparison to Asiatic countries but it's also an economic plan seems terrible

  29. I guess you were trying to support the GND…but it actually makes it look worse than it is.
    Did you even bother to take 10 people off the street, and not from your break room, and test this video? The answer is clearly NO.
    Way too many problems with this video to list. For now I'll go re-watch "An Inconvenient Truth" and count the problems with the "settled science" .

  30. If we go to Thorium all nuclear electric is safe.
    But OAC's plan is not workable at this time.
    If we,. the US can go total 0 emissions (which is impossible, you know no planes, etc) we will only effect 1% of the worlds carbon footprint. Oh maybe we can MAKE the whole world do this??
    Honestly, I think she is very ignorant.

  31. BTW, the world is in an ice age most of the time. When the climate shifts to "Ice Age" everyone will run around screaming "Global cooling Global cooling!"

  32. If you let vox explain anything to you, you’re becoming less intelligent by the moment. Zero credibility whatsoever. Also been caught and called out numerous times. Might as well be the Sun Times.

  33. Okay but exactly how is this NOT a socialist mandate? Part one is how we're going to wreck everything. Part two is how we're going redistribute wealth to fix everything…

    But also we're going to enact social "justice" for the have-nots, because somehow (to be clear, this next bit is sarcasm) what people of color need is a handicap so they can compete with white people?! How is that not the most racist thing you've ever heard!?

  34. Americans just love a good panic. This is a good one. Can't wait for the next one because this one is boring now.

  35. Amazing! Just give it to the government and allow them to take over the fossil fuel industry just like Venezuela! They sure know how to spend our hard earned money better than we do. I wish there was such a thing as nuclear energy of some sort which would be a great alternative.

  36. Sorry, I'm not joining your socialist fear-mongering agenda to get rid of steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, buses, trucks, cars, ships, boats, campfires, and cows.

  37. Change like this won't happen. It's like asking a heroin addict to switch to melatonin tablets. Oil = heroin, btw

  38. How about we fire this Reconstructed government(criminals) of 1867 and replace them with the real government?

  39. Of course they didn't mention that it rewards people who are lazy by handing out welfare checks to everyone who doesn't want to work. And they say that Armageddon will happen if they don't get their way, if they don't get their socialism then the world is gonna end

  40. VOX is like the mainstream media for YouTube, same agenda. Climate change is natural. Just wait for the geoengineering they'll come up with. Always the same: they create a problem, to sell the solution! Pls, do mark my words if you have any doubts. (#_david_keith)

  41. Those ten thousand people who didn't like this video are part of Americans who prevent the US from trying something in the right direction. I don't think they'll be remembered kindly by those who live 50 years from now on a hostile and polluted world

  42. Where is the proof from those scientists that carbon emission from fossil fuels are directly responsible for rising temperature?

  43. every small country would join in the historic $$$$$ grab. NO PROOF there is global warming. Why does the world Elites push so hard for this ? Do they build wind mills next to their houses? Improve soil health and the world will be better. Or is it power they want?

  44. Say everything happens perfectly. Oh look, China and India still exist and don’t care about the environment. They can and will destroy the environment regardless of what America does

  45. For this to be given a decent chance to succeed, a large chunk of the military budget will have to be redirected into green infrastructure investments. The US military is probably the largest polluter and supporter of pollution around the world anyhow.

  46. if the politicians really cared they'd go for nuclear energy but really it's about socialism they are using climate change as a scapegoat in order to intact socialism

  47. “We don’t have the money to save the only planet that we can live on.”

    There is no other choice. We have to spend the trillions of dollars it would cost to undertake any kind of climate plan, or we’ll have no world to spend all of our money on

  48. Lol no more fossil fuels, no more vox… If the government invested in cleaner methods of burning fossil fuels and less on windmills which are worse for the environment and are used by oil companies for tax cuts we might be able to address this issue.

  49. The green new deal. Government to take over the entire energy infastructure and industry. Destroy as much of the free market as possible within 2 terms of government. Reduce GDP per capita to third world levels in the USA. Ensure a socialist agenda revokes all personal liberties. Jail and murder as many conservatives as possible. Sounds like a plan.

  50. CO2 scrubbing from power plants on site IS the solution! Captured CO2 send to empty natural gas (oil) reservoirs.

  51. Dianne Feinstein saying that there's no war to pay for the Green New Deal while somehow she found a way to pay for the Iraq War that she voted for back in 2002. What a terrible human being.

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