The Great Terror: Stalin’s Purge Of  The Communist Party

Molotov was one of stalin’s closest, closest a comrades during the whole revolutionary period he he was a bosom buddies of Stalin a name people of my generation heard all
the time on the radio the molotov cocktail %uh the %uh he was the foreign of Minister during the second world war um he was called stalin used to joke about his last name calling my Molotschtien he was married to a Jewish woman Zhemchuzhina and Zhemchuzhina for various reasons fell
out of favor with stalin %uh hah the end of the forties with the establishment
of Israel there was a a lot going on there and Stalin became very
suspicious of any jew in his government and as and and perhaps it was a way of testing stalin molotov’s loyalty but he arrested Zhemchuzhina before she was arrested she was expelled from the a central committee and in this meeting where she was expelled molotov refused to vote against her he didn’t vote for her but he abstained from voting and in his diary Georgi Dimitrov wrights down this was certainly not correct on the part of Molotov it was certainly not correct Dmitrov was the head of the Communist international now another story which perhaps a you’re thinking of also is
a story about stalin’s longtime adjutant pastrovichov let me stop you for a second molotov complained to Stalin and what Stalin
said to him is absolutely unforgettable yes well I think I think you may be
conflating stories because this has to do with pastrovichov General pastrovichov who was a he became stalins secretary after
the war in any case pastrovichov comes home one day in the thirties and discovers that his wife has been
arrested and he runs to stalin and he says comrade stalin this is clearly a mistake my wife is a decent
person a loyal communist a devoted member of the party please I beg of you stop this bring her home I love my wife he throws himself at stalin’s knees holds him by the knees and stalin says get out we’ll find you another wife it is very interesting goes to show you now people is the name Rubashov in darkness at noon the fellow who %uh goes to his death you know leading him through the dungeons before he gets the bullet I gather from your book they usually did it
the day after the trial the trial was showpiece exactly there’s an old saying in the united states I shouldn’t say this on television but theres
an old saying lifes a bitch and then you die after your trial they gave you one day
the next day they took you out and shot you by the hundreds of thousands apparently is that what I gather from your book the hundreds
and hundreds of hundreds and hundreds of thousands This excerpt is brought to you by Massachusetts
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  1. History falsifiers classified Stalin as a hater of the Jews.
    The truth is that Soviet Union was the second country recognised Israel. Lazar Kaganovich was Jew and he was one of the closest comrade and a friend of Stalin. He was also one of the few members of the central committee of the Communist Party of Soviet Union who stood up against the revisionist traitors like Khrushchev and co. in 1957. The workers' power in Soviet Union was punishing th

  2. The workers' power in Soviet Union was punishing the enemy of the workers be it Jew, Christian, Hindu, Muslim or any other religion. The worker have no religion, no race. The propaganda against Stalin manifests the hatred the capitalist reserve for Stalin for advancing the interest of the workers. But the workers cant be deceived by the mercenary "writers" , "historians", "film-makers" and liars.

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