1. An exclusively middle class church? what about diversity, exclusivity and equality?

  2. what is a matter with the British people. the bbc put out some rubbish views. I don't think like this. the video makes it seem that we're obsessed with class. really what we want is comfortable lives for our families.

  3. I read your newspapers and watch your TV all the time. I can't count the amount of times I see the words "Class" or "Working Class" or "Labor". In our media you will most likely find the words entrepreneur, innovation, competition ect. That is what we value and it has been the proven successful values that have brought upon the greatest increase in human wealth, health and prosperity in human history throughout the 20th century.

  4. Your idea of America is a Commonwealth, BBC, European caricature that is non existent. Maybe you should actually really educate yourself about America, our people, our regional cultures, our government, and the success of our personal achievement success mentality before you spout the continued nonsense Euro / UK tripe.

  5. No we have no class system. America has NO rigid class system, unlike great britain. We are a MERITOCRACY. Here if you work hard enough, you can accomplish anything. That is why we have far more innovation, millionaires, billionaires and entrepreneurs than all of europe combined. We don't obsess over terms like "Working CLaasss" And statistically we have far far far more racial integration and equality than all of Europe combined. I don't remember there being a black Prime Minister anywhere

  6. You Brits are so fucked up. Your obsession with "Class" instead of personal achievement, and drive is utterly bizarre to me as an American who believes in no class.

  7. I do not agree. I think you only say this because your house is not worth much, but the only thing that sets you apart from your fellow 'our house is not worth 7 figure' peers, is that you passed a few exams.

  8. There is no such thing as class these days, you're either rich or poor. The only language is money.

    I do not see how visiting museums or reading books means anything? I've never read a book in my life and my family have been part of the peerage since the 1600s! That qualifies me as u/c but I do not even live u/c, I am asset rich, cash poor – I shop at aldi and can't afford heating.

  9. Why would you do that and how would you do that.

    If a person owns a big house and has acquired capital and is comfortable why would you take this of them.

    How would you do it. Would you use force and coercion.

  10. Why so much confusion? There are two classes: those who have to sell their labour to survive and those who don't; and it's imperative the former get rid of the latter!

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