The Golden Turtle Lion Dance Association

It was really fun and all the people there
were so welcoming. And so I just kept going. It wasn’t a plan to
keep going, but I just ended up there every week, and then and so
the more I did it, the more I liked it and I really like this
club, because I’ve never been a sporty person myself. I was pretty
terrible at sports, and then I went into Lion Dance, and it was something
that was like, if I could just keep practicing it, I could actually
get better. Like the amount of work that I put in was equal to the amount that
I would get better.>>It’s like, okay, let me give it a
try, cuz I was a freshman and I wanted to try
something new, and it turns out it was great.
They’re very welcoming. They teach a lot of new things, teach all
Chinese tradition.>>I joined our Going through Line
dancing, and I just kept on coming, like l really like the atmosphere here.
like all the people are like family to me and I’m checking out all the time,
even outside of practice. Cuz it’s like a really good environment for
good people to join and make friends.


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